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Happy Mother’s Day from BornFree!

2 May 2011 241 Comments

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we wanted to honor all of the mothers out there who pour their lives into their little ones day and night. You wake up with them in the wee hours, soothe and sing, kiss the scraped knees, and watch them grow all while leading busy lives.

Last week the world watched the wedding of the century with all of its pomp and circumstance but we think you deserve the royal treatment. You’re all queens in our book.


One of our Facebook Fan will win a BornFree Queen For a Day prize package to celebrate Mother’s Day! This lucky woman will win:

-Housekeeping Services for one day (local cleaner will be contacted)

-Meal Service for one day (meal delivery service)

-A Manicure and Pedicure treatment

- BornFree Prize pack with products from our Eco Friendly line

Total Value: $200


Just share your favorite photo featuring you and your child. You can post this photo on our Facebook Fan page or email it to moms@newbornfree.com. Be sure to include text as to why this photo is so special.

Good luck, everyone!

The Finalists Are:

Finalist #1: Jazzmine Butler

"A Mother holds her children's hands for a while...their hearts forever." Helping my 2 year old blow out his birthday candle while his big brother looks on :)













Finalist #2: Vi Nguyen

This photo is special to me because it was taken at my daughter Alyssa's 5th birthday party. It was a "Princess Jasmine" themed party and she got all dressed up in her Princess Jasmine dress, got her hair done & a little bit of makeup. It was a big day since my "baby" was turning the Big 5, and my gift to her was a DVD showcasing all the photos and videos of her throughout the past 5 years, truly memorable. That day made her feel like a true princess!














Finalist #3: Kristen Beavers- WINNER!

This picture was a part of our daughters newborn shoot when she was 3 weeks old. It is one of my favorite pictures. She is now 9 weeks old, and I am excited to be celebrating my first Mother's Day!!











To vote, simply leave a comment letting us know who is your favorite finalist: #1, #2, or #2 (or you can use the finalist’s name). You can also vote by leaving a comment on our Facebook wall or emailing in to moms@newbornfree.com. Voting ends on Saturday, May 7th at 12 midnight EST. Thanks everyone!


  • Ashley said:

    Another awesome contest that anyone would be so pleased to win!!! LOVE all the pics so far those babes bring out the tender side for sure! I have submitted and shared with all my fb friends :)

  • myha nguyen said:

    Dear Born Free,

    Thank you for all your contests. What an awesome prize this would be! Being pregnant, I would love the cleaning service!


  • Carmen said:

    I entered to win on Facebook and Twitter. With 6 kids, I SO need this.

  • Katie said:

    My vote goes for mom #1

  • Laura said:

    I vote for #1. She has two kids and could definitely use some pampering!

  • Miranda said:

    I vote for #3!! Such a cute photo :) Congrats to all 3! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

  • Vi Nguyen said:

    This is so awesome! Of course I’m voting for myself (if that’s allowed, haha) #2 =) Thank you so much!

  • ashlene said:

    #3 so adorable!!!

  • Jody from Mommy Moment said:

    Vi Nguyen Gets my vote!

  • Kristen Beavers said:

    Voting for myself. Kristen Beavers, #3.

  • Diana younes said:

    My Vote is #2! Vi is the best!

  • Lisa said:

    My vote is for #3!

  • Christy said:

    #3 captures the beauty of motherhood.

  • Kellie said:

    #1 and #3 is a close runner up

  • April said:

    My votes goes to #3 Kristen Beavers!

  • Ashley said:

    hmmm I love all the pics but my vote is for #1 with two kids she could prob use a nice prize!

  • Amanda said:


  • Jodie said:

    #3! with a baby that young still, she needs a little pampering :) The picture is beautiful too!

  • Gretchen said:

    i vote #3!!!

  • anne marie said:


  • Tommy said:

    Gotta vote for my beautiful wife Vi Nguyen Finalist #2!

  • Jazzmine said:

    YAY!! Thank you!! I vote for #1!

  • Megan said:

    #1, for SURE!! A mom of 2 boys deserves all she can get!!

  • Camilla said:

    #1, such an adorable pic caught right a precise moment to remember a special moment!!

  • Valeri said:

    #1, Those boys are adorable and it looks like she loves being their world.

  • Wayne said:

    My vote is for #1!

  • Joy said:

    My Vote is for #1, and I love the picture shows how much a mother is always helping her children.

  • Manuel said:


  • Jaime said:

    I vote for #3! This is truly a beautiful picture that captures the peace and beauty motherhood brings. It brings back such sweet memories on my own babies!

  • Michelle said:

    My vote is for #1!!!!

