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Share Your Birth Story

12 May 2011 33 Comments

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month and we have birth on the brain! Babies come into family’s lives so many different ways. Whether your baby was born in a hospital, via homebirth, waterbirth, in a moving car, or from your heart (adoption), we’d love to hear your story!

My first baby was born in a hospital after only five hours of labor (only three hours of active labor). My second was a homebirth and three hours long! I wonder how short my third labor will be if I have more kids? Both of my births taught me so much about myself. My first labor showed me how much I wanted to only be surrounded by those I really cared about when my baby was being born (she was born in a teaching hospital- lots of strangers! My second birth was triumphant- my first homebirth! I was amazed by what my body was able to do and how brave I was.

As much as we prepare for baby, there’s never any way to know how our little ones will decide to make an entrance. I’ve heard of babies being born in elevators, in grocery stores, after days and days of labor…so many different experiences.

If you’re pregnant and don’t have a birth story yet, share the most amazing birth story you’ve ever heard. You can post your story here, email it to moms@newbornfree.com, or post it on our Facebook Fan page.

One person who shares their birth story will win a copy of Feeding Baby Green by Dr. Alan Greene and a 4-pack of Eco Classic or Eco Deco Recyclable bottles by BornFree®.

Tell your pregnant friends to share the birth stories they’ve heard of. If someone you shared this page with comments, you’ll take home a prize for sending them (be sure that they give you credit in their post).

I can’t wait to read your comments. :)

The winner is Dianna with the email address mon******@hotmail.com. Please email moms@newbornfree.com. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, amazing, touching stories!



  • Charity said:

    My son’s birth was on March 3, 2011 at 5:41pm. He was born like Julius Caeser. I had been being monitored twice a week for 3 weeks prior to his birth. His movement slowed down drastically other than a head banging against my left pelvic bone, which had been going on for 5 days prior to the birth. Finally they sent me in for induction. After 6 short hours I was 6cm dialated and they thought I was going to pop him out. 12 hours later I was still only 6cm dialated and everytime they increased my contractions his hear rate dropped and the head banging increased. Finally my doctor came in and said, “Charity we have given this a good college go, I can give you another hour but I’m telling you we are going to have to do a c-section” she continued, “he just isn’t going to fit through your birth canal. This was the one thing that I knew could not be possible. I have birthing hips! I come from a family of major birthing hips!!! How can he not fit through. She knew I had wanted a natural birth which is why she waited so long. When I went in for the c-section we found out that his umbilical cord was coiled up next to his head 3 times pushing his head into my pelvic bone. This was why he didn’t fit through. That made so much more sense.

    Right afte the birth I just remember my jaw going nuts and my arms shaking really bad from the anisthesia. They had me focus on my new baby who looked like he had been beaten with a baseball bat. His head was swolen and bruised. He had a black eye and was pale like casper the friendly ghost (funny since he is half black and half white).

    After a couple hours the chattering stopped and I was finally able to enjoy my new baby. I hurt all over but it was worth it. Now I have a 10 week old baby and am so in love with him my heart hurts when I think about him. We couldn’t be more happy to be blessed with an amazing creature who we love and loves us and needs us.

  • Katie said:

    Well on January 24th I was over due and on my way to the hospital at 4:00 a.m. to be induced! After getting there and getting all set up in my lovely hospital gown and my IV they were ready to give me Oxytocin, and that’s when all of the fun started :) “I promised myself that i would not get the epidural” About an hour after giving me the med’s to get my labor going the pains were light but kept getting stronger and stronger “Because they kept upping the dose of Oxytocin”. 15 hours into my labor i just kept telling myself not to get the epidural even thought i REALLY wanted it lol My doctor came in to check me and i was not progressing I was still only at 3 cm “with contractions that someone would have at 8cm) :( so she left and came back when a couple hours later and I STILL haven’t progressed :( So after 21 hours of Horrible non medicated labor i was on my way to have a c-section! 6 minutes into the c-section and my beautiful baby boy Jayden was born January 25th Weighing 7pounds and 13ounces 20 1/2 inches long :) My labor was a LONG journey but the out come was sooooooooo worth it :)

  • Brittany said:

    Mine story is pretty wordy, so I’ll just link to my post!

  • Becky W. said:

    I was due August 30th, 2010. One night at work (hospital) when I was 33 weeks along, I got suddenly very ill. One of the nurses I work with took my BP, and it was 135/96. No good. I went to my OB the next morning, and he put me on bed rest and gave me steroid shots to help develop my baby’s lungs. Well the bed rest worked for about a week. The following Wednesday I went in for my bi-weekly checkup and my blood pressure was 148/102. Added to that I had pain under my right rib, was seeing spots, and had a horrible headache that Tylenol wouldn’t touch. My OB was afraid I was going to start having seizures, so for my safety and for my little one’s safety, he decided to induce. I was 34 weeks, and terrified. The lungs develop last! My OB wanted to avoid a c-section at all costs, so we started all manner of things to induce as “naturally” as possible. From start to finish, I was in labor for 36 hours. But when it came time to push, it took only 4 contractions and my son was here. And he cried. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. He had to spend 17 days in NICU. Now he is 9 months old and healthy!

  • Amanda said:

    A small excerpt:

    Three different sets of forceps of different size, shapes and for different purposes failed to turn my daughter to the proper direction, or get her out.

    And then our heart rates both plummeted. I don’t remember much of this at all, but as soon as that happened, the doctor said that c-section was what had to happen and it had to happen now. (And apparently pushed my daughter back up into me. Thank goodness I was numb.)

    The whirlwind that happened when they announced we needed a c-section was impressive. They whipped up the screen, kicked out the man and moved like a well oiled machine. It was hardly any time before they said he could come back in, and then announced we had a girl! Whew! 11:35 in the morning. A full hour after starting to set me up for the forceps and 46 hours after the beginning of my labour on Saturday afternoon.

    It was all so fast, and I was so grateful. Somehow during the procedure her umbilical cord got torn and she had to get taken to the NICU in order to ensure she was okay. The man went with her while they started to work on closing me back up.

    Luckily, I had the presence of mind to ask if they could re-tie my tubes while they were in there. And they discovered that the original clips from my tubal ligation were still in place. Miracle indeed.

