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Have a Happy (and Green) Valentine’s Day!

11 February 2011 32 Comments

The launch of our new Eco Deco Bottles has gotten us thinking of how we can green up our holidays and why not start with Valentine’s Day? Traditionally V-Day involves lots of roses, chocolates, and paper Valentines. Can you think of a way to make your special day greener?

Here are some ideas:

*Recycle your child’s Valentines instead of just throwing them away, or create a collage and frame them!

*Give your honey potted flowers instead of picked ones!

*Buy chocolates that are local, organic, or made in a sustainable fashion (or all three!)

Do you have any other ideas for making Valentine’s Day a little greener? One person who comments with their idea will win a Twin Pack of 9oz Eco Deco bottles!

More About the new Eco Deco Bottles:

Eco Deco bottles are Eco-Friendly decorated PP plastic recyclable bottles, complete with ActiveFlow™ venting system designed to reduce gas, spit-up and other colic symptoms.

When you have no more use for it just place it in our recycling boxes located inside your nearest eco retailer. Learn more: http://www.newbornfree.com/Eco-Friendly/109981/Info.aspx

Good luck!


  • christine said:

    To make my families valentines day a bit greener me and my son(8mths)are going to take a paper plate(since its recycleable)and draw on the outside happy valentines day to daddy. And let him see how much he is loved with breakfast on top. then tell him to look at the bottom to see his gift. (although my son is 8mths he loved to scribble so that will mean alot to hubby) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!..SIMPLE.GREEN.MEANT FROM THE HEART. WITH LOVE.RECYCLABLE

  • Melissa said:

    To make our Valentines Day greener….we make gifts from construction paper and use pictures from the previous years V-day cards to recycle them! We also make our own chocolates and put them in decorated paper bags with recycled decorations on them! Perfect use of the previous years gifts instead of throwing them away and buying new the next year! Happy V-day everyone!

  • Britni said:

    We send e-cards and use soy candles for night time. We try to support the organic restaurant in town. And while the kids are home with the babysitter they are in there cloth diapers :)

  • Cyndi said:

    I’m making a platter of organic strawberries and make a wonderful organic and locally grown supper of Steak and veggies!!

    Also, send e-valentines instead of card ones!

    If you’re giving valentine gift bags, use re-useable bags instead of buying ones that will get thrown!!

  • Megan said:

    We are planting flowers, one for each family member

  • Karen said:

    Take any used V-Day clothing gifts, or any old shirts, dress, pants to create a QUILT BLANKET to be used in front of the fire place with the kids or with your partner. Try used baby/toddler graphic shirts. This can be done for any holiday and is a great way to re-use old clothing and also keep fond memories.

  • melissa said:

    Send e cards instead of paper. Any paper cards you receive recycle.

  • Jaime Soria said:

    We are going to enjoy our 1st Valentine’s Day as a family of 3 at home this year. We’ll be eating an organic dinner by candle light (ooh-la-la!) and rather than a card, I am going to write my hubby a love note on the mirror :)

  • Natalie said:

    I found V-day cards from last year and cut the front off and in half and made cute little v-day cars out of them for this year. They worked out just like I had hoped and it looked cute :)

  • arely colin said:

    planting roses, making organic dinner

  • Raine Marie said:

    Plant herbs in potted plants & let your little one’s help! It’s something you can do in the kitchen & they’ll love watching them grow =) & explain to them that when the water them & make sure they are getting enough sun..that their love is makin’ them grow! =) It’s to chilly here to garden outside..so bring it indoors =)
    & we “GREEN” it up everyday here! My 2 boys have assigned tasks to get the stuff off our kitchen island and take it out to their bins in the garage…and once our 4 month old starts to walk around…he’ll get his own little bin to recycle too! It’s never to early to start teaching good habits =) Love our Born Free’s =)

  • Justine said:

    We stay green and frugal by mostly avoiding Valentine’s Day :) No cards (waste of paper & money), no flowers (they die quickly), and no fancy dinner or movies (gas + money). We cook using our normal organic produce + whatever other healthy/organic food we usually eat, and watch a movie via streaming. Not to mention, telling each other that we love each other, and showing it by doing special things for each other around the house.

  • kari said:

    To make Valentine’s Day a little greener, you can talk with your little ones about ways to help “love” the earth. It’s important to discuss issues in order to create change!

  • Heather B said:

    We don’t celebrate V-Day in the traditional sense since it is such a commercially driven holiday. We made an agreement to just be extra loving to each other today and every day. :)

  • kia said:

    Plant flowers. One year in Miami I planted Marigolds (which my hubby loves) in the garden and the first ones opened on Valentine’s Day. It was awesome.

    Make simple valentines. That is what we are doing this year before dessert.

  • angela said:

    not sure how green it is but im making my family’s treats at home this year and using silicone cupcake wrappers instead off paper.

  • Kristin said:

    For my son’s first Valentine’s Day we are making Daddy a special card made of old pictures and scraps of not fully used construction paper. Then we’ll frame the card!

  • Nicole P said:

    We made our own valentine’s out of cereal boxes and recycled paper. After the holiday, I am sure we will be recycling them as well. :)

  • Meghan said:

    Send ecards and make a locally sourced dinner at home.

  • Breezer said:

    My Husband and I don’t believe in the commercial end of Valentines day, so tonight my hubby is making me a beautiful steak dinner – with beef off of his parents farm, roasted potatoes and carrots from my grandmas garden, as well as an organic salad and a bottle of homemade raspberry wine, again from my grandparents.
    We show each other we love each other rather than buying ‘things’ we don’t really need.
    This is how we celebrate, and stay green.

  • Betti caywood said:

    We make gifts out of random supplies that we already have at home. Cheap and fun with the kids!!! :)

  • Kara Figueroa said:

    We make Valentine’s Day about quality time rather than gifts. Rent a movie, pop your own popcorn and snuggle up on the couch with your loved ones. <3

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  • Lauren Wright said:

    We made fabric flowers, Homemade valentines, and cookies from scratch!
    You can also buy a fruit tree or bush for your valentine and plant it that way your gift keeps giving and its great to have more plants

    I also love our cuddling tradition.. Our whole family cuddles before bed (we do this alot but make sure to do it today!

  • BrittanyTullos said:

    My husband and I make cards out of whatever we have around the house. :)

  • Claudia said:

    I bought my husband local chocolates and reused a gift bag.

  • Whitney said:

    We skip buying gifts all together and enjoy a nice dinner at home. Tonight we are having steaks, salad, and baked potatoes.

  • Autumn said:

    We are sending ecards this year and making our own dinner.

  • Hilary said:

    We are taking old valentine’s cards and cutting them up to create new cards for this year.

  • Elizabeth K said:

    Staying at home for dinner to use less gas (and save money) and my son made his own cards for his classmates this year!

  • Wendy said:

    We are staying home this year just me, hubby and our beautiful 6 month old daughter. We recycled all the packaging from our dinner (including her baby food jar – lol), ate by romantic candlelight, and…well…we may head to bed a little early tonight which will save some electricity ;-)

  • Jennifer C. said:

    We make homemade Valentine’s treats with organic ingredients, so we won’t consume store bought treats that involve tons of packaging!

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