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Baby Announcement: Jill’s Baby is Here!

11 January 2011 44 Comments

One of our BornFree Mom Panel Members, Jill or BabyRabies.com, had her baby Leyna at the end of December! We’d like to extend her a very warm congratulations. We hope she and her new little girl are doing well.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jill. Her blog posts are always hilarious and truthful!

We’d like to send Jill a special goodie basket with gifts for her and the baby( but we can’t forget big brother who is 2.5!). What do you suggest? Please leave your ideas in the comments below!

One person who comments will win two of the items they suggest! Pick from here: http://www.newbornfree.com

The winner is Jehefinner with the email address Je********@hotmail.com!


  • Amy Thomas said:

    Congrats Jill!I think you should send her a BornFree Newborn Bottle Starter Set, born free twister brushes and 2 born free drinking cups

  • Cortney Palmatier said:

    I would include the Dapple Clean-Up Kit, Two 5oz. Glass Bottles with Sleeves (Just LOVE my Born Free glass bottle!), Smart Start Gift Set and the Twist’NPop™ Straw Cup for big brother;)

  • Julie A. said:

    Congratulations to Jill and her family. I would suggest getting her an Itzbeen timer as I love mine and still using it with baby #2. Also, LANA care wool nursing pads. One of the best purchases I made while breastfeeding my baby. Hope that helps you out some!!

  • Glenda Buchanan said:

    I would send her some bottles. They always come in handy! Nursing covers are great as well. Any kind of outfits are welcomed. You can never have enough outfits lol. If nursing boppy pillowa are always a plus.humidifiers are great really great for babies born in the winter time. Wearable blankets or just any kind of blankets. Thick one are great to use over carseats if you need to go somewhere and it is windy!


    A Twist’NPop Straw Cup for big brother
    and bornfree binky’s
    size 2 nipples
    and 9 oz bottles!
    and of course a formula dispenser and a bottle brush!

  • Miranda said:

    Congrats to Jill and her growing family! I think a great gift basket full of these Bornfree items would be great for her.

    Bornfree Smart Start Bottle/Sterilizer Gift Set
    Clear Button Pacifers Orange and Purple
    Twist N’ Pop Straw Cup in Blue for the Big Brother
    Drinking Cup in Pink
    Training Cup in Green
    Silcone Teether
    Dapple Clean Up Kit

  • Sandra said:

    Congratulations Jill! Girls are so much fun. I loved receiving my Born Free Bottle Gift Set when I had my twin girls so I would suggest giving her one of those and some straw cups for the big brother!

  • Cyndi said:

    Congratulations Jill!! I know what road is ahead of you – I had a baby 2 months ago and I have a 2 year old as well. I suggest:

    Twist’NPop straw cup for big brother!

    Dapple Clean up kit for Jill

    Smartstart gift set for Leyna – or just a nice collection of bottles and a sterilizer!!!

  • Meghan M said:

    twist’n'pop straw cup for big brother

    twin pack clear pacifers

    three pack 5oz bottles

    three pack 9oz bottles

  • Larissa said:

    Congratulations to Jill!!! There’s nothing better than a new baby;) I have four kids under 4 and I love Born Free. I would definitely recommend:

    Smart Start Gift Set
    Twist n Pop straw cups for big brother:)
    Dapple Clean-up Kit
    9 oz Glass bottles, they are awesome!

    Good luck Jill, enjoy this special time!! :)

  • Amy Szeto said:

    I just had my second child and I loved getting a fresh set of bottles for the new baby. The box of 6-9oz Born Free bottles was my favorite! I would also include some new outfits (I saved everything from my first baby, but found almost everything was stained :( when I pulled it out of storage), as well as a few new toys. (I personally started to feel guilty when the baby didn’t have anything of his own!)

    For the big brother, a sticker book was my son’s favorite big brother gift. He could play while I fed the baby. He also received a few books, which he loves to read to his little brother!