    The full birth story is written here: http://eastpath.blogspot.com/2011/03/birth-story.html :)

  • Susan said:

    The Birth story of Lilyana Marilyn Knapp. Sunday January 16Th 2010 I started to bleed a very small amount . I paged my doctor and she never called back . I could have paged again but thought it was nothing . I had bled with the last 3 pregnancys and everything was OK. However in this pregnancy at 16 weeks my placenta tore a tiny bit. I was put on bed rest and it healed itself. This time, I was a lot more diligent in watching my bleeding in the pregnancy. On the nght of Sunday the 16Th, I went to bed at 9:00. Now, if you know me, you know that that it VERY unusual for me . I am a night owl. I slept until 2 PM Monday afternoon!!! When I awoke, I did my usual stuff. I had a bite to eat , Dave came home,we had dinner, but the whole time I felt off. I couldn’t figure it out and I kept asking Dave “Do you think I should call the Doctor?” Dave said if I fealt I should, then to do it. I waited and around 8pm I had more bleeding and a lot of mucus. I also had noticed that the baby, who usually did baby aerobics in the womb all day and all night, had not been all that active. I called the Doctor . She called back and wanted to see me ASAP. We rushed to the hospital and they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and the doctor did an internal check on me . To everyones surprise I was dilated 4 centimeters and 80% effaced. I was in labor!! I remember calling Dave from my room ( he was in the waiting room with the kids, since the kids were not allowed in the hospital by orders of the CDC thinking everyone has swine flu!!! ) I was sobbing and SO scared. I wasn’t even sure if the baby was born that she would even live being so small. They rushed me to Lutheran General in Park Ridge . They were the closest hospital with a level 3 NICU . By the time I got to the next hospital the Doctor checked me and I was 5 centimeters dilated. They told me the baby would most likely come that night . They started me on magnesium sulfate to help the baby’s brain. they gave me steroid shots for her lungs and another medicine to stop contractions. My contractions were what I thought braxton hicks contractions ,they never hurt at all and were so mild they were not even regsitering on the monitor. They put me on 100% bed rest and I had to lay in a bed that tipped me at an angle. 2 days went by and I was using the bed pan and I felt something in my “birth canal”. I called the nurse in and told her so the Dr. came it to check and my bag of water was bulging out. The doctor did a check on me and I was 100% effaced and 6 centimeters dilated. They put me on the meds again and hooked me up to the monitors and again told me the baby would be here by that night. She stayed in until about 11 am on the 24th. I thought my water was leaking so the doctor checked me again and I was then 10 centimeters and in active labor . The baby had her arm and a leg in the birth canal already. At 12:33 pm baby Lilyana Marilyn Knapp was born via emergency C-Section weighing in at 1 pound 10 ounces, and 13 inches long. I saw her and was tossed into disbelief and total awe that she was here and beautiful and could breathe a bit on her own( UPDATE- I found out that Lilyana in fact DID NOT breath at all on her own when born). She was sent straight to the NICU and I was sent to recovery. From that point on we were put on the roller coaster ride of our lives.

  • Susan said:

    Here is Lilyana’s face book team page for march of dimes =)

    Thank you have a beautiful day!

  • Susan said:

    Sorry one more LOL here is her Caring page with everything she has gone through until now =)


    GOd bless Susan.

  • Heidi said:

    Well, I didn’t give birth. Our journey began at the end of January when we attended a county adoption orientation. We attended the foster parent orientation on february 9 and began our required 27 hours of classes, along with LOTS of other things. We babyproofed, took CPR, went through very extensive background checks and home inpections, along with lots of paperwork. Well, little did we know we were officially licensed the day our foster baby was born. We got a call two weeks later for a baby boy! We had less than 2 hours to prepare for our wee one! Sure we had a basic nursery, but we never in our wildest dreams thought we would get placed with a 2 week old! So no, this isn’t our birth story…but it was the birth of a family because not all families are created the same way! We hope to adopt our little bundle who will be 7 weeks old tomorrow!

  • Joyce Purcell said:

    They say that the first wedding anniversary you are supposed to give the gift of paper. When I found out I was pregnant and that I was due in November, the same month of our wedding anniversary, I joked with my husband all the time that I was going to get him the best 1st wedding anniversary present EVER! Well I succeeded, My son Marsahll was born Friday November 13, 2009 at 4:19, one day after our 1st wedding anniversary (not to mention a Friday the 13th)and my husband got a birth cirtificate as his 1st anniversary gift. Like I said, BEST GIFT EVER!

  • Mary said:

    Our sweet Kerrigan Rose was born 14 weeks early on April 13, 2010. My water broke when I was 25 weeks for no apparent reason. I had lasted 8 days in the hospital after PROM and was trying desperately to get her to at least 35 weeks when an infection set in. They rushed us to the OR for an emergency C-section and our sweet peanut was born. She was born at almost midnight. You could hear a little tiny mouse-like cry and then you heard nothing, her tiny little heart, no bigger than a gumdrop, had stopped. The OR turned into a zoo. There were tons of white coats working on her, trying to bring our baby back to us. I will never forget that moment of pure and utter fear. All I wanted was to see her face, feel her skin, hold her close, hear a sound…..but nothing….for two minutes….for two minutes my heart and mind screamed to God to not take our baby girl. Then she was whisked away on a ventilator and we never laid eyes on her. She was too critical for them to take a moment to show her to us. Thoughts race through your mind…will we ever see her again? Will she make it through the first 24 hours? Will we get to hold her close so she knows we love her no matter what happens? The only words that come to mind….shock, overwhelming emotions, gut-wrenching fear, despair, failure, hope, faith, unimaginable love for someone you have not even met yet. It is true, as parents we would die for our babies.

    It was 4 hours later when we were wheeled into the NICU and thrown into a world of uncertainty. As we approached the incubator, we were warned at what we would see. But, no words can ever prepare you for the moment you lay eyes on something so tiny, something you created, some thing that should still be growing inside of you. My heart broke into a million pieces when I saw her lying there. I could hear the doctors talking in slow motion about her chances, the problems she faced, the possible outcome but all I could do was focus on her. All I could do was pray. All I could do was silently tell her I was sorry. People ask, “Why are you so sorry?” It is not that I did anything wrong because no one knows why people go into preterm labor and have premature babies. But, as a mother looking at her baby, you just wish that there was something, anything that you could have done to keep her safe and sound just one more day. Just. One. More. Day.

