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Are you Eco-Friendly?

28 January 2011 64 Comments

Earth Day is right around the corner but for us at BornFree, everyday is Earth Day! We try to make as many eco-friendly choices as possible and would love to know how our customers are helping to keep this Earth green & clean.

In the comments below, share one thing you are doing to help the environment. Do you recycle? Reuse glass jars? Have energy saving light bulbs?

One person who leaves a comment will win a Green Trio: a green Training Cup, green, Drinking Cup, and green Twist’n'Pop Straw Cup!

The winner is Kelly with the email address: kelly****@gmail.com. Thanks for entering!

Learn more about our Eco-friendly line here: http://www.newbornfree.com/Eco-Friendly/109981/Info.aspx

Good luck!


  • Jo said:

    We recycle..use reusable shopping bags..energy saving light bulbs…andany more green habits! This past week we even replaced our SUV with a hybrid Honda Insight :)

  • melissa said:

    I reuse anything I can. Shopping bags when I forget my re-usable ones, plastic bottles. I also recycle what I can.

  • Crystal Cote said:

    I use energy saving light bulbs, I’ve saved as much of my son’s baby items for the next baby. I have donated what I didn’t save, I donate clothes I no longer wear. I switched to a dryer bar instead of using dryer sheets. I reuse plastic bags and diaper boxes. I do my laundry in cold water.

  • BrittanyTullos said:

    My husband and I cloth diaper our 8 month old baby girl and LOVE it! It is eco-friendly and FUN. :)

  • Samantha said:

    We use reusalbe shopping bags, recycle, turn the lights and water off when we aren’t using them

  • Casey said:

    I like to reuse grocery bags for bathroom trash can liners and I always save plastic containers for storing leftovers. I also like to save cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, and anything else remotely useful for crafts with my toddler. I know there’s a lot more I could do to go “green”, but it’s a start.

  • Kate said:

    We recycle and never leave lights on.

  • Kristin said:

    We have started buying products that are more globally conscious. We also use energy-friendly light bulbs, recycle everything, reuse glass bottles, and reusable shopping bags. We still need to get better about our use of water and electricity, though.

  • Melissa said:

    We recycle at my house & use energy saving light bulbs where we can! We also donate many household items to local banks & consign. We use cloth bags when at the store! There are so many easy ways to reuse/recycle, just wish more people would do it!!!

  • Trish said:

    We reuse whatever we can in creative ways. We have recycling baskets in all bathrooms,offices and ktichen.I have 3 sisters and we all trade items we don’t wear anymore. Most of my son’s clothes are hand me downs from my sister and we love second hand shops! What I love about being green is that it is getting back to basics and good for your wallet green too!

  • Nichole said:

    We use cloth diapers and share the sizes among friends who also cloth diaper. Its economical for all of us and good for the environment.

  • Erin said:

    Trying to do more but so far we recycle everything we can, reuse fabric bags when shopping, energy efficient lights, xeriscaping (native plants that need little water – I live in Texas) & use fans to cut back on heat & ac. Like I said though, we’d like to do more. ; )

  • Samantha said:

    We recycle and use energy efficient lightbulbs.

  • Claudia said:

    We do what we can. We make monthly trips to the recycling center to take in what our town recycling program doesn’t collect, always keep reusable shopping bags in our car for all our purchases, use energy efficient light bulbs, use green cleaning products in our home and are hoping our big splurge this year will be solar panels on our home.
    Mainly we just keep trying to find new ways we can do more each day.

  • Lauren said:

    We recycle, we compost, we use the green born free bottles. We will also teach our son how important our environment is. Teaching the next generation is just as important as thinking green today.

  • Heather said:

    I try to be Eco friendly by using reuseable items.. I use the shopping bags and cups for hot and cold drinks!!

  • Andi said:

    We recycle and reuse, wash in cold water, use energy saving light bulbs and appliances. I also opted to use an IUD for birth control which cuts down significantly on the amount of paper, plastic, and packaging used with pills, rings, condoms, etc. and also cuts back on the amount feminine products going into the landfill each year for up to five years.

  • arely colin said:

    cloth diapers, breastfeeding and also reusalbe shopping bags

  • Autumn said:

    We always turn the lights out when not using them, use paper bags when we can, and recycle.

