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4,000 Fan Facebook Celebration!

15 February 2011 28 Comments

We’ve reached the 4,000 Fan Mark! Whoo hoo! As always, we love hosting fun contests and games for you, our fans, and this week will be extra special.

Each day we’ll be posting a new funny task or challenge. There will be prizes for everyone!

Wednesday’s Contest: We love Mother Earth and feel like every day should be earth day. Post a photo of your child in nature! On the beach, in the woods..the choice is yours! You can either post it on Facebook or email it in to moms@newbornfree.com. One winner will be picked to win a Twin Pack of the new Eco Deco bottles!

Thursday’s Contest: Join us at a Twitter Party from 8-9pm EST! The hashtag will be #BornFree . Prizes will be given away! We’ll be chatting about babies, green living, and parenthood!

Friday’s Contest: Weekend Contest ! Why are you a BornFree Mom (or Dad)? The best answer will be our Fan of the Month! Either post your answer answer on our Facebook page or leave a comment here.

The winner will take home a 6-pack of BornFree Bottles!


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s contest! Good luck!


  • Summer said:

    no baby yet but hopefully very soon, good luck all!

  • Kara F said:

    I am BornFree Mom because I want what’s best for my children!

  • Ashley said:

    Trying to keep it as healthy and natural for my little guy for as long as he will let me!!! I hope that he will continue to make healthy natural choices as he grows!

    PS It also helps that your products look cute too…I am a sucker for cute baby products I must admit!

  • Elizabeth K said:

    I am a proud BornFree Mom because I love knowing that all BornFree items are BPA free and safe for my baby and toddler. It’s a no-brainer, which frankly is a relief these days! I swear my brain cells have gone into permanent “mommy-mode” and they’re not always turned on properly. BornFree makes it easy to be safe, convenient, and affordable.

  • Katie said:

    I’m a BornFree Mom because my little gassy baby needed something that would help him feel better, and I needed bottles cause I couldn’t breastfeed and we were running out of the supply of pre-made bottles from the hospital. Being as “green” of a family as we can, we wanted to choose something that was good for the environment, as well as safe for baby (BPA free) AND would help with his gas. BornFree was it! I’m a BornFree Mom cause they work. On all levels. Period. :-)

  • Jaime Soria said:

    We are proud BornFree parents because we trust the products and want nothing but the best for our little one. Not only are they BPA free, they actually work! Thanks BornFree for giving us less to worry about:)

  • AManda said:

    I am a Born Free mom because we only have one earth and I want my babe to be able to enjoy it!

  • Casey said:

    I’m a BornFree Mom because I love my carpet! BornFree training cups were the only ones I found that didn’t leak everywhere. The other stuff like being BPA free, eco friendly, the vent system, and the fact that my son loved them were really just some major icing on the cake!

  • Wendy said:

    I’m a bornfree mom because I want what is best for my daughter, and know I am getting the BEST with Born Free. The products are BPA free, some can be recycled so I’m reducing our carbon footprint, are free from potential hazards for my daughter, and are fun and trendy too! Love the colors and styles as my daughter grows. And yes…I’m a nerd and sometimes match the color of the cup to her outfit! LOL! We have the bottles and sippy cups now, and are starting to transition from one to the other successfully! Thank you for making this an easy stage for my daughter!

  • Kristen M. said:

    I’ve only recently heard of BornFree while researching BPA free bottles for my soon to be born child. I also like that they are glass with safe silicone wraps. The venting system sounds great too – anything to relieve gas is good in my opinion! Finally, I’ve yet to hear a negative comment towards the product.

  • ashley said:

    Herbert Hoover (our 31st U.S. President) once said, “Children are our most valuable natural resource.” I believe as a mother of two and one on the way we should provide them with the best and most trusted products and of course endless love!! Thanks Born Free!!

  • Natalie said:

    I am a Born Free mom because with my daughter we went through lots of different bottles and she had lots of ear infections. So I started researching once I found out I was preggo with my son for bottles that could prevent these in my son. I came across Born Free and never looked back, they are the greatest not one ear infection in 18 months! Thank you so much for your great products! We love Born Free and continue to give Born Free as baby shower gifts! And will be using them if any more little ones decide to come along ;)

  • Nicole said:

    I’ve been hooked on BornFree since I received a bottle in a Healthy Child Healthy World party kit! I try to make the best chocies for my son and BornFree makes it easy! I don’t have to worry about double checking what info your company puts out!

  • Lanette said:

    After trying several other BPA free bottles with venting systems I was elated to find BornFree. Not only are they BPA free and safe for my little one, but the venting system is easy and there are not 5 million pieces to take apart and wash (like some other brands). Also, it’s great that the parts of the bottles and cups are interchangeable in order to help provide a more seamless transition from the bottle to drinking from a cup. We know BornFree is the best!

  • Joyce Purcell said:

    We became BornFree parents by accident. We found ourselves out on the town with a fussy baby (He had colic), so we stopped at Target for a bottle. Even though I was in a bit of a hurry I read the packages and when I read that BornFree bottles help with colic, among other things, I was sold! We used that first BornFree bottle and it was as if the clouds parted and angels were singing! We went back to the store and bought more BornFree bottles. I will never buy another brand again! We now have an extensive collection of bottles, trainer cups, drinking cups, and twist-n-pop straw cups. It is worth the little bit of extra money for some peace of mind (not to mention peace and quiet… colic parents you know what I speak of).