    I remember falling asleep around 5am and waking shortly after and wanting someone to wheel me to the NICU. I had to get to her as fast as I could no matter how much pain I was in. I needed to lay eyes on her. When I arrived, I was spoken to quietly by her incubator. I was filled in to all of her medical needs and what they were doing to try to help her survive. It was going to be a long road. “It is a roller coaster ride” they said. You will have two steps forward and ten steps back, they said. All I could focus on though was the here and now. And at that moment “now”, I could not see her face, I could not see her head. There was barely a spot on her body that I could touch without getting tangled in her wires and tubes. I was not allowed to hold her but I could gently lay my hands on her body. No rubbing, no caressing, no movement. Just keep them still. “Her nerves are too raw, “they said. “Just press lightly so you don’t hurt her”, they said. As I laid my hands on her for the first time, I prayed that she would feel the love through my hands. I wanted nothing more than for her to recognize me through my hands because after all it was my hands for five months that patted her, when she would kick me inside, just to let her know I was there. She must know these hands, right? She knows I am there, right? It was the hardest days of my life watching my baby struggle through some very hard trying times. Times where she became terribly sick…Times that the NICU was unsure if she would survive or not. Times when everyone would gather around her incubator and pray for her. Times when she needed nothing more than a miracle to get well.

    Then when I thought that things couldn’t get harder, I was discharged. Again, I can not explain to you what it felt like to say goodbye to her. To know I was leaving her lying alone in an incubator. To know I was returning home 30 miles away from her. I was wheeled out of the hospital holding a “It’s a Girl” balloon. I had some things on my lap and I kept my head down because I was crying so hard. So many people just noticed the balloon and would come up close to get the glimpse of the “Baby Girl” in my arms. But, my arms were empty and so was my heart. I had left it back at her bedside. Peoples gaze quickly turned away when they realized that I was not going home with my baby. My husband was amazing throughout everything. I remember once he got me situated in the car, he looked over, saw my face and just pulled me close and whispered, “I know you are hurting so bad right now. We will get through this. She will get through this. She is where she needs to be. But, it is ok for you to feel the way you do. I am here.” He has been my rock through all of this. He felt pain just like I felt pain, he cried just like I cried, and yet he always made sure that I was ok. He always made sure that his two girls were doing ok. I. L.O.V.E. H.I.M.

    Minutes turned into days, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Kerrigan had many mountains that she had to climb in the NICU to get to the day when she would come home to us. She proved so many people wrong in her weakest moments. She fought hard to get to where she is today. She continues to fight hard because her battle still continues. She has some major mountains that she continues to climb. But, the fact is, she is climbing them and that my friends IS the miracle. Our little two pound peanut is a fighter. Our little peanut wants the world to hear her voice. Our little peanut wants to prove everyone wrong. And you know what, she will. She will because He is walking her through this every step of the way. He was with her when they pulled her out way ahead of her time. He was with her when they worked fiercely to get her heart beating again. He was with her when we couldn’t be with her as she laid in her incubator late into the early morning hours. He was with her through her infections, ROP, NEC, and all the times she stopped breathing in the NICU. He continues to be with her. He is with her every time she flashes a smile at us. He is with her when she reaches for her big brother and gently kisses him on his head. He is with her when she coos and when she cries. He is with her when she makes faces at her daddy. He is with her when she kisses me with her mouth hanging wide open. He is always with her and in my heart, and in my soul, He always will be.

    Tiny hands….Tiny Feet….Tiny Body….Tiny Heart….But one GIGANTIC Miracle.

    We love you, Kerrigan Rose. You, my dear, are our hero!


  • Ash said:

    Ahhh the notorious birth story funny how we all like to share our “war” stories lol!! At a week overdue I was induced as I was measuring a little “large”. No sooner did I get home from the induction (it was a insert of meds) did my water break like Niagara Falls!!! Back to the hospital we went and that’s when the pain begain I did go drug free which was not a premeditated choice but that’s just what ended up being the way and I couldn’t stay in the hot tub because I was to dehydrated (forgot to drink all day due to nerves!). Well when pushing time began I pushed and pushed and then pushed some more after six hours I was getting exhausted and baby was showing distress and had flipped so he was facing the wrong way so I did the old hands and knees things and with some “help” (OUCH OUCH OUCH) he was turned however I still couldn’t get him out! The doctored offered c-section or more “help” I chose to keep on trucking. They used the vaccuum after three “sucks” he still wasn’t out (he was very happy and cozy I suppose) the forcepts came out and finally my beautiful son was born (Oct 7/2010) and he came in at a whopping 9lbs 13oz so needless to say they was a good reason that big fella wasn’t comeing out sooo easy! The next day I was shocked at the “aftermath” but so in love it all didn’t matter my hubby was quite impressed with all that hard work though as were the doctors and nurses they figured for sure I would have ended up with a c-section but after all that pushing I was determined I suppose! Needless to say giving birth is like nothing else and I don’t think you can ever mentally prepare but it is amazing what us ladies can do and the end result is even more amazing!

  • Sunnie said:

    on tuesday april 28th i went in for my weekly check up, i was 70% effaced and 4cm dilated, the dr that i saw said if i didnt have him by my next appt next week she would induce me, this upset me very much because i was due april 30, i was measuring 43 weeks, i cried and cried and cried i was very swollen and miserable! so i went to work the next day, and surprisingly i had a great day, i didnt cry at all at work! hubby came to pick me up at 5pm and i told him i wanted to go get some good dinner because i didnt feel like cooking. so we went and ate Italian and it was so yummy, then we went home and went out for our nightly walk. well my parents live in our same neighborhood so i stopped there to rest and get something to drink. at 7:30pm a had a whopper of a first (felt) contraction, about 8 mins had another and mom walked with me back home, i got in the shower and hubby timed my contractions they were any where from 2-6 mins apart. the on call dr said not to come to the hospital until they were 4 mins apart. Well hubby got worried because he could tell i was in alot of pain so we left to go to the hospital at 10pm, when i got there and got checked in and was checked i was 7cm, by 11 they had my iv going and had ordered my epidural and got my antibiotics going. at 11:45 my water broke, they checked me and said that i had a rim left, and started to get everything ready for me to push, at 12am april 30 i started pushing, i asked how long it would take and my nurse smiled and said he would be here by 12:30, i said that long and she hugged me and said he will be here before them, but i dont want you mad at me if he isnt. i pushed for 18 mins and had my sweet little boy Kelly Ryan! he was 8lbs 13oz and i delivered him with out an epidural!!! my birth plan didnt go anything like i wanted, but i couldnt have asked for anything better! i felt like such a strong woman, everyone was so proud of me for doing it with out any pain meds. at almost 9lbs he was the biggest baby born in our family! hes now 2 and still pretty big, and always amazes me when he does something new. we are now planning on baby #2 and i cant help to think how that labor will go. kinda makes me nervous since i was only in labor for 4 hours and 45mins! oh well life is always an adventure!