  • Gil said:

    Send her the pump/bottle adaptors. I loved being able to pump directly into the wide mouth bottles.

  • Melissa said:

    Yay Jill! Not only is she an amazing Blogger, and fabulous person, she’s a GREAT mom.

    I think her and her two beautiful children should receive:
    Coolflow Pacifier
    Dapple Clean-Up Kit
    Silicone Teether
    Drinking Cup
    Straw Cup

    Congratulations again to Jill, and thank you to BornFree for treating this deserving Mama! She makes having 2 look easy. I hope I can do it as well when I have my second in August!

  • Valerie Kirk said:

    Congratulatons Jill!!! I would recomend:

    Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid soap as she will be washing bottles for a while!

    Smart Start Gift Set as it has all the essentials for a new baby!

    Twin Pack PINK Silicone Sleeves for Glass Bottles as she probably has all blue stuff from her son!


    Twist’NPop™ Straw Cup for Kendall as my almost 2 year old son loves drinking out of straws and you can’t forget the awesome big brother!!!!

    Enjoy your gifts Jill!

  • Kari said:

    Congrats,Jill! You should send a newborn starter gift set and the Twist’NPop™ Straw Cup for big brother Kendall. :) we used both so much and just love them!

  • Jamie said:

    Jill is successful at exclusively nursing so no formula dispenser necessary. She is pumping though so pump adaptor would probably be great… with some twist n pop cups for Kendall….

  • Michelle said:

    I would include the following:

    Baby bottle glass gift set
    Smart Start Bottle/Sterilizer Gift Set
    1 each of the drinking cup, training cup, and the Twist N’ Pop Straw Cup
    Silcone Teether

  • Jill @BabyRabies said:

    Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes, everyone!

  • Michelle McD said:

    Twist N Pop Straw Cup
    Cool Flow pacifiers
    Dapple Kit
    Smart Start Set

  • Sabrina said:

    Congratulations Jill; so excited for you and your family.

    I think Jill should get a smart start gift set
    Some eco-friendly bottles are nice
    dapple clean up kit
    Extra nipples in different sizes and extra disks
    a couple of pacifiers
    a teether
    and for Kendall…a stock pile of twist n’pop cups (and maybe a really cool Big Brother shirt)

    Just looking after my girl!

  • Ciera Lemoniades said:

    We love our 9oz born free bottles. Maybe a few training cups for when Leyna is older. A Twist N’ Pop straw cup for older brother. And a twin pack of pacifiers. The born free paci’s are the only ones my son will consistently take.

  • Vanessa said:

    I would include the silicone teether and 9oz born free bottles. Congrats to Jill and her family, I’m a long time Baby Rabies reader :)

  • Kendal Barriere said:

    You should send:

    new Trinity Manual Breast Pump
    Twister brush
    Cool Flow pacifiers
    Silicone Teether
    Twist’nPop Straw cups for the 2 year old

  • Jessica S. said:

    I love Jill’s blog!!
    I think you should send the twist and pop straw cup for big bro. The twister brush for bottles so that daddy can do the feeding and the washing of the bottles while mommy takes a break! The silicone teether for the new bundles chompers.

  • Torey cortez said:

    I would love to say congrats on her 2nd med free delivery!! Beautiful baby girl! I would say send her one of the dapple kits and training cups for leyna. Then send Kendall a Twist n pop straw cup. They come in hang for every occasion!

  • Jehefinner said:

    It’s clear many of these ladies don’t read Jill’s blog, all these suggestions for bottles, paci’s, sterilisers and formula dispensers. She’s BREASTFEEDING!!!!

    I’d send;

    Twist’n pop straw cup’s for K.

    Silicone teethers

    Sippy cups for when L is older.

  • Claudia said:

    Congratulations! I would send them a Smart Start gift set & some twin packs of hard spouts and handles for big brother to use too.