  • Faythe said:

    I have been recycling long before it became mandatory in many areas. I re-use shopping bags, plastic in the trash cans & small room cans, or in the containers I separate my recyclables in so I can easily grab the separated stuff & put in the container for the collector to easily separate. paper bags get used to save all newspapers & left over mailings. I rarely use fabric softeners, if I need added softness or to make sure there is no bad smells left I add 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

  • Summer said:

    I bring my own bags to the grocery store. :) Thanks for giveaway!

  • Charlene said:

    We recycle and reuse our jars for drinking cups or storage

  • henny said:

    Yes, we are the eco-friendly family! From hybrid, saving energy, recycle and reuse! Wat α great effort when u help the earth that’s mean we help everyone! Start teaching the young one from now!

  • Megan said:

    We recycle or reuse whatever we can and our new house has energy efficient features.

  • Casey said:

    We do lots of environmentally friendly things like: re-use grocery bags or buy the one’s you can re-use, recycle plastics and glass, we walk most places instead of hopping into the car, we use cloth diapers or if we need to we use biodegradable inserts, glass bottles, and we use only energy efficient light bulbs :)

  • Tran Casey said:

    Green things we like to do are: re-use grocery bags or buy the one’s you can re-use, recycle plastics and glass, we walk most places instead of hopping into the car, we use cloth diapers or if we need to we use biodegradable inserts, glass bottles, and we use only energy efficient light bulbs :)

  • Katherine Chan said:

    We recycle which as increased in volume since having a baby. It seems like I’m always breaking down a other cardboard box. It really saves on the amount of garbage we have though! We also recently had our local home energy squad come out and assess our house. They replaced light bulbs with the new energy efficient bulbs, put weather stripping on our doors and pull low flow faucets on our sink. They also recommended a home energy audit to learn which projects around the house would save us the most energy. We have not done it yet, but it’s on the to do list :) .

  • April larsh said:

    My kids enjoy saving cans to help out the enviornment and they get rewarded by earning money from their recyclables and by knowing they are helping the planet they feel good about themselves.

  • Emily said:

    This would be a wonderful giftset to win!! We are just about to transition our little guy to a sippy. And Eco-friendly is a huge plus!!

  • Miranda said:

    We recycle everything. Our recycle bin is always full every week. We also recycle our cans for money. We use re-useable bags whenever we go shopping.

  • shannon said:

    We recycle bottles cans and other recyclables and use reusable bags for shopping.

  • Bailey E. said:

    I recycle, use energy-saving lightbulbs, buy from ecologically responsible companies, and pick up any (non-hazardous) litter I come across. I have also gotten my mom to recycle and use energy-saving lightbulbs! :D Go mom!

  • Lisanne Gibson said:

    We do everything we can :) Cloth everything! Napkins, grocery bags, wipes, diapers, pads, etc. Where we live you can only recycle paper and cardboard so we try not to buy much in plastic and glass.

  • Michelle said:

    I don’t buy any commercial cleaning products anymore! I use vinegar, water, tea tree oil, and baking soda for everything!

  • Jessica Ellis said:

    I use energy saving light bulbs and I also recently switched to cloth diapers.

  • Jaime Soria said:

    Wow, what an awesome gift; thank you for the opportunity! Lets see, we turn off lights, unplug everything that’s not in use, put water jars in the back of the toilets, we’ve replaced all light bulbs, re use grocery bags & containers that food has come in (ie butter containers are great for leftovers), walk many places rather than drive, and donate old clothes. We also have gone paperless on our bills, do laundry in cold water, don’t buy soda or bottled water, almost never use throw away plates/cups/utensils, buy the formula refills, and best of all…use all Born Free products!!!

  • Brandi Michalk said:

    We use our own coffe mugs for work and coffee runs, energy efficient lightbulbs, and hang our clothes to dry outside in the spring and summer. We also use our own shopping bags and when we pack a lunch we take it in reusable containers. I also like to use baby jars for crafts and organizing :D

  • Jaime Soria said:

    Oops, the directions say to “share one thing you are doing to help the environment” so I’m going to have to replace my previous post with…
    We try to walk to as many places as we can rather than drive. Our air quality here in the Inland Empire (Riverside, Ca) is already horrible, so we’re trying to help it out whenever possible.

  • Kari said:

    We only do laundry during non-peak hours!

  • Dianne Jimenez said:

    We made sure we use energy saving bulbs, turn off tv, computer and other electronics when not in use. we use biodegradable plastic for our garbage. we do the three R’s reduce, re-use, recycle.

  • Natalie said:

    I am a cloth diapering momma :)

  • Katie G. said:

    Recycling and trying to use as many “green” products as possible.

