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Our Sleep Makeover Mom: Sunnie & Baby Kelly

20 July 2011 16 Comments

Last week we asked you to share your bedtime woes for a chance to win a Sleep Makeover from our BornFree community. For two weeks, the Sleep Makeover winner will be given awesome advice (along with a 9oz Eco Classic BornFree bottle). We’ll be following her sleep journey on our Facebook Fan page.

The selected participant for our Sleep Makeover is Mom Sunnie!

Meet Baby Kelly (27 months old):

Mama just really wants a good night’s rest!

“We have tried the bed time routine, dinner, playtime, bath, story and then to bed. We have tried warm milk. rocking, walks after dinner. I have tried doing massage with lavender night time rub, we have gotten him a sleep buddy that has lavender in it. We’ve used lavender candles. lavender bath soap. The older he gets the harder it is for us to get him to bed at night.He wakes up wanting a cup of milk. He takes an awesome two hour nap every day, and goes down perfectly.”

“I have even tried taking the nap away, but that just leads to a very long night. He will go to sleep around 6pm and then wake up around 8:30-9pm and then is up until 11pm-1am.”

“We put him to bed around 8pm, and he doesnt go to sleep until around 11pm. He is in a toddler bed and is able to get up and walk around his room. He has a gate at the door so he cant get out. I have taken all the toys out of his room, but he has gotten smart and hides them now.”

To follow Sunnie’s story and to offer advice, visit our Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/BornFreeBaby

You can also leave advice in the comment area below.

At the contest’s close, Sunnie will pick one person to win the same 9oz Eco Friendly bottle that she’s receiving!

*All advice is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your baby’s schedule or routine.


  • mindy mathern said:

    Try just letting him relax and watch a cartoon in the dark with you. My daughter will watch yo gabba gabba for an hour. And it lets her get relaxed. Now we just put it on and she will grab her blanket and fall asleep on the couch n then we put her into bed. Good luck

  • Kristin P said:

    We have just recently run into sleeping trouble with our son. After the normal bedtime routine, I have been laying him down in his crib and rubbing his back for a little while so he can get sleepy. It seems to soothe him without waking him up more or taking him from his crib when he’s upset.

  • Kristin P said:

    Oh as a PS – I know you mentioned that you do a nighttime rub and he’s in a toddler bed – so my idea may not be entirely practical, but I used to work at a daycare with 2-4 year olds and we would also rub their backs at naptime to help them fall asleep at naptime – so I wanted to at least mention it. :-)

  • Susan Myers said:

    Have you tried music or turning on the radio? When my kids were little they were allowed to take stuffed animals to bed with them. They could lay in their beds and play quietly while listening to the radio until they fell asleep. This helped them unwind and fall asleep on their own. By the time they were 4 or 5 they were putting themselves to bed. They enjoyed listening to the radio before they had to fall asleep.

  • SANDY said:

    get him moving more when he is up- wear him out, might wear you out too but get moving a bit more-
    also try stars on the ceiling- they are at the dollar store- glow in the dark and they can watch as they fall asleep

  • Lily Kwan said:

    You could try playing soft music.

  • emma said:

    we have been adding a bit of rice cereal to formula, seems to keep them fuller longer! Good luck

  • Summer said:

    I watch a little guy and he loves to listen to the sound of waves on our sound machine. I would suggest getting one of those :)

  • Amanda Odair @beeacutie2 said:

    My son did this and I played soft music in his room, and removed all his toys it helped a lot I know how hard this can be but I can promise it will get better hugs! @beeacutie2 on twitter

  • Heather said:

    We use a variety/combination of the “5 s’s”: swaddlng, sshing, swinging, side/stomach, & sucking. Good luck to you!! Oh – and we give a nice calm warm bath every night too.

  • Kris S. said:

    Be patient and never give up trying. I always gave an extra 2oz of formula (after he nursed) to my baby before he went to sleep and always sleeps 12 hours since 3 months old.

  • Nikki M. said:

    I play Baby Mozart in my boys rooms…my 5 year old still has to have it on and my 7 month old falls asleep on his own with the music playing. He usually sleeps from 9pm-3am and then 3:30-9am! A nightlight helps him too so he doesn’t get scared! Good Luck!!

  • Shannon said:

    My 3 year old still has some nights like that. He will wake up requesting all sorts of things. I have found that this settled down a lot after getting him his big boy bed (and making a big deal about his bed and “cool” room) and now it is fewer times (maybe once a week) he gets back up at night. When he gets up these days, I go in there and lay nxt to him and “snuggle” which must be just enough cause 10 min later, he is perfectly content and I am able to go back to bed. Good luck!!!!!

  • Heather T said:

    Something else that really works for us, is maintaining a routine. He knows that after dinner there is about an hour of playtime, then it’s time for a warm bath, then 2 books, 2 songs and lights out. As least we don’t run into any screaming because he doesn’t know what’s coming…

  • Corrine said:

    My little gem is 10 months old. As soon as she starts rubbing her eyes in the evening (usually around 7-8pm) we give her a bath, let her splash around and get all her energy out. We then use a night time lotion (Penaten) and gently massage her. I prepare some cream of wheat and put it in a bottle with a large milk flow, followed by her last milk feed. At this stage she is very tired, so either my husband, or myself, wrap her legs around us like a Koala, put her arms around our waist, and rest her head on our chest, and say “shhhhhh, shhhhh” along with gentle patting on her bum (until she falls asleep). This never fails, she sleeps the entire night, waking up between 5:30am-6:30am!

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