  • LAURA COLIN said:

    basket of born free product and some chocolates for her

  • marta said:

    I would send her a basket from http://www.incredibundles.com a year of toys is my fav. Congratulaions!! :)

  • Jill D. said:

    Congratulations, Jill! Since Jill is quite the eco-friendly, chic, I would recommend sending her some of Born Free’s new eco-friendly recyclable bottles, a few glass bottles with silicone sleeves, a few teethers & a Twist’nPop cup for her little man.

  • Vanessa said:

    A basket from Big Island Candies! I got one after I had my daughter and it was so yummy and so awesome!!! Another thing would be a water bottle with some yummy and some healthy snacks in it. Sometimes as new moms we forget to eat.
    For baby maybe send a Moby/Sleepy Wrap.

  • Vanessa said:

    …………I sent the comment before I was done!
    For baby a Moby/Sleepy wrap and some trianing cups, twist straw cups and a few gum brush teethers!

  • Toni said:

    Definitely some training cups and twist straw cups for Kendall.

  • Rachel said:

    A Twist’NPop Straw Cup for big brother!

    And a nursing cover, a bottle set and a gum soother. Of course any outfits are always needed and lots and lots of blankets.

  • Nathalie said:

    Congrats to her!! I would send her a basket from http://www.Chadandjake.com. They make beautiful baskets with baby burp cloths and with their name (babies) engraved.

    Also, you can send a cookie basket from http://www.Cookiesbydesign.com and have one cookie made specially for the older sibling. ( truck, train, doll etc)

    In addition, a full set of born free bottles always makes a mommy and baby really happy :)

  • Jen said:

    I would suggest a basket with the newborn gift set, the sterilizer, a twister brush, and an assortment of the different sizes of nipples and sippy cup tops!

  • Denisse Villanueva said:

    Bottles and pacifiers!

  • Becky Hayes said:

    Knowing that Jill is breastfeeding, I’d send her the Breast Pump Adaptor so she can pump directly into the bottles, a Microwave Sterilizer, a Twister Brush Set, a couple glass bottles with pink sleeves, a Twin Pack of Stage 1 Clear Button Pacifiers in orange & purple, a Twin Pack of Stage 1 CoolFlow Pacifiers in yellow & purple, a pink Silicone Teether (‘cuz Leyna won’t always be a newborn!) & an assortment of the Dapple products. And of course, for big brother, he’ll need a couple Twist ‘n Pop Straw Cups in blue and green.

  • Jaime Soria said:

    I was just there 3 months ago, so I’d say diapers, wipes, the carter’s baby pj’s where they can snap as pants or a gown (makes for easy middle of the night changing when it’s a gown), newborn socks, a warm swaddle me blanket by Summer Infant, a breast feeding pj top (my favorite is one with cups in it from Motherhood), and Medela Lanolin nipple cream. I’m assuming she has bottles already, but a new bottle brush would be nice as well as new size 1 & 2 nipples. For brother, I’d say the straw cup & maybe a gift card to Toys R Us, Target, or Walmart to go pick out a new toy just for him:)

  • Jenni said:

    Silicone teether!!!

  • Kendra said:

    Sleep. I have a 10 month old and a 2.5 year old. Sleep is the best gift in the beginning :)

  • angela tuttle said:

    I think for the baby you should send 4 5oz glass bottles with pink silicone sleeves and two sets of nipples in each size, 2 breast pump adapters, a twister brush, some dapple, a set of training spouts, a gum teether, a born free onezie, and for big brother a twist and pop straw and a stainless steal water bottle!

  • Kaylin said:

    Congratulations Jill! Welcome to the world Leyna! I would suggest that you send her the following items:
    -Cool Flow Pacifier (Maybe 2 of them)
    -Smart Start Gift Set
    -Dapple Clean Up Kit
    -Breast Pump Adapter

    And for Kendall I would include a new Twist and Pop Cup.

  • Nadine Garcia said:

    I would send her the Smart Start Gift Set, aFour pack of Disks for spill proof travels and a Dapple Clean-Up Kit to keep everything nice and clean!!! These are all awesome products!!!

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