  • Alicia Quintero said:

    I have five kids, so I have five stories but will share only my last this time around. After having false labor at 38 weeks, I didn’t really trust my body to let me know when it was really going to be time. At 41 weeks I started having contractions. I had contractions all day long, they never got stronger and they never got closer, every five minutes being as close as they got but I didn’t feel that they were strong enough to go in. Since I had the false labor I kept it to myself only sharing with my best friend that night. I was hoping that the contractions would keep up the entire night so that when I went in the next day for my 41 week check up that the doctor would just keep me. I woke up around 1:30 with a painful contraction. I got up to use the ladies room and then timed the contractions. They were coming every three minutes. I walked around debating whether I should call the hospital or not when I realized that I was crying through the contractions so I decided to call. It was 2:00 a.m. and the hospital said they would page the on call doctor. The doctor called me right back and asked me what was going on. She said it sounded like it was time and that I should head in. I woke my husband up and told him it was time to go in. He being the man that he is, took his time getting ready but finally we were ready to go. I let my dad who was staying with us to help out that we were leaving and that he was in charge of getting the girls to school in the morning. When we got to the hospital my husband said he would get me a wheel chair but I refused saying that I felt better upright and that I would rather walk. We got up to labor and delivery and they checked me in. I don’t know how I looked but a nurse passing by said looked at me and said “Yep she is definitly in labor.” I got checked in and the nurses took me back. Another nurse explained to me how they usually bring women back to triage but she could tell that I didn’t need to go there because it was obvious I was staying. I got back to my delivery room and they asked me to change into a gown. I had to use the ladies room anyway so I went in the bathroom to change and do my business. Once I sat on the toilet the contractions got harder and right on top of each other. It was hard to get up because the contractions just kept coming. A nurse asked me if I was alright and I replied yes. I finally got up and put on the gown. When I came out the nurse was ready to check me. I got on the bed and the nurse checked me. I was expecting to be around 5 centimeters because I had already been dilated to 3 without labor. The nurse looked at me and said I was at 8 and she was going to go get the doctor. The doctor came in and asked if I wanted an epidural. I said yes (I always got one). She explained to me that if she broke my water that I would be automatically 10 and then I could just push out the baby. If I got the epidural I would have to wait for the anesthesiologist and that could be 45 min and I would have already given birth if I just didn’t get one. I said ok and she broke my water. I had meconium in the water so she had to call the NICU team to be in the room for the birth. She told me to go ahead and push but the pain was intense (the worst by far) and I couldn’t bend. Each contraction was the most horrendous pain I have ever felt. She told me to push I would feel better (having given four times before I knew what she was talking about) but she was wrong, it hurt so much worse. I had back labor like it was nobody’s business and I screamed with each contraction. We decided that I would get a spinal so that we could get the baby out. She went to go find the anesthesiologist. It felt like forever she was gone and finally I could hear her outside my door talking to the anesthesiologist, it felt like another year before they came in (I’m sure it was all a few minutes or so). The anesthesiologist explained to me that he didn’t want to do a spinal but would rather do an epidural because it would last longer (I would rather the epi than the spinal too but for other reasons). He told me though to do it I would have to sit up. It took several tries but I sat up and once I was sitting up I felt so much better and had no trouble staying still for the anesthesiologist. Once I had the epidural I felt so much better. The doctor said that she would let me rest but I explained I only needed five minutes to catch my breath. I need a couple more but it didn’t matter because there was an emergency c-section for a mother who was 32 weeks and she needed the NICU team so I had to wait. It wasn’t very long before I told the nurse that I had some really bad pressure. She checked me and got on the phone. The nurse told the doctor that it didn’t matter if they were ready for the baby to be born because the baby was on its way without them. The staff dug up another NICU team and everyone was in the room in a couple minutes. I was told to give small pushes so that my baby could be born slowly because of the meconium. I was a few pushes in before the doctor realized that my baby was not turned right but was sideways and it was causing shoulder dystocia. I was told to stop pushing the doctor had to grab him by the shoulders to try and maneuver him out while the nurse got on top of me and pushed the baby from his little bottom. After several moments my precious baby was born quiet and limp. I will never forget seeing him in the mirror in my doctors arms dangling like a little rag doll. The doctor rushed to cut his cord and hand him off to the NICU team who took him over to the baby bed to resuscitate him. Thankfully it wasn’t too much time before they got him to cry. I will forever be thankful for that staff for doing all they could for my baby. Because of my son’s dramatic entrance into the world he had to be watched before I could be introduced to him. Some time had passed and the nurses would check on me. I was having some pretty big clots so they called the doctor who came and checked me. I was hemorrhaging and the doctor could not initially figure out why. After some exploring she realized that the bottom of my uterus was not contracting. She found this out by digging inside of me. I was put on pitocin to get me to contract and the doctor cleaned some nasty looking clots out of me. The pitocin didn’t work and I was given cytotec. After some time the doctor was realizing that the cytotec was not working either. The doctor had to give me a shot of some medicine to see if that would work. I had started shaking after I was given the cytotec but I didn’t think much of it since it is common in labor (I had the shaking with my other kids) so I figured that after they gave me the cytotec that since it was suppose to make me contract that it was probably common for the shaking to come back too. The shaking was getting worse though. After the shot was given to me and everyone left the room I realized that the shaking was causing my muscles to tense up. I wasn’t able to move my arms because the muscles had stiffened and was beginning to have trouble breathing. Since I couldn’t move my arms I had to ask my husband to call the nurse and tell them that I was having trouble breathing. The nurse came in and I must of looked horrible. My oxygen sat was at 70 and before I knew it every doctor and nurse on the floor was in my room. I was given another IV in my other arm because the other IV was already being used for two different meds and I needed more. I can’t remember everything they gave me but they I know at least one was for my blood pressure because it had spiked. I was given oxygen immediately and that brought my oxygen sat up but I was still having trouble breathing. Finally I was given Demerol for the muscles and soon I was able to breath again. My body finally relaxed. I was told that I had gone into shock causing seizure like episodes. I was monitored for 12 or more hours in labor delivery. I wasn’t allowed to leave until I was stable. Finally I was moved to postpartum. When I got there everyone already knew who I was and what had happened. I must of looked horrible because the next day I was told that I looked a lot better and I finally had some color in my lips. My labor and delivery story is one I will never forget but I realize how lucky I am to have my beautiful son with me and how lucky each woman is to go through labor without a problem. You never know when or why it will go wrong but when it does it can go seriously bad. I will never use cytotec again, but I have not been deterred from having any more.

