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And the Winner is… BornFree October Family of the Month!

20 October 2010 267 Comments

The winner of the BornFree Family of the Months is…

Ashley Zacharia with 163 votes!

2nd place is Miranda Hatch with 137 votes

3rd place is Bridget Miceli with 15 votes

Ashley’s family has won $100 worth of BornFree goodies! We have a surprise though…everyone is a winner!

Miranda’s family has won $50 worth of BornFree prizes and Bridget’s family will go home with $25 worth of BornFree products! Thanks so much for taking part in this contest by voting.

Winners, claim your prize by emailing moms@newbornfree.com.

Meet our finalists!

#1. Bridget Miceli

“This is our family. my husband Giuseppe and me with our brand new little girl Milana born 8/12/10. She is our miracle baby as we lost our first baby to miscarriage. She is our angel and our world. Our family is just starting while being complete all at the same time!”

#2 Miranda Hatch

“My husband and I have been married for over 13 1/2 years. We have two amazing sons together that are 3 1/2 years old and 1 years old. We have another baby boy on the way that is due 02/16/2011. We are also a proud US Navy Family.”

#3 Ashley Zacharia

“This is me, my hubby and our little Caz Bear. Caswell is almost 6 months old. We can’t even remember what life was like before this little guy came into the world! We are enjoying our family soooo much and are even starting to talk about trying for another baby next year!”

All three finalists have won a prize but only one will be our Grand Prize winner and win a BornFree Prize Pack worth $100!

Who should be our BornFree Family of the Month? Leave your vote as a comment! For a bonus entry, leave a comment on our Facebook wall with your pick: http://www.facebook.com/BornFreeBaby

Good luck, everyone!


  • brittany b. said:

    my name is brittany. Im a mommy at 19 married to brannon lee who is 21. we have a beautiful 12 month old daughter Londyn noel! she is the center of our world. Every decision we make is based on whats best for her. she has made us two very proud parents and we couldnt imagine life without her. we love taking short family trips to the aquarium and we just took her on a short trip to her first visit at the pumpkin patch- she had a blast!

  • Katie said:

    Hi my name is Katie and I am 20 years old! I have a 1 1/2 year old son and another boy on the way that is due in a month! We are so excited that it is October because of the fact that it is Halloween and we get to dress our son up and take him out for the first time :) !! Last Halloween he had the H1N1 flu and was really sick and was in the hospital so we didn’t get to go out and have fun. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful son and another one on the way, I love BornFree products and think that they are whats best for my kids, I use your products and I also recommend them when people ask me what kind of Sippy cup, Bottle, Paci. . . . ect i like! :) Your products are the BEST!

    I also put a family photo up on the BornFree facebook page!

  • Carly said:

    My name is Carly and my husband’s name is Geoff. We have little girl Olivia born may 2nd 2008, and our son Jackson who was born May 20th 2010. We do not have any family pictures yet. Jackson was born with infant respiratory distress syndrome. This is where there are holes in the lungs, we almost lost him, then getting home was a challenge, he has a milk and soy protein intolerance as well as severe silent reflux. So unfortunately we have had a rough summer and no chance to get any family portraits done. I do have some pictures of the kids though :) I love that my family is strong. Even our 2 year old has been a rock threw this rough time. She would pat my cheek and tell me not to worry when she could sense I was stressed out with worry. I am a stay at home mom, and I sacrifice a lot to be a stay at home mom. So my clothes are not couture, and I don’t get a manicure anymore, but these are all things I am happy to give up to be able to stay home and raise my children :) Born Free products have been a life saver with my son’s reflux . Finally a bottle that works for him :) I am HAPPY to report he has been problem free for a month. We are excited to start living again. Olivia is such a good big sister. So helpful. We are truly blessed . I love my family. In my eyes we are perfect. Flaws and all!!