  • Vera said:

    #1 is my vote

  • Val said:

    #1,#1, #1

  • Dawn said:

    #1 has my vote

  • Jann Anderson said:

    I love #1!

  • Yvonne said:

    My vote is for #1..it’s a beautiful sentiment,as well as a beautiful candid shot of motherhood.

  • aften said:

    number three

  • Lisa Cram said:

    My vote is for Jazzmine. Finalist #1!! She deserves to be queen for a day!! :)

  • Cheryl Chifley said:

    I vote #1

  • Justine Anderson said:

    My vote is for #1

  • Valarie said:

    My vote is definately for #1, love the photo.

  • Mary said:

    My vote is for #1

  • Juan Tejeda said:

    #1 Way to go Jazz!

  • Heather said:

    ABDOLUTELY JAZZMINE!!! By far one of the best moms I know!!!!! She wasn’t put in the #1 spot by mistake!!! ;)

  • Heather said:

    ABSOLUTELY JAZZMINE!!! By far one of the best moms I know!!! She wasn’t put in the #1 slot by mistake!! :)

  • CSwarts said:

    #1 and I hope she wins!!!

  • Gigi said:

    # one!!!!!

  • Marla said:

    My vote is for #1…..

  • Marla said:

    Love the pic of #1

  • Chelsea said:

    The one Mom I know who is definitely a #1 Mom, JAZZMINE BUTLER Mom #1!!!! Plus she should win simply cuz her boys are the cutest kids in the bunch… just sayin’ :)

  • BRANDI said:

    #1… Go Jazzmine!

  • Meghan said:

    I vote for Jazzmine #1! Not only is she a great mom, she is a great neighbor and friend. She is always there to lend a helping hand to a friend in need whether its a dinner for a family going through a tough time, or gathering up everyone she knows to donate blood to help benefit a CHP co-workers daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia. She is kind, works hard, and has 2 very sweet, very active little boys. Jaz deserves a day of pampering and relaxation!

  • Jason R. said:

    #1 for sure! Cutest kids ever! Two kids deserve twice the prize.

  • J. Bird said:

    hands down #1

  • Noni Chels said:

    No doubt Mom #1 should win.

  • Julie said:


  • Jennifer said:


  • Lindsay said:

    My vote is for #1 (Jazzmine)…she definitely deserves it!

  • Tom said:

    #3, my wife and daughter. My wife is an amazing mother. She was born to do this.

  • Adam said:

    My favorite is #1

  • Sam said:

    My vote is for #2! I hope you all win a prize though sucks sometimes with this voting because it ends up being how many people you know rather then just a choice for a favorite photo!!

  • Art T. said:

    What beautiful kids! #1 should win!!!

  • Brian C. said:

    Tough choice…but #1 wins for me.

  • Cy said:

    Gotta give it to mom #1.

  • Georgia said:

    Wow! Those boys are adorable! Mom #1

  • Laura said:

    I vote for Finalist #3: Kristen Beavers

  • Kaci said:

    Number 3 kristen beavers =)

  • CB said:

    It’s about a Mom you think deserves to win just for being a great Mom. Not just about a photo. Obviously her family/friends would vote and a lot of people think she is a great Mom and deserves to win. Don’t make it into something negative.

  • Erin said:

    # 1!!!!!!! Go jazzmine

  • Kim said:

    Love pic #3 and since it is a photo contest I gotta go with it! Congrats moms on making it to the finals all beautiful!

  • Susan said:


  • Nanna and Pops said:

    Finalist #3: Kristen Beavers

    This is our first granddaugher

  • Mallori said:

    #1 Jazzmine:))))

  • Kaia said:

    # 3 is perfect;)

  • Chad said:

    I vote for #3 :) very cute

  • Joan said:

    #3 has my vote good luck to everyone!

  • Aw said:

    Close call but I think #1 should win. Sweet moment

  • Aw said:

    What a peaceful moment between mommy and baby :) #3

  • Betty said:

    #3! Kristen Beavers!!

  • Amanda said:

    I vote for #1. 2 boys at home, a momma needs some pampering! I know, Ive got 3 with another boy on the way! Pampering for the momma of boys!!

  • Jay o said:

    Beautiful! #3

  • GoMoms! said:

    I agree! Of COURSE you want your friend or family member to win and would vote for them :) i know i’d want mine to!! If i got picked as a finalist i would tell everyone to vote for me!! ;) LOL
    Mom #1 must be an amazing mom with all this love! I dont even know her and I still want her to win!! Haha. I really love her photo. It’s So sweet. My vote is for her, I hope she wins, raising two boys is tough!