  • Sotheary said:

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. Thus, I have no birth story. However, I have one interesting story from my co-worker.
    This was about 30 years ago. Her sister was pregnant with twin. However, due to the lack of ultrasound, she didn’t know that she was having twin.

    As we might have heard, people who carry twin usually give birth way early than the due date. About 6 weeks before her due date, she felt the contraction. Since her due date was far away, she thought it was normal cramp. Little that she knew, she was having an early birth as a result of having twin.

    She went to the bathroom, where she felt the urge to push. After a few tried, her first baby was delivered. She felt so frighten as this was so unexpected. At the same time, she felt something was not right. She still had pain and felt that there was something in there still. She pushed again and again. And finally, her second baby was delivered. That was how she found out she is having twin.

    The twin and her are doing fine. The twin are now all grown up.

    It is a true story that I at time find it’s hard to believe. However, I can seem to disregard or forget it. It still makes me worry my own labor. I want to make sure my delivery will be at the hospital with doctor and nurse, not at the bathroom by myself.

  • Jill said:

    at 27 years old and first child, I wasn’t sure I was in labor. I spent the entire day at home in labor not really knowing I was in active labor. At 6:30 pm I told my husband I thought I might be in labor and we headed to the hospital. 2 hours later my beautiful son was born! It went so fast that by the time I was begging for drugs and epidural it was all too late. Now, he’s 16 years old, and my husband and I were unable to conceive gave IVF a try at the age of 43. With only one round, we are PG and due end of June, my 16 y/o is very excited and mom is nervous this child will come even quicker than the 1st!! I myself was born at home to my 40 year old mother~on a white rug nonetheless!!

  • Bonnie said:

    Most people see their child for the first time in a hospital room, or possibly on an ultrasound screen. We saw our child for the first time on a grainy email photo. After 3 years of failed infertility treatments along with a failed domestic adoption attempt, my husband and I crouched around a flickering laptop screen to gasp over the photo of a beautiful 1 month old baby girl who was currently living on the other side of the world in a country we had never seen and on a continent we had never visited. Of course it would be an additional (long!) 4 months of filling out paperwork, getting fingerprinted, doctors appointments, essays, classes, and even two chest x-rays before we finally held her in our arms on July 28th, 2010 at O’Hare Airport in a crowded international terminal. Accompanied by my mom and brother to take photos and video, we waited for hours for our daughter’s plane to land and for her to go through customs. Finally we saw our very tall Congolese escort come through the doorway with our tiny and excited daughter. Words can not describe the feeling of finally holding your child in your arms after the long and enduring paper chase of international adoption as well as after the equally long and devastating diagnosis of infertility. After 3 long years, our daughter was home from the Democratic Republic of Congo and we were finally a family of three.

  • Lyla Vang said:

    My son Calvin was born the early morning at 8:16 if DECEMBER 16, 2011. My family was with me very anxious for my labor to begin on December 25. After the gathering and dinner for Christmas, I prepared for sleep being dissapointed that the baby was not here in time for Christmas. As i laid down to sleep. I felt a big POP! Nothing came out at first. Then I thought I should at least go pee cause i felt like i needed to pee. As soon as I went into the bathroom and pee. more and more liquid was coming out. I panicked. MOM! BABE! I think my water just broke. I felt no contractions till I reached the car. This was around 11:45pm Christmas Day. Then I started to panick LOL. We drove to the hospital. It was a 10 min drive. I was seriously dripping all the way into the hospital. They didnt even get me a chair to SIT IN! I was mad but hurting so I walk and took the elevator all the way to the Triage. I was in so much pain because contractions were getting stronger and becasuse I was all wet, I could not sit down in the waiting area. Then after paper work (10 minutes) they took me in to assess. I was at 6cm. My baby had already pooped inside of me so they had to get me going. It took about 1 hour for them to finally put me in a room, give me IV, and give me the epidural. After that epidural, I slept like a baby. Many still criticize me for taking the epidural and but it was like heaven. They said it slowed my labor but I didnt mind at all. It was 6:30 when they asked me to start pushing by the nurse. I stopped at 7:00 and rested. Then at 7:20ish the actual doctors and all the other people who were helping came in. This is where I really started to push really hard to get the baby out. It took me another hour because the epidural worked so good that it made my entire lower body NUMB! I was painless pushing the baby out. It just took me longer cause I did not feel my muscles or contractions so the doctors had to que me on when to push and when to hold. LOL. it was hilarious. I was LAUGHING!!!!! through my whole delivery procress. My mom freaked out because both my legs were completely numb and limp. hehehe. but finally a couple last pushes and my beautiful healthy baby boy was born. DECEMBER 26, 2011 at 8:16am UC DAVIS MEDICAL HOSPITAL IN SACRAMENTO, CA

  • Lyla Vang said:

    I meant December 26, 2011 was my son’s birthdate not the 16th. my mistake

  • Tenea Cannon said:

    My water broke at 2:30am on Feb 13th. I had no clue that it was my water, & was thinking maybe I peed myself. lol. Then I started having contractions. They started about 5 min apart. Well we had to wait to my mom to get ready & by then they were about 3 min apart. When we got to the hospital at 6:30am & they er people about freaked when I told them my water had broke so long ago. So we went to a room. I got an epidural a few hours later, which wore off before I had to push so the dr had to come back in & turn it up. When it was time to push I could not feel anything down there so they had to turn it off. 30 min of pushing, 10 with epidural off, and my lil guy was here.
    Nothing exciting but that’s it.