  • Mel said:

    one thing we do is reuse everything that can be reused (food containers, bags, glass jars, etc.).

  • April Emerson said:

    One of my kids’ favorite things to do is go with Daddy to sort the recycling. We also reuse many items for crafts. We’ve used cloth diapers with our first two and plan on using them with baby #3 (due in June).

  • Elizabeth K said:

    We carpool! Every little bit helps and it helps the kids feel they’re able to participate in less carbon footprint!

  • Breen Inkmann said:

    In addition to everyday recycling, I’ve found other ways to recycle not so common items, like partially used or not even used paint! Many hardware stores participate in paint recycling where they collect the paint, the paint is then used by a company that mixes it with other donated paint to make new paint (usually into browns, tans, etc.) – good for use in commercial settings. Or, there is always freecycle.com!

  • Erica said:

    Where to start!?!?!
    I love being green and do as much as possible to protect the earth…but my favorite thing I’m doing to help the environment is working on getting “natural playground” in my city. Natural Playgrounds are VERY eco-friendly (no plastic play structures, no rubber padding, lots of local plants, uses natural flow of land for irrigation, etc), and opposed to your typical plastic/metal jungle gyms are actually educational and stimulating for children. I have a long road ahead before this project is complete, but it is so worth every second! When it is done my little man will have the coolest park ever to play in, about 2 blocks from his front door where he can get all his wiggles out and learn about God’s marvelous creation at the same time! I am so excited for this to all come together..wish me luck!!!

  • Shasta said:

    I reuse all plastic bottlers for water bottles. My son gets to use all printer paper to draw on the blank side once it has been used. Buy the new light bulbs now and energy saving appliances and electronics.

  • Pamela Martel said:

    We do a lot of things to be “green” but the one new thing I started doing, this week, is trying to producing less trash. When I buy something I think of what on the packaging would need to be thrown away and then I try to buy the one with the most recycleable peices or the least amount of “throw away” parts.

  • Cynthia said:

    We use energy saving light bulbs, we recycle cans,we also use re-usable shopping bags.we try to re-use everyhimg we can.

  • Katy G. said:

    We use energy saving light bulbs throughout the house. We buy & sale from yard sales all the time & consignment sales to reuse clothing, housewares etc.. We have an energy efficient car that’s great on gas. We also leave lights off & use less water when possible. We also use green products all the time.

  • Jessica A said:

    I would love this set! We are very eco-friendly in our home. We recycle, turn off the lights when not in use, cloth diaper, eat organic/local and more! :)

  • Jamie Coombs said:

    We do many things to be green around the house, but my latest favorite is re-purposing old sweaters/scarves and sewing them into pillows. It’s a great way to re-use a sweater that has a whole in, shrunk in the wash, or just went out of style.

  • Kerianne said:

    We cloth diaper at night- it is our little way of helping the landfill with a few less diapers! These cups look amazing! We would love to try them!

  • Sara said:

    We only use lights in the rooms we’re in and dry our clothes on the line. We use glass bottles for everything, including milk because he’s a dairy farmer. We also grow our vegetables without pesticides. We do what we can to live a healthier, green lifestyle.

  • Kelly said:

    We use cloth diapers and recycle everything!

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  • Jen N said:

    We recycle, use re-usable bags, napkins, water bottles etc. We also compost and cloth diaper our children (currently using cloth on #2). :)

  • Jacqie said:

    A few things we do to be more eco-friendly are recycle, cloth diaper & support local farms.

  • Breezer said:

    My husband calles me the light nazi as it drives me crazy if lights are left on. We also recycle everything we can, return bottle to the depot, and use reusable bags for shopping.
    Only cold water for our laundry.
    We also grow alot of our own food and buy locally whenever we can. I can veggies and fruit in reusable glass jars, or home is also kept relitively cool about 18celcius in the winter and no heat in the summer. This is our start/contrubution to a green world.

  • patricia k said:

    I reuse my 64 oz water jug – instead of taking 3 to 4 water bottles to work and then trashing them

  • Cathy Eleftheriadis said:

    We recycle plastic, metal, paper and cardboard. We use energy friendly light blubs, and we use earth friendly shopping bags when we go shopping! :)

  • Joni said:

    I train people around the world to start their own eco-friendly projects. It’s such a joy. And I even helped our condo institute a recycling program! It’s always been a part of my life and I hope to make it a part of my children’s life too!

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