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BornFree Moms to the Rescue: Sleep Makeover

14 July 2011 9 Comments

Yesterday we wrote about one mom’s sleep issues. From all of the comments the blog received on the Facebook Fan page, it became clear that she isn’t alone! Many of you have babies who like to party during the wee hours of the morning. We also noticed that many of you have babies who are sleeping like champs.

What could be better than helping each other?

When sleep issues are caused by teething, growth spurts, or all of the other unidentifiable factors, not much can be done. But in many cases, all a family needs is great advice.

Do you have baby/toddler sleep advice to share?

This week, we’ll pick one parent whose baby is having a hard time sleeping and rally for him or her. The lucky person chosen will be featured on BornFreeMom.com and we will follow his or her story for the next couple of weeks. The person selected to receive the BornFree Mom Sleep Makover will receive advice from the community and will be sent a 9oz Eco Classic BornFree bottle.

To enter, just leave a comment with how old your baby is and describe the sleep issue you  need help with. If you are chosen, we’ll feature your photo, baby’s photo, and story. You’ll feel the BornFreeMom.com love! Good luck, everyone! Share your sleep story below.

*All advice is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your baby’s schedule or routine.


  • Emma said:

    My 10 month old son is no longer sleeping through the night. He use to sleep right thru until about a month and a half ago when he had a cold. We thought that was the issue, then when he continued to wake several times thru the night, we thought it was teething (3 coming thru the top all at once). But it continues. He naps well during the day, sometimes getting a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and an hour nap in the morning. He wakes up and looks tired and and is showing signs of being tired about an hour after waking up in the morning. Help! I am tired and so is my hubby who works long hours!

  • sabrina drill said:

    Sylvia is 4 mos old, and I can only get her to fall asleep in a front pack. It’s killing ttmy back and I get no breaks. She won’t even sleep in the car, just cries and cries so we can’t go anywhere. Help!

  • Amanda said:

    My LC is 8 months old and the poor thing is teething. She has a runny/stuffy nose from the teething and unfortunately most remedies don’t help. Especially in the wee hours of the morning. :( Poor thing was up until 4 am last night and boy are we both tired! I just want those little teeth to break through and give my sweet baby a break. Unfortunately those stubborn teeth are affecting her naptime too. I can only imagine the pain she is in. :(

  • Sunnie said:

    My 26 month old son has only slept threw the night a hand full of times. We cloth diaper him and have not found a good night time diaper yet and we still change him at night, he also wants sippy cups of milk at night. most nights im up with up 2 times. He goes to bed around 10pm and gets up at 8am. he usually wakes up between 12pm and 1am and then again between 3-5am. I havent slept threw the night since I was pregnant with him. The last time he slept threw the night was over the weekend when he spent 5 hours at the pool. from 2:30pm-7:30p, and we got him home gave him a bath and then put him to bed. It was great. Ive thought about taking away his midday nap, but if i do that then at 5pm hes ready to sleep and will take a 2 hour nap and then be up until way after midnight…

  • Ashley B. said:

    I DEFINITELY need a sleep makeover! My son, who just recently turned 13 months old, wakes up every night and stays awake for about 4 hrs. I’ve tried everything from warm milk, to keeping him up as late as possible thinking he’d sleep longer to warm baths. Trust me, there’s a method I haven’t tried. He’s been waking up like this every night since he was born! I’ve just come to the conclusion that he’s an insomnia baby, and I think his doctor is coming to the same conclusion! On top of it all, im a single mom, which makes things tougher.

  • Corinne said:

    My 5 month old has always been a terrible napper. She naps 30 minutes. Every.single.time. She cannot get through that sleep cycle alone. If I hold her, we are golden. But I have a 3 year old also, so I can only do that once a day, when she is napping also.

    Nights used to be ok, she would be down at 8ish, and up once in the night, and up for the day around 7. But now, she is up 4/5 times a night and the only thing I can do is nurse her back to sleep. She’s only really hungry once a night, but it’s the only thing I can do to get her back to sleep. She is then up at 6 for the day, only to of course then take 30 minute naps all day!

    I’m miserable! I really feel like most of my days are spent worrying about sleep/naps, and being too tired to think straight. I feel bad for my girls, since they get the short end of the stick when I am tired and a little cranky.


  • mindy mathern said:

    Oh I love sleep!! When us mothers can get it. I have a 3 year old and a 6 week old. I breastfeed both babies. So it is a challeng cause I will be returning to work so I feed then pump, feed, pump and when I’m not soon that the 3 year old would love attention. My fiance is working long hours so it just ends up being me and the kids. With the new baby in the house. My 3 year old thinks she has to wake up in the middle of the might to feed n change baby so I have 2 little ones up. I am super quite but she still wakes up. It is then hard the baby finally goes down n I have a 3 year old up.

  • Claudia said:

    We need help with our 24 month old named Henry and a new baby boy on the way any day now. Our 24 month old is a good sleeper but we need to transition him to his toddler bed. He likes the room so far but we’ve never had him sleep outside his crib. Our main issue is how we get him down to sleep. We started a bedtime routine when he was about 5 months old to help him sleep through the night and it’s worked great up until now. The problem after his bath we sit with him, read a story and he drinks his bottle while we rock him to sleep and then put him in his crib.

    With a new baby coming we aren’t going to always have the time to baby Henry to sleep and he needs to be more independent both going to sleep and in his new room. We’d like him to take his nightime milk out of a toddler cup before he goes up for bedtime instead of in a bottle and being held by his dad or me. FYI, the new baby will be spending the first 2 months sleeping in a moses basket in our room. We’d love help!

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