  • Julia said:

    My daughter’s birth was pretty close to THE most amazing day of my life and forever an extra special day for my husband. She was due around my husband’s birthday, and the day before his birthday, my water broke. We were so excited and my husband was so nervous that he wouldn’t get home from work in time to take me to the hospital, but thankfully he did. We checked in, but nothing was happening. I wasn’t going into labor. After a few hours, the doctor decided to induce labor. Finally, the next day, it was time to bring our precious girl into this world. My husband had been asking to be involved as much as he could, and when the time came for me to push, the doctor slapped a pair of rubber gloves on my husband’s chest and said “Put these on and sit down.” We were both in shock! He did what he was told and on that day, his birthday, our little girl fell right into my husband’s hands and took her first breath while he held her. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Talk about the best birthday present ever!

  • DIANNA ISCA said:

    I wanted to share this story because my SON Brody Kapono Isca was Born on a particular day FRIDAY the 13th The only Friday the 13th of the year 2008…. am doing this as a third person so hope u enjoy

    Dianna and Baby Brody had done very well throughout the pregnancy. Even been Diabetic Dianna and Brody did good. on June 12, 2008 she went to the her appointment she was 36 weeks and 3days almost 37 weeks, at this time she was having contractions through out the night but did not think nothing of it because they were 15 minutes apart but when Dianna went to her regular Dr appointment she was already 2 cenemeters but she was send home to rest so she went home and went on with her day at 8:00pm she went to the restroom and her water broke she thought this cant be am not due till the 23rd and called her Dr and her Dr said to wait to see if it was not just urine and if she would have more contractions. Sure enough an hour had passed and she was getting more liquid coming out so her Dr advised her to go to the hospital that it was time …………

    We checked into the hospital on Thursday night, June 12 at 9:00pm, where the plan was to do an induction the week after but the baby had other ideas . Following that night everyone was coming to the hospital which it was such an exiting time for everyone since her sisters dont have kids and shes the oldest and is the first gradchild for her mom it was a big celebration….. right away they have started her on pitocin and have given her an upederil for her pain so she would be able to sleep After 8 hours she was fully dilated and could began to push. After 3 hours of pushing Brody kapono Isca was born on June 13th,2008 which we came to find out that her great grandmother shared the same birthday and the luckiest day FRIDAY the 13th… for her is not a dooms day or unlucky day is the day the most beautiful boy was born.

    Brody is in excellent health, with no signs of any complications because of moms Diabetes- He was a perfect 6.15lb boy! Dianna and Brody came home from the hospital on Sunday Fathers day, and everyone is doing well.

  • Amanda Hollon said:

    I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. After a 37 hour labor with my first child, ending with a cesarean section, I have to say I’m well satisfied with the idea of a scheduled c-section this time around, haha! Only 9 more weeks to go for me, can’t wait until my little man gets here. The book and bottles would be a great surprise to receive, as I’m sure I can use them!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Holly said:

    My first birth was nothing short of ‘typical’. It was one unnecessary medical intervention after the next which, of course, led to a cesarean section. I smiled through the pictures and the countless ‘congratulations’ but inside I was dying. Had I really done all I could to make sure that my baby was born healthily? Did I really need to be induced? Did I really need cytotec and pitocin? Did they really have to break my water? Did I have to push when they told me? I knew from the moment I laid staring at the blue sheet waiting to hear the cry of my firstborn that next time was going to be different.

    On July 3th, 2008 we found out another child would be joining our family around March 2, 2009.

    My research began there. I craved anything related to VBACs. I perused the pages of the ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) website and went from there. A common trend I found was that successful VBAC moms had doulas. I found Doulas of CNY and began my journey. I emailed Chris, met with her, and she agreed to be my doula! I was well on my way to a VBAC.

    The doula experience begins way before birth…. Chris met with me and asked me what my plan was and I said that I ‘wanted to try to VBAC’ and she said ‘You will VBAC’. I sent her countless emails with questions and she answered them all! She also sent me some poems that I hung around my house and read them daily to keep me focused and motivated. She arrived at the hospital as soon as she could (even though it was her birthday!!), and through her kind and encouraging words, gentle touch, and level head- I delivered my second son: without being strapped to monitors, without ivs, without pitocin, without pain meds, without being confined to a bed, and I waited for my water to break on its own and pushed when my body wanted to. This is how babies were supposed to be born…

    This is that story:

    Since Thursday, February 18th I had been having contractions. They had been very spaced out and ranged in intensity. I knew for sure this baby would make his appearance before March 2nd.

    Monday night (February 23rd), I watched the Bachelor finale and went to bed around 10:30pm. At 2am Tuesday (February 24th) morning, I awoke with a very painful contraction. I got up, walked around, drank some water, and the contractions kept coming. I leaned forward, placing my hands on the back of the white chair in the living room and rocked my hips side to side. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly though the contraction. I was afraid to time them because I didn’t want to jinx it. So, I ran a hot bath and stayed in for a bout 45min. Around 3am I timed one contraction. It lasted over a minute and the next one was less then 3 minutes later. Woah! I started to get anxious. Parker and Brian were still sleeping. So, I woke up Brian and asked him to call the Dr for me. He told me to go ahead and call and I said I couldn’t, I was in too much pain. He called, and the midwife on duty called me back and told me to head into the hospital. Was this for real? Or would I get sent home? Brian packed his hospital bag and loaded the bags in the car. We woke up Parker and Brian brought him out to the car. I took my time, walking down the 3 flights of stairs at our apartment complex stopping and breathing through the contractions. I had at least 3 on the way out to the car. Parker was amazing. While in the car, the contractions made me so hot I put the window down- yes, in Feburary. I called my mom. They were going to head to the hospital shortly and they would be there in about 2hrs.

