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April is Earth Month!

8 April 2011 32 Comments

April is Earth Month and April 22nd is Earth Day! Naturally, we’re pretty excited. If you haven’t heard, we’ve has gone green in a major way with our Eco-Friendly line of recyclable bottles.

We want to celebrate this special month with you! We know that many of you are living green lives and making environmentally wise choices such as composting, recycling, cloth diapering and more.

What are some ideas you have for raising environmentally green children? How will you instill a love for the environment in your little ones as they grow?

Leave your tip below in the comments. One person who shares will win a 4-Pack of our new Eco Deco Recyclable bottles! Please share this with your Facebook friends by clicking the “Like” or “Share” buttons. Thank you!

The winner is Maureen with the email address: Flo*****@hotmail.com


  • Zmama09@yahoo.com said:

    We talk all the time about planet earth, sharing the environment with others and the limited resources we have on the planet, my 4 year old gets it! Can’t wait to share it with my 6 month old. Yay for recyclable bottles!

  • arely colin said:

    recycle paper, cans ans plastic . plant roses and trees

    they have fun doing it

  • Raine Marie said:

    I have 4 different recycle bins set up in our garage & I have taught my 9 year old & my 3 year old that it is their duty to put each type of item to be recycled in it’s respective bin. We also save all our magazines & newspapers to recycle for my son’s school. Hopefully it’s habits like these that will continue in their own households when they are older. Can’t wait to teach my newest addition to Respect Mother Earth as well =)

  • Cielo said:

    When doing the grocery, I always bring along a big reusable bag! It’s saves the supermarket money from having to supply plastic bags for the groceries. Also, I go to establishments that promote the use of paper bags instead of plastic ones. I especially like this one because when I have my baby with me, there’s no fear of him inhaling anything toxic from all the harmful plastic chemicals! :-)

  • The Knapps said:

    Showing by example is a huge part to help them learn to be green. Walking whenever possible, buying locally, using items made from recyclable materials, recycling items or repurposing used items into something new…I think the possibilities are endless :)

    Danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  • Denisse said:

    We recycle EVERYTHING we can recycle and I tell my kids why we do it. My 4 yo is catching on to the idea and is really helping now. We even melt old and broken crayons and make new ones!

  • Kristin said:

    We’ve just begun our garden for the year. We are using our own compost to fertilize it and the will use all the great vegetables to puree for our little one. In fact, just today, we found 2 acorns that had landed in the garden and sprouted. We transplanted them to our treeline – hopefully they’ll keep growing! Once our baby is old enough – he’ll help with the gardening and will get to see the whole process and how much fun it can be. Going green is contagious so I’m sure he’ll pick it right up!

  • Stephanie said:

    I think an Eco conscious person begins at birth, you begin a life style of Eco condolences that they are accustomed to, that is part of everything they do. Begin life wit hyoid little one using cloth diapers and wipes, then rector, compost and garden around them as ey grow and have them share in that. Cloth bags when shopping, Eco conciou products etc..they will think of it as the norm and live their lives repeating what they know!

  • Amanda C said:

    They learn by example, walking when possible over driving, farmer’s markets, teaching about buying local, etc.

  • Kathleen Begin said:

    Buying use stuff :) beautiful way to recycle

  • michele weber said:

    We recycle… and have been able to switch to a small garbage can. We also have our own vegetable garden which we make compost for!

  • Claudia said:

    We recycle is much as we can, use green products in our home & this year are going to try composting our food waste.

  • Ashley said:

    My little Caleb is only six months however I started him on earth friendly toys and bottles (like Born Free) as he grows I think the best and funniest way to install an appreciation for the wonderful world he lives is to take him out in it!! Plenty of nature walks pointing out all the beauty the Earth offers. I also believe monkey see is monkey do if he grows up in a home that respects the environment – recycles conserves engery and water etc. he will naturally do these things on his own.

  • christine said:

    We’ll we recently started recycling and also got into using reusable grocery bags because i bought all my favorite ones. I got my lil man excited about being greener and hes only 10mths. He has his own lil reusable grocery bag that he loves. he knows that anything in that is his. plus with him walking im glad we switched from plastic since he picks up everything and copies mommy an daddy. now when he grabs his bag im more at ease. I would suggest to all moms to get your lil one a special bag just for him/her and teach them at an earlier age.

  • Elizabeth Keller said:

    We have 2 garden plots in our backyard. One for Mommy and one for kids! I can grow my veggies and flowers without kid disturbance, and they can experiment and grow (and perhaps kill on accident!) all they want in theirs! They tiptoe over to mine and see how my tomatoes are doing though!

  • Christie said:

    We recycle newspaper to color on and use scraps whenever we can to do fun things around the house. We also talk about the proper way to dispose of trash and we even talk about recycling and how it helps the Earth. We are cloth diapering our unborn son (as I did with the first two) and I talk to my boys about cloth diapers and how we don’t have to throw away so much waste.