  • Kathi said:

    I love #3! sweet picture

  • Bonnie said:


  • Newton said:

    I vote for Kristen Beavers, #3.

  • Tosh said:


  • Ash said:


  • Piper Rodgers said:

    I vote for #3 Kristen Beavers, she is truly beautiful & her daughter is gorgeous. She is my 1 & only pick!!

  • Mary G said:

    My vote goes to #1 Two boys are double trouble! lol!

  • GramMe said:

    I’d like to vote for number 1.

  • Irene said:

    #3, congrats to the new mommy!!

  • Kv said:

    #3 is cute

  • Allison said:

    #3 just beautiful… Looks like true love

  • Brittany Barnes said:

    Kristen Beavers

    Love you so much Kristen<3

  • Tyler Barnes said:

    Kristen Beavers

  • Allison Tersch said:

    Kristen Beavers

  • Alliy said:

    Kristen Beavers

  • Alliy said:

    Kristen Beavers
    Let’s go girll<3

  • Jen said:

    I vote for #1!!! Love the picture!

  • Alli May said:

    Kristen Beavers #3

  • Brit said:

    #3 Kristen

  • Renee' said:


  • Jessica said:


  • Tina Barnes said:

    #3 Kristen
    We love you so much, you deserve this!

  • Brett Barnes said:

    Kristen #3
    Love ya!

  • Amanda said:


  • Lyndsay Smith said:

    I vote for #1. I am a mom of two amazing boys and I as much as I LOVE every moment with them I know to be Queen for a day would be wonderful!

  • Sam said:

    Oh dear! No negativity intended I don’t know any of the contestants and if I was one I would expect my family and friends to vote for me of course!! I just ment that if you don’t have a large social network or a large family (which I personally do not!)it leaves with less of chance even if you are an awesome mom which I am guessing all these ladies are…. so I like when companies do the picking straight up is all! Good luck to everyone!

  • Jennifer said:

    #1!!! Those boys are adorable!!

  • k said:


  • Susan Hoggarth said:

    Jazzmine Butler should get it for being so focused on those handsome sons of hers!

  • Lesliann Raper said:

    Love #3

    Kristen Beavers

  • Lesliann Raper said:

    Kristen Beavers – #3

  • Jeff said:

    Number 1. Jazzmine.

  • Stephanie said:

    # 3 Kristen Beavers, Happy First Mother’s Day!!!

  • Lisa said:

    #1! Jazzmine!!! :) Happy Mother’s day!!

  • noelle said:

    love number 3
    hope all moms have a happy mothers day!

  • Evonne said:

    I love the tenderness that is shown in pic #1. What love and patience, and to know how important she is to this part of their development. What wonderful young men they will be (before she knows it).

  • Sabreena said:

    #1 Jazzmine!!

  • Nancie said:


  • Craig g said:

    Vote number 1.

  • Craig g said:


  • Julia g said:

    Number 1.

  • Suzanne said:

    #1 gets my vote…

  • Wendy H said:

    #1 for sure! Happy Mothers Day!

  • Kathryn said:

    My vote goes to mommy #3 :)

  • Jay said:

    Mom #2

  • Jay said:

    Mom #3

  • Christine said:

    Jazzmine is my vote. I know she is a wonderful, caring, working mommie to her two beautiful little boys.

  • Kelly said:

    I vote for #1!!

  • Silvia said:

    My vote is for #1!!!

  • J.D. said:

    Number 1

  • Terri said:

    My vote is for #1

  • Julie said:


  • aaron said:


  • Gerald said:


  • Andrea said:

    I vote for #1

  • Lindsay said:

    Voting for #3. Love u Kristen!

  • Christine said:

    #3 gets my vote!

  • Allison said:

    Finalist #1

    Very Cute!

  • Cindy said:


  • Josh said:

    umm, #3. i thinks it’s pretty obvious.

  • kris said:

    #3, Kristen Beavers

  • Micheal said:

    I truly believe that Mrs. Beavers in picture number 3 is the one that needs to win. Don’t you?

  • Branden said:

    #3, Kristen Beavers

  • Michele LeRoy said:

    Definately # 3

  • shana said:


  • Vanessa said:

    finalist #2 please! u completely deserve vi!

  • ashley said:

    Number 3, Kristen beavers!!

  • Sue said:

    Number 3 is precious

  • Tonnia S. said:

    # 3 definitely. My beautiful baby cousin!

  • jessi said:

    # 3. She is so gorgeous.

  • Brandi Jeter said:

    I’m voting for #2! So cute!

  • Kai's Mom said:

    #3 great pic! Happy 1st mommys day!

  • Ash W said:


  • sam said:

    Mom of boys….. #1

  • Layla M said:

    Soo precious!