    The person that we thought was going to take Parker said they couldn’t. We panicked. We had to bring him with us. We got to Crouse Hospital a little after 4am. I went to triage and was checked. I was mentally prepared to be 1 or 2cm and was hoping I could stay there at least and not be sent home!! I was checked and I was 4cm, 70% effaced! I was on my way to my attempted VBAC! We called our friends nearby to see if they could watch Parker until my parents got there. My husband brought our son out to meet our friends – which worked out perfectly because they had a child about the same age as Parker so they had everything including a carseat in their car- and I went to my labor and delivery room (I was in there around 5am) and was still being checked in- with a million questions. Not long after I got in the room my doula, Chris (short for Christine), arrived- about the same time Brian came back, and like I said- it was her birthday!!

    The on-call midwife was amazing. She kept telling me to visualize the baby moving behind my pubic bone while I was standing and swaying. She held me, rubbed my lower back, encouraged me to drink drink drink. When I had a contractions she would tell me to ‘breathe my cervix open’. She was a very sweet lady. She was concerned that I might be dehydrated bc my contractions were back to back.

    I was hooked up to the fetal monitors and they ran an iv just for a bit (to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated). Then Chris and I walked around- with the rest of the IV- while Brian went to the car to get the bags. I didn’t want to bring it in- incase I was sent home.

    Soon after the IV bag was done, I asked if I could go in the tub. They wanted to check me first to make sure I wasn’t fully dilated- like I said- the contractions were still back to back. I was 6cm dilated, 90% effaced. I went into the jetted tub at 6:15a. No IV! No monitors! =] I stayed in the tub for about an hr. Chris kept asking if I felt pushy. I didn’t think so… All of a sudden I was like “ok, I’m ready to get out”.

    I started feeling lots of pressure and pain (no urge to push) and so I got out of the tub and went to the room to be checked. I was 9cm dilated, almost 100% effaced.

    At this point the contractions seemed to never stop and so, I got in some different positions to help. While I was kneeling on and leaning against the back of the bed at 8:23a my water broke! All of a sudden the room got really bright and I had a burst of energy. Contractions became even tougher. I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted something. Anything. My cervix was almost all the way effaced- there was a tiny little lip left. I asked just to make sure I could not get medicine at this point. Chris said “You are almost there. You’ve done all the hard stuff!” That was just what I needed to hear– this wasn’t the longest part. I was almost done. My doctor, one of the midwives, my husband, Chris, and a couple nurses all witnessed what you are about to read next…

    I laid on my side for about 2 contractions and I said “oh my gosh, I gotta push! I can’t stop it”. So, they hurried to check me. I was ready to push!!!! At 8:40am I started to push. In the back of my mind thinking “please Lord, let this happen, please”. I pushed with ALL my might, I did not want to be pushing over 2hrs like last time.

    After 18min of pushing, our second son took his first breath!!

    I did it!! I really did it!! I can birth babies as God intended!!
    Tears started coming, I had done it.

    My dream came true.


    ICAN and IDID VBAC Med Free!

    No words can describe the feeling I felt as I felt his little body coming out of mine. This is what it was supposed to be like. This is how it was supposed to feel. My body knew what to do, and did it! Incredible.

  • Heather said:

    I had both of my babies a month early. My first (my son) I had January 9th, 2009 I got server Preaclampsia and they had to induce me fast so I could get him out ad get my blood pressure down. I was only 17 years old but knew I loved him already more than anything else in the world. He was born 5lbd 15oz and was perfectly healthy. :-) my 2nd child (my daughter) I feel down the stairs at 7 1/2 months pregnante. When I tumbled down it caused the unbilical cord to wrap around her neck causing her heart rate to go down. They did a ultra sound and said she was only 2lbs and really little but they had to induce me. They gave me steroid shots and induced me 2 days later. My baby came out weighing 6lbs 14oz and was sooo healthy :-) I was so blessed. And as a young mother of 2 I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.

  • Claudia said:

    Friday, July 17th, 2009 – Henry’s Birth Story

    We checked into the hospital on Wednesday evening to induce labor. At our doctor’s appointment on Tuesday I was still not dilated or effaced so we knew it was going to be a long process. We arrived at 7pm, got settled into our labor & delivery room and by 8:45 started on Cervidil. We were under the impression that Cervidil would just get my cervix ready for labor and at the most would cause some mild cramping. We watched some tv, surfed the internet and talked to a few friends on the phone. Around 11:30 as we were getting ready to go to sleep, I started feeling some pretty intense contractions that continued non-stop all night long. It was a lot more “uncomfortable” than it was described to us. A few hours into the process they gave me some Demerol which apparently Baby Henry liked a lot too and we slept for about 45 minutes. That was to be the only rest we got until delivery.

    The next morning, after 12 hours, the Cervidil was finally removed and I had a short break before starting on Pitocin. The Pitocin was not nearly as bad but I knew it was going to be a long day. Before starting the Pitocin I was still only 1/2 cm dilated. Luckily the nurse told me that my doctor had told her that I was allowed to get an epidural when I reached 2 cm (normally they make you wait until 4 cm). Finally by about 1:30 in the afternoon I was at 2 cm!! They broke my water and called anesthesia for the epidural. Thursday is now pretty much a big blur in my memory. It was so long and I was checked so many times but fortunately although it was slow progress, I continued to dilate. Also my and Henry’s vitals stayed strong and stable throughout the entire labor.

    At midnight the nurse told me I was 10 cm and called the doctor while we started practice pushes. When the doctor arrived I was feeling pretty good and ready to go but we then found out that I was only 8 cm. Needless to say the doctor was furious to be woken up and called in during the middle of the night for nothing. I was happy at that point they re-dosed my epidural but it was another long 5 hours before I was actually at 10 cm. One of the main reasons it was taking so long is that my IV was never in good so I wasn’t getting a good drip of the Pitocin. I pushed for 2 hours just to get the baby’s head turned the right way and at that point the nurse and doctor decided to re-do the IV and anesthesia had to be called again because it was very difficult for them to get a good vein. By 7:30 the IV was in again and I was finally receiving the maximum dosage of Pitocin. I was beyond exhausted and hadn’t eaten in almost 48 hours and with almost no sleep in just as long.

    I really didn’t think I would be able to do it since I couldn’t even think straight but my husban was so supportive and encouraging the entire time. After a little over 2 more hours of pushing, Henry Konrad Beal, finally made his big entrance into the world at 9:40am on Friday, July 17th. He was 8 lbs, .2 ounces and 21 inches long but had quite a big conehead!! I was so proud of him that he stayed so strong through the long labor with all the induction drugs and pain medication. I was also so thankful to my doctor for sticking with me for so many hours and to all the wonderful nurses at the hospital. I’m really hoping that when we do this all again this January that I won’t have to induce from zero and that the whole process will be a little shorter.

