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Will You Make an Eco-Friendly Promise?

4 February 2011 31 Comments

2011 is going to be a very special year for the BornFree family. We’re taking our commitment to Mother Earth seriously and are unveiling new Eco Deco bottles that will be available in stores soon!  You’ve probably already seen the Eco-Friendly Classic bottles and we hope you love the Eco-Deco ones just as much!

As we continue to think of new ways to heal and protect our environment we’d know what commitments you’ve made to green up your lifestyle! See below for a fun weekend contest!

Learn more about our line of Eco-Friendly bottles here: http://www.newbornfree.com/Eco-Friendly/109981/Info.aspx

Contest: Will you make an Eco-Friendly promise? What’s one thing you can start or stop doing to help the environment? One person receives a Twin Pack of Eco-Friendly Bottles.

The winner is Betsy with the email address: ec****@yahoo.com. Congrats!


  • Katie G. said:

    One thing I would like to do more of is really utilizing the fact that most things are recylable. I need to make more of a conscious effort when throwing things away–to sort it out and put in recycling.

  • patricia said:

    I will use a reusable water bottle to work instead of using 3-4 bottles and throwing them away

  • Brandi Michalk said:

    I would like to start a composted in our backyard and also make more of an effort to recycle our plastics

  • Elizabeth K said:

    Do as much laundry as possible in cold water instead of warm or hot. Less electricity waste!

  • Kristin said:

    I will turn off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. We’re great about recycling and other environment-friendly practices, but somehow, the habit of leaving stuff on around the house is dying hard. This year, I’m going to do it!

  • Wendy said:

    My hubby is being more conscientious on recycling now that our daughter is here….I’m not pulling things back out of the garbage for the recycle bin like I have been in the past!

  • Justine said:

    I’m going to start cloth diapering this year!! Yeah for saving tons of trash from landfills!

  • Jennifer said:

    I am going to use reusable shopping bags every time I go shopping. I will also contact the companies that send me catalogs to get off their marketing lists and look at the sales online. Every little bit counts!

  • Amanda said:

    My eco-friendly commitment is that I always have way more recycling than garbage for our weekly pickup. We also cloth diaper so that’s really big as well. I will commit to getting more re-useable bags for groceries/shopping however, and still recycling the occasional plastic bags we do have at the receptacle in the grocery store :)

  • Natalie said:

    We are gonna start recycling, my daughter is 4 1/2 and I think it’s time she learn more about helping the environment. We already cloth diaper my son, so that helps a lot too :)

  • BrittanyTullos said:

    My husband and I definitely plan on trying much harder to turn off lights when we leave rooms and also to use reusable cups instead of plastic water bottles all the time.

  • Lauren said:

    Remembering to bring reusable shopping bags, composting and only using metal water containers instead of using plastic water bottles.

  • arely colin said:

    i will use cloth diapers, cloth wipes, recicling everything i can

  • Autumn said:

    We are going to use cloth diapers with our second baby that is due in April!

  • Danae Hernandez said:

    We are going to keep using filtered water instead of bottled! We will also keep cloth diapering :)

  • BrittanyTullos said:

    One thing my husband and I NEED to start and keep at doing is washing laundry in cold water instead of hot!

  • BrittanyTullos said:

    So I completely forgot I already entered! Stupid me sorry!!! :(

  • Amber said:

    My family and I need to start drying our hands more often with cotton towels, rather than paper towels. We also need to work on conserving energy, by turning off lights when we leave a room.

  • melanie said:

    We’re moving back towards cloth diapering as we strayed a little. We’re also teaching our daughter about living green and how to turn lights off when she leaves a room. Our son now points to the light switch when we walk by! I also want to start unplugging thing when not in use vs just turning them off. I know that’s more than one thing but we’re very excited!

  • Holly D'Antonio said:

    I am starting to compost and recycle everything that I can to cut down on the amount of garbage going into landfills.

  • Chantale Carriere said:

    I have decided to start using echo friendly cleaning products. They work just as well, and you can usually do with ingrediants right out of you kitchen…..

  • Andrea G. said:

    One thing we will start doing is rinsing out all plastic and glass jars. After watching on television that un-rinsed recyclable containers are not able to be recycled broke my heart. This whole time I thought I was being proactive in my recycling efforts, just to find out my items weren’t being sorted into the “good” pile! What an eye-opener!

  • Betsy said:

    I will recycle this year. I will make sure that all of the materials we use, such as plastic and newspaper, will be recycled every day. I will also make my own baby food so that I can use reusable containers. This will reduce our waste.

  • Larissa said:

    We’ve really started to be diligent on recycling and turning off and unplugging appliances.

  • Stephanie said:

    We need to stop using paper towels! We go through way to many…Also need to use more eco friendly cleaning supplies.

  • Sarah C. said:

    We are really good about recycling all paper, plastics, cardboard and cans! We also make sure all unnecessary lights are off…we just recently started cloth diapering are baby to help cut out waste in the landfill!

  • Jennifer kimberly said:

    I will stop running water when i don’t need too! I have the worst habit of brushing my teeth and letting the water run

  • Holly said:

    We use cold water for laundry.

  • Tonya said:

    I use my own bags when we go shopping. Some grocery stores even reward your for using them with cash back coupons which can be used toward other things. We are looking into what is neccessary in our area to begin recycling the things we can.

  • Kari said:

    To be eco-friendly, we:
    -use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs
    -do our laundry at non-peak hours and air dry as much clothing as possible
    -hand-wash many of our dishes to minimize the number of dishwasher loads we run
    -stay active and choose to walk or bike whenever possible as opposed to taking the car

    I guess that’s more than one! Ha!

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