  • Charity said:

    #3!! So sweet!

  • Heidi said:


  • Jazzmine said:

    #1 :)

  • Andi said:

    #1 – Such a great picture!

  • Patricia R said:

    I vote for Jazzmine Mom #1

  • Jennifer said:

    # 1

  • Mike said:

    Number 3!!!!!!!

  • Megan said:

    Kristen Beavers! #3

  • Sierra said:

    #3 It shows the essence of motherhood!

  • Lindsey (Sister in Law) said:

    I vote for #3.

  • Cassie said:

    #3 Most definitely!!!!

  • brigid said:


  • Erin said:

    # 1

  • Lauren said:

    Definitely #1!

  • Dalyne said:

    Yay #1 Jazz!!!

  • heather said:

    Number 1, jazzmine butler!! She needs some love n’ pampering :)

  • robert said:

    Jazzmine, number 1

  • lisa welch said:

    Jazzmine #1 !!!!! Go Jazzmine!

  • Lisa M. said:

    #3 is so precious it’d be a shame if it didn’t win. There is nothing more adorable than a mom and her newborn baby!

  • Amber said:

    I vote for #3. Such a beautiful picture!

  • Desiree said:

    #1, #1, #1!! Looove Jazzmine and her handsome boys!

  • Seth said:

    Jazzmine #1!!

  • Erin Olsen said:

    #1 is the best!

  • kris said:


  • kw said:

    #3 definately

  • Addies Auntie said:

    #3 my sis & niece!!

  • Barbara said:

    #3 – absolutely beautiful photo!!!

  • Lo said:


  • Sawyer said:

    #3 for sure! I wish that was my baby :)

  • jesika said:

    #3 love it

  • Elizabeth K said:


  • Danielle said:

    Mom #1!

  • James LL said:

    I vote for picture #1

  • Logan said:


  • JJ said:

    Picture #1 is the winner

  • Krista said:

    Mom #1 should win

  • DB said:

    Mom #1 Jazzmine Butler

  • Dani said:

    Mom #1 has the best photo

  • Zelda said:

    Mom #1. Her picture is so sweet.

  • Minne said:

    I like #1 the best. Those boys are so cute.

  • Patty said:

    I vote Mom #1 Jazzmine Butler

  • Randi said:

    Mom #1′s picture should win.

  • Yanesita said:

    All the photos are cute but I think I agree that the first photo should win. Mom#1 is my vote

  • Margo said:

    Mom#1. Her picture seems like such a real moment between mother and sons.

  • KC said:

    Number 3!!! :)

  • Erica said:

    Number 1!! So cute

  • Enci said:

    Mommy #1 is the winner! :)

  • Joe said:

    I vote for Jazz to win #1

  • Jules said:


  • Kristen said:

    Mama #1 :)

  • Joey said:

    I love cupcakes. Mom #1

  • Marty said:

    #1 should win it

  • Paula said:

    Jazzmine #1!!!!!!

  • Mora said:

    Birthday Picture #1 is my favorite,

  • Jack said:

    Mom #1. Two little boys are a HANDFUL!

  • MartyM said:

    I like #1 the best :)

  • Jorge said:

    What a cute picture. I love those candid moments! Mom #1 is for me!!!!

  • Jefe said:

    The 1st pic is my fav! Mom #1 is my winner!

  • Trav said:

    Jazzmine Butler #1

  • MJ said:

    Mom #1 all the way

  • Renee said:

    Baby Mama #1

  • Court said:

    Boy Moms Rule!!! Mom #1 wins it for me. Boys are the best! :)

  • Nicole P said:

    My vote is for #1…. I am a mother of two young sons as well, so I say she deserves this prize package the most! All three of the photos are gorgeous though!!

  • papa said:

    #3 that s my girl

  • uncle dunk said:

    #3 is the one

  • uncle brad said:

    #3 please

  • Ren said:


  • Angela said:

    I vote for Jazzmine Butler. Good Luck!!!

  • katarzyna zala said:


  • Kim said:

    Lots of double and triple votes it seems is this a fluke or are people allowed to vote time after time? I think it would be hard to get a true vote count wouldn’t it?

  • kb said:


  • addies mom said:

    Kristen Beaves, #3

  • tnb said:

    number 3

  • knwb said:


  • tnb said:

    number 3, KRisten Beaver

  • grandpa said:

    #3 please

  • nana said:

    my sweet granddaughter, #3

  • crystal said:

    #3, #3, #3

  • aunt kc said:

    #3, Kristen Beavers

  • Jenny said:

    #3! Beautiful photo!

  • SQ said:

    I vote for #1

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