  • Aleah Ozbirn said:

    I had a miscarriage on July 9, 2000 and from that point on I had no luck getting pregnant. On March 26, 2010 i ended up in the ER sick as a dog and having chest pains. The dr walked in and informed me this chest pain was due to the amount of vomiting that i had been doing over the last 3 weeks and is typical during pregnancy with severe morning sickness. I SAID “WHAT PREGNANCY!” and i got up set and demanded they check the results bc i had been trying for 10 years and i have never gotten pregnant and this was not a fun game to play with me. So he nipped it in the bud and sent me for an ultrasound.. There they informed me i was 6 wks pregnant. I had a pretty simple text book pregnancy.. except my son seem to drop early at 29 wks and the dr was surprised how far he was dropping.. at 36 wks i was already 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced and she said he was locked and loaded.. She told me to try and hold in him in there one more week bc 37 wks was safer than 36 but not to worry if he came sooner.. I set my appt for that following Tuesday morning and it was that morning my son work me up with a flood in my bed at 6 am.. We rushed to the labor and delivery and sure enough we were in Labor, after 13 hrs and 17 mins i had my baby boy but he just gave us heck getting out.. come to find out he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and a true knot in his cord as well.. he was as blue as as the blue on a flag and wasn’t crying.. finally after what felt like hours they got him to cry.. and he has been perfect ever since… He is my sweet angel and i love him dearly..

  • Bridget stevens said:

    Jonathan Gerard Stevens was born on March 14, 2010 at 5:46 a.m. He was due April 2.

    I was working a really demanding job during the time I was pregnant with Jonathan. I was on my feet a lot, walked almost a half mile one way to work from my car, and was under a bit of stress.

    When my mucus plug came out the morning of Friday, March 12, I knew that this due date of April 2 was something to laugh at. What did I do? Stay home? Nope. I went into work, and actually had to work late that day. The next day, Saturday, I went out shopping with my mother, brother and husband. I DESPERATELY NEEDED hospital pajamas and underwear. I couldn’t settle until this was accomplished. After being on my feet most of the day, I found what I had set out for and we all went to dinner.

    That night, I started bleeding a bit. Panicked, I called my doctor and she assured me that’s normal since I had just had my 37 week checkup and she had given me my GBS test, and checked me for dilation. I tried to settle and went to bed around 11. Shortly after, I had a contraction. A big, mean, clench husband’s skin in fingers contraction. This was it. I knew it. I got up to go to the bathroom and, next thing I know, WHOOSH. Deluge. My water broke and there was absolutely, positively no doubt about it. It was go time.

    We grabbed our packed bags and headed for the hospital. The entire time I kept looking at my husband and telling him how I couldn’t believe this was happening, and then telling him “I can still feel it coming out! I’m going to ruin your seats!!!”.

    In the hospital, I had to sit and check in. I started having more of those major contractions and continued to gush water all over the chair in the office I was in. I told her, too, “I am so sorry, I think I am ruining your chair!”. She laughed at me. I suppose she was used to this. Once finished with her, a nice nurse came along with a wheel chair and got me to my room.

    Changed into the hospital gown, poked and prodded in every angle, I was 4 cm and thought to myself “screw this epidural thing… if I can make it this far, I should be fine”. Right. About an hour later, still at 4 cm and having horrendous back labor, I changed my mind. I demanded the epidural, and I demanded it NOW.

    The hospital I delivered in did not allow my husband to stay with me while I was given the epidural. He went to the waiting room and sat with my mom and brother a while. In the meantime, I was nearly murdering the nurse trying to keep my still because I was having huge, mack daddy contractions while the anesthesiologist was inserting the epidural needle into my back. In retrospect, I understand that she just didn’t want him to paralyze me. However, at the time, I was “hot, no, don’t touch me, wait come back, give me my headband, I DON’T WANT THIS HEADBAND” and so on. Poor nurses.

    The next thing I know, epidural is in and they are checking me again. The nurse looks up at me and says “you’re fully dilated!”


    In  a matter of only a couple hours I went from 4 to 10 centimeters, all without the epidural, and now that I had it I needed to push.

    They went for my husband, he came in, and the pushing began.

    What I neglected to include is that Jonathan was what they call “sunny side up”. I pushed for over 2 hours before he was even crowning. Right side. Left side. On all fours. On my back. Kind of sounds like how I got into this to begin with, but much less enjoyable!

    Once I was crowning, the doctor came in. I started to push and she immediately told me, “Bridget, you’re going to tear. I’d like to do an episiotomy on you to help get him out.” I said fine, do it. At that point I just wanted the kid out of me. Next, she asked if she could use the vacuum. That, I refused. I said that I want to do it on my own. Let me try harder and if it doesn’t work, let’s look at the next option. I pushed and pushed and pushed (who knows how long) and then out he came! My beautiful, amazing little boy. 7 pounds, 12 ounces, 21 and a quarter inches long.

    They gave him to me to love and bond, but before I knew it he was handed to my husband. They were kneading at my stomach to get the placenta out and then once again, I feel the relief of something coming out. I said, “Is that my placenta???” and good ol’ doc holds it up and says, “Yes! Want to see?” I yelled back, “NO!!”. Sorry, a little too much for me.

    Unfortunately, that is not where my story ends. Jonathan tore my cervix on his way out. That, combined with my episiotomy led to significant loss of blood. I could see myself in the reflection of my doctor’s glasses and it looked like a war zone. That, combined with nursey-nurse kneading on my belly caused me to throw up. Three times. They had a hard time stopping my bleeding, but finally did after I lost 1200 cc’s of blood. They stitched me back up — inside and out — and I asked my doctor, “Am I going to be okay?”. She said, “Sweetie, I have seen bombs go off in vaginas before. I have it under control”. Yes, my doctor used to be in the military. Straight shooter, but definitely a relief at the time.

    Finally, after all of that, I was able to hold my sweet little boy again. I spent 3 days in the hospital and left with iron pills and pain killers. 14 months later, I am feeling just fine and Jonathan keeping me and my husband very entertained, and very busy!

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