  • melissa said:

    I am a bornfree mom because my lil guy loves your products. Right now he currently loves the twist & pop straw cup.

  • Tiffany said:

    We love Born Free because they are hearty. They don’t feel or perform cheaply they are just awesome.

  • Katie M said:

    I am a born free mom because my family is (going green) and we want the best for our kids!

  • Tiffany H. said:

    I am a BornFree Mom because I definitely want the best for my little ones, which includes their safety. Safety is key, for me, to protecting their health and well-being. I love that BornFree bottles are BPA-free, Phthalates, and PVC-free. I know that this is something I can count on, coming from this company : ) I also love all of your products (big fan here <<)– the bottles are nicely shaped and the glass are my absolute favorite! I think it's great that there are so many options when it comes to the nipples as well. I also love the toddler cups and the idea that parts can be used between bottles and cups. I am also 31 weeks pregnant, and I have chosen to try to breast feed this time around. I will, though, try to do both latching on as well as pumping and feeding from my BornFree bottles. I have read that with the design of your nipples, it makes it so much easier to do both : ) Love, Love, Love BornFree!!!!!

  • Wendy said:

    I love BornFree because they are healthy and the parts are interchangeable between bottles and sippy cups!! Plus I like the twist n pop straw cup. =) My daughter didn’t take to a sippy so we use the straw cup.

    I had a horribly colic baby and I thought I would lose my mind and then I tried BornFree (after spending over a hundred dollars trying all of the other bottles). No more colic! I saved the glass bottles for my next baby (I will just replace the valves and nipples). I LOVE them!!

  • Heather said:

    We are a BornFree family because the bottles and nipples work well for our breastfed boys, when they get pumped milk. No nipple confusion here, with BornFree!

  • Katy G. said:

    We are a Bornfree Family!! No other company can compare and we tried all the different bottle brands. Bornfree is the safest highest quality product on the market with its surpassed venting system & bottle durability. Bornfree helped my daughter from day one and I wish I had found Bornfree sooner!! :)

    (This is our Bornfree Story)

    When my daughter was born she had extremely bad colic and couldn’t even eat for the amount of gas and feeding issues she had. She would scream for hours like she was dying. Everyday it would take us almost an hour & half to get a feeding down her because of her stomach trouble. She had horrible gas that would build up in her stomach and never seem to go away. At the time we had tried Avent, Dr.Brown’s, Tommie Tippee, Playtex bottles…etc. for a few weeks each. Nothing helped our daughter and the problems continued. It got so bad that our baby girl screamed for an entire day straight at around 2 1/2 months of age and barely could eat anything. We ended up taking her to the hospital only to find out that in fact it was just extremely BAD COLIC like her doctors kept telling us.

    The next day after we left the hospital we stated using Bornfree which was recommended to us at the hospital. We noticed improvements daily and within 2 weeks it was like we had a different baby!!!! She still had colic at this point but it was much more tolerable and she didn’t cry or fuss as much. The amount of gas she had on her stomach also greatly improved. She also seemed to sleep better and more rested. The bottle was excellent with venting air and way better at it than any of the other bottles I used. From that day I have never used a different bottle and will continue to use Bornfree products for my daughter’s many needs…..:) At around 5 months of age my daughter barely had any signs of colic and today we have no signs of colic! :) Bornfree helped my daughter from day one of use and I wish I would have found you all sooner!!!!

  • Raine Marie said:

    We are a born free family, because they are simply the best baby bottle we have ever used! We tried Dr.Brown, Avent, Gerber, Playtex and they either leaked, made the baby gassy or fell apart….this is our 3rd child & I simply refuse to use anything else. When my expecting friends ask which bottles I use..we tell them born free…they are definitly worth what you pay for them!

  • henny said:

    I’m bornfree mom because I believe in bornfree products are the best for all babies in the world! Babies do born to deserve the best products from their parents’ wise! Thank u bornfree! My 6month boy never gets colic!

  • BrittanyTullos said:

    I’m a bornfree mom because they are the only bottles that have worked for my daughter. She was extremely gassy and had tummy aches non-stop. She has been a MUCH happier baby since we have discovered bornfree. :)

  • Jennifer said:

    I am a Born Free Mom because I want what is best for my son. After deciding, for many reasons, to use glass bottles, Born Free was the brand that made the most sense and had the best reviews. After purchasing a starter kit, I fell in love… and proceeded to purchase all of the supplies we would need. Going back to order additional as he has gone on to the next stages. During one of the shipments, there was a small error and the Customer Service was amazing! It almost seemed to good to be true! Not only an amazing product, but amazing people to stand behind it. I am proud to be a Born Free Mom!!!

  • kari said:

    On being a Born Free Mom (A Wish for my Baby)

    My baby was born free

    Free to choose
    to go wherever the heart leads

    Free to laugh
    at that which is funny and mistakes that are made

    Free to love
    family and friends
    and the Earth
    with consideration and kindness

    Free to be
    whatever the mind can imagine

    My baby was born free

  • Jay said:

    I am a Born Free dad because I want whats best for my babies! Born Free bottles work best for my Breastfed babies, and we love you sippy cups for our 2 year old!

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