    Now that spring has sprung and the temperatures are rising, my boys and I are starting a little vegetable garden together. They will help me water it and pick vegetables when needed. The boys have enjoyed putting together their garden and always want to go outside and water it!

  • lily mazun said:

    Plant a garden with them n watch it grow. :)

  • Natalie said:

    My oldest is 4 and she loves to recycle, she always asks if it can be recycled before she throws it in the trash :) my youngest is almost 2 so not quite old enough to know yet. But we do have recycling bins that they are doing a really good job on filling up. We need to get a couple more bins to recycle more things but we are doing a great job right now. Every little bit counts!!

  • Maureen said:

    We started very young instilling the importance of the environment by using Cloth diapers. My son loves his diapers and even helps me to pick out the color before putting them on. It is extra work, but so worth it. I really feel that I am doing the best for my son as well as for the environment. I also always used the glass Born Free bottles and try to use anything that is reusable. (so many things with kids are disposible and sure that is the easy route) Children follow by examples, I hope my son will follow my examples and also care for the environment as much as I do!

  • Kristen said:

    We are pretty new to the world of recycling and eco-consiousness but we try to walk or bike to the store instead of driving (especially with these high gas prices), we recycle newspaper, use many baby products and clothes borrowed from friends to cut down on waste and hopefully this year I will starting a garden! I am very excited to plant my own vegetables even though the growing season is so short here in Montana. I am also trying to talk my husband into trying cloth diapering. Small steps will hopefully turn in to big ones!

  • Honey Bahre said:

    Our first child is due the end of the month and we are already getting a head start on going green for her. We purchased and received a lot of preowned items, have decided to use cloth diapers, and started a garden so we can make our own baby food. We want to teach her the importance of recycling to hopefully give her a better future!!!

  • Katie G. said:

    Since our daughter is 2, we are trying to instill in her a basic appreciation of outside and being kind to the outdoors. No leaving trash on the ground, having her help plant our veggie garden,basic recycling and we hope that as she grows we can continue to build upon the basics and she will be a person who cares about the environment and what she does to/for it.

  • Sakinah said:

    I think I’ll try to lead by example. I’ve never been one to litter or be wasteful, and we LOVE being able to reuse things in my house, like baby food jars/containers and the like. I’m hoping my 14 month old will follow suit and that loving and protecting the environment will be second nature to him.

  • Mazzie22 said:

    We are a pretty “green” family to begin with but now that my daughter is almost 2 I’m looking forward to involving her when we plant our garden soon. We’ve always talked to her about healthy green foods since I’ve only made organic whole baby food for her since she started solids. She’s quite the little helper around the house and is watching us recycle all the time and hang dry our laundry year round. She even asked me about the “other” diapers the other day when she saw another baby with them since we only use cloth. I think it’s been sinking in the whole time with her! She has a baby brother due in a couple months that we look forward to raising the same way!

  • Katie said:

    We are trying the lead by example :) we are showing or boys that it is always good to recycle, grow your own food and walk over taking the car whenever we can! We also like to play with the kids outside most of the day so that we aren’t in the house with all the lights on and the Tv going :) My kids love the outdoors and we are trying to teach them to keep it a clean safe environment, we sure hope it pays off in the end!

  • Karen said:

    We practice green living daily and try to use reusable products so that they are always accustom to it.

  • Stefanie said:

    Hi! We are trying to lead by example through recycling, using our reusable bags when shopping or at the grocery store and teaching our children not to waste. We are also going to let our 2 year old help us plant flowers tonight. Messy but fun times!!

  • Sabrina said:

    We recycle all that we can. We even will give food that is about to expire to someone that will use it before the due date. We hate to waste anything. I reuse containers that products come in as well as bags that I got for my baby shower we are going to reuse them for showers that we go to in the future. I wish that everyone would recycle and keep it clean then there would be no bad places to live and the world would be truly beautiful again.

  • Maureen said:

    YAY! Thanks so much! How do I give you my info? FB message me???

    THanks again so much!

    I will be attending the Great Cloth Diaper change event on April 23rd! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

  • .:karen:. said:

    We always ask our now 3yo to place recycleables in the bin for us. She knows to turn off lights when she leaves a room (esp now that she can reach most of them), and she knows to turn off the water while washing hands and brushing teeth. We’re also starting cloth diapers with her 2-week old sister so she’ll be learning about the waste we’re saving from landfills. I hope to start buying more locally at farmers markets this spring so we’ll talk about that too.

    Blondredhead at Mac dot com

  • Gloria acevedo said:

    I would teach my son about why we chose to go organic. I’d then show how cute he looked in his cloth diapers and 2nd hand clothes. We will also take him outdoors to garden and teach him how to recycle and how to compost food.

  • Heather T said:

    We recycle and use re-usable grocery bags. Also trips that involve the outdoors (hiking in mountains, fishing, etc) show them what mother nature has given to us to enjoy and that it is up to us to take care of her.

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