  • Amanda martinez said:


  • Katie montfort said:


  • Shelice Lennon said:

    I would vote for number 2, because I know Miranda personally and she is a very dedicated stay at home wife and mother and she even plays daddy when her husband leaves on deployment. I know with baby number three on the way, it would be a perfect bornfree gift pack for her.

  • Wendy said:

    I vote for Family #1

  • Kelly said:

    I am voting for Family #2, for my Daughter and her Family. She is a wonderful Mom and Wife.

  • Jennydp said:

    I vote for family #2. What a beautiful and proud military family.

  • Joannah Trimboli-Bill said:

    I am voting for my Cousin and her family. The Micelis are a wonderful family. Although all of their prayers were answered when their little Princess was born, I am praying they win this contest! ;) Good Luck Micelis!

  • Angelica G said:

    I vote for family #2. With yet ANOTHER boy on the way, she will appreciate all the help she can get. What a beautiful family and wonderful parents!!

  • Sarah said:

    My vote is for the Hatch Family!!!

  • Ashley Z said:

    I vote for my family, of course :) Any help we can get makes a difference. The other family photos are gorgeous and I know they could use some awesome bornfree stuff too! We are all winners!

  • Sally said:

    Family #1!

  • Maria said:

    Zacharia family!

  • Carrie S said:

    Love the Zacharia Family, Caz bear is the cutest thing! Oh and Sam and Ashley are great too.

  • Andrea said:

    Zacharia family! Sam & Ashley are amazing people and even better parents!

  • Ashley said:

    My vote is for #2 the Hatch Family :)

  • laura said:

    We vote for #3 family – Zacharia!!!! So cute!

  • josie said:

    give it to little caz bear! cutest nephew ever. ZACHARIA FAMILY!

  • Donna said:

    I am voting for Family #2, for my Grandaughter and her family!

  • Stephanie K-W said:

    I am also a new mommy and my little prince is only a week younger than Caz. I love having a little baby boy and I know that Ashley and Sam are so excited to have little Caz. They are such amazing parents. My vote goes to them!!! Family #3

  • Shelby Griego said:

    I vote for the Hatch family (#2)!!!

  • Sam said:

    I vote for the Zacharia family! Go bear suit!

  • Pete said:

    I am voting for Family #2, for my Daughter and her family.

  • Kate said:

    Family #3 – Zacharia. That bear suit is so dang cute! What a cute family :)

  • Kathy said:

    I vote for the Zacharia family – my kids and cutest grandson in the world!

  • Nova said:

    I vote for #2 –my wonderful son who has proudly served his country in the US Navy for 17 years, and his wife who has stood behind him every single day, including 5 deployments!! And of course, they have the cutest sons (my grandsons) ever!!!!!!!!

  • julianne said:

    Zacharia family cause they are AWESOME!!!!!!!:)

  • Kim said:

    I am voting for my Niece and her family, Hatch Family #2!!!

  • Shannon said:

    Zacharia family!! They are such wonderful and generous people and have an adorable little bear to boot. <3

  • Miranda said:

    Not sure if we can vote for our own family. But I’m voting for my Family #2. My husband is an amazing Dad and Husband. He works really hard to defend our freedom and everyone’s freedom. He sacrafices allot for his family. Being gone for 6-8 months at a time is not easy when you have kids. My sons are amazing and can’t wait to meet our 3rd baby boy that it is due 02/16/2011 :)

  • Eldon said:

    I’m voting for my family, the Hatch Family #2. Not sure if we can vote for our own family. My wife is amazing Mom and Wife! She takes care of our two boys being a SAHM and now is pregnant with our 3rd baby boy that is due in Feb 2011. This would really help us out to win :)

  • Tamara Mabry-Wilson said:

    I cast my vote for the Hatch family. My kids are grown, but I can relate to Miranda. I know what struggling with a young family is like. We raised four on a meager income for years. I’m a HUGE fan of any man or woman who sacrifices to defend our country. Good luck Hatch family!:)

  • Nikki said:

    I vote for family #2! Adorable family! GO NAVY!!

  • Karrie said:

    Family #2 gets my vote… these are my boys!!!

  • John said:

    Voting for family #2!

  • Smitty said:

    Voting for my granddaughters family… # 2 !!

  • Roni said:


  • James said:

    Family #2

  • Shepp said:


  • Virginia said:

    My great granddaughters family, 2.

  • Rebecca said:

    my awesome family, 2!

  • Devon said:

    VOTE FOR FAMILY #2!!!! Proud Navy family!!! I love all FOUR of you guys!!!!!!!

    How can you not vote for a military family who has two beautiful baby boys and another beautiful one on the way!!! so precious!!!

  • Mary Jane said:

    I vote for family #2!

  • Chaundra said:

    Vote Family # 2 Miranda Hatch Family!

  • Jim said:

    Go #3, The Zacharia family!!!!

  • Ashley said:

    sam and ashley are awesome and Caz is such a cutie! family #3 all the way!!!

  • steve said:

    I vote for the Zacharia family!!! I love those guys!

  • Lisa Haines said:

    I vote for the Zacharia family 100% Go Cas, you are such a sweetie! Good luck to all of you.

  • Brandy said:

    I’m voting for family #2!! Great Family and cutest boys ever!! :)

  • Zac said:

    Go #3, The Zacharia family!!!!

  • Nick said:

    Family # 2! Love those guys!

  • Steve said:

    #3. Zacharias!

  • Gary said:

    Zacharia #3!

  • Morgan said:

    Zacharia. Bear Suit, ’nuff said #3

  • Richard said:

    3 Zacharia

  • leah said:


  • REBECCA said:

    Ashley we love you! #3

  • shay said:


  • Adam said:

    Sam & Ash #3!!!!!

  • Elizabeth said:

    My vote goes to Family # 2. Nicest family ever.

  • jessie said:

    Zacharias family 3

  • Brianne said:

    Family #2 gets my vote!

  • Ty loendorf said:

    family member 2 :) :)

  • Kelly Martinez said:

    Go Caz bear!! Family #3 has my vote!

  • John Roche said:


  • Lisa Day said:

    How sweet are the Zacharias?!? Cheering for you Caswell!!!

  • Laura K said:

    Family #2!!

  • Kim reagle said:

    Family 2

  • Jonna said:

    family #3!

  • Curtis said:

    #3. Caz bear!!!!!

  • clint said:

    Family 3

  • kevin said:

    Zacharia #3

  • Zach said:

    #3 Ashley Zacharia

  • david said:


  • Laura Howard said:

    my vote is for darling family #1

  • Jason said:

    #3…good luck guys

  • Desi Nease said:

    i vote 3 FOR SURE!!!! :D <3

  • Andrea said:

    Zacharia family!!

  • Amanda said:

    I vote for the Zacharia family!

  • Pat said:

    I am voting for Hatch Family #2. They are my husband’s daughter and family.

  • Laurant Berry said:


  • Anna May said:

    I am voting for my Great Niece! Hatch Family #2!!!

  • Lemmy said:

    Who has the most facebook friends? The Zacharias do. I vote
    for 3!

  • Smitty said:

    Hatch Family #2!! I am voting for my wife’s daughter and family.

  • Diana said:

    Hatch Family #2!!

  • Richard said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Nova said:

    I vote for the Hatch fam!!!!!!! #2 #2 #2!!!!

  • Erica said:

    Family #2 Hatch Family

  • Dave said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Matthew said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Nick said:

    Got to vote for the Hatch Family #2!!!!

  • Raquel Pipes said:

    #2 Hatch family!!! They’ve got my vote!

  • Chase said:

    Voting for my family….Hatch Family #2

  • Heather said:

    I vote for Family #2 the Hatch Family!

  • Stephanie said:

    Family #3 Zacharia Family!!!

  • Justin said:

    Zacharia Family!!

  • Hudson said:

    I vote for Zacharia Family!

  • Preston said:

    Zacharia Family!

  • Diesel said:

    Zacharia Family!

  • Kemp-Waldner Family said:

    Zacharia Family!! Caz is the sweetest baby (other than ours of course) hehe

  • Carol said:

    Family #3!!!

  • Kristy said:

    Zacharia family – #3!!!

  • Zack said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Kristi said:

    Family #2 Hatch Family

  • Elizabeth Broadnax said:

    Family #2 the Hatch family.

  • Julie said:

    I vote for the Hatch Family! #2

  • ashley hatch said:

    the hatch faammm (:

  • sophie haines said:

    My vote is for the Zachariah family!!! #3 :)

  • Mark said:

    I vote for Ashley and Sam, family #3!

  • Bre said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Rob said:

    Family #2 Hatch Family!

  • Ray said:

    I vote for the Hatch Family #2

  • Renee said:

    #2 Hatch Family!

  • Rebeca said:

    Voting for our friends Family #2. Hatch Family

  • Chase said:

    Family number 2! Go military!

  • Matthew said:

    To family #3 the zacharia’s, with you I cast my vote!
    May the gods smile down upon you in the form of
    Free baby supplies and may all your children grow to
    be intelligent good looking and funny…like me

  • Lynn Amidon said:

    Family #2, Hatch family.

  • Stephanie said:

    Zacharia family!

  • Ryan said:

    I vote for Family 3, the Zacharia’s

  • laura said:

    I think the Zacharia family is adorable!! They get my vote!

  • laurie said:

    OMGosh what a darling family!! Zacharias!! vote!!

  • holly said:

    family #3!!

  • john said:

    I put my vote on family #3

  • holly W said:

    #3 #3 #3

  • Heather said:

    Hatch Family number 2!

  • Heather said:

    Hatch Family number 2! GOooo Military!

  • Mike said:

    Go military! Hatch Family number 2

  • LeeAnn said:

    Pro Military Go hatch family number 2

  • Patricia said:

    Such a cute family Go Hatch Family Number 2

  • Christian said:

    Hatch Family Number two!!! Sooo stinkin cute!

  • Cyndee said:

    Hatch family #2

  • Marty said:

    Hatch Family #2!

  • Beau said:

    Hoping Hatch family wins! Go #2

  • Alex said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Michael said:

    Go hatch #2!!! Such Cute Boys!

  • Christian Cain said:

    Hatch #2!!! Baby bundle of joy!

  • Catelynn said:

    Hatch family! I love that picture! Family number 2

  • Anna said:

    Go little Caz! Family #3!!!

  • Patrick said:

    Zacharia #3

  • Dan said:

    #3 Zacharia. cute!

  • Michelle Leon said:

    Zacharia family! All the way!!

  • David said:

    Hatch Family #2! Great loving family!

  • Deb said:

    Hatch Family #2! Such sweet family! Good luck!

  • Lauren said:


  • julie said:

    i vote family #3. they are just too cute

  • Greg said:

    I vote for family #3, the Zacharia family.

  • LORI CAUDILL said:


  • Maria S said:


  • MS said:


  • DL said:


  • YQL said:


  • LS said:

    Family 3!

  • Jim said:

    Zacharia family

  • Debbie said:


  • Megan said:

    3 is the best!

  • dick said:

    Zacharia family #3

  • P.E. said:

    #3 Family!

  • Trav said:


  • Mr. Macaulay said:

    #3, we work with Ashley and love her family!

  • Kristy said:

    Family #3!!

  • Kristie said:


  • Megan said:

    Zacharias!! 3!!

  • Helen said:

    Zacharia, #3

  • Teresa said:

    Go Ash and Sam! #3

  • Adam said:

    Zacharia – family #3.

  • Brian said:

    Zacharia #3

  • Julia said:

    # 3 family Zacharia!! little bear!

  • Kelly said:

    #3 Zacharia family!!!

  • laura said:

    Go team go! #3

  • Ashley Z said:

    Thanks for all the votes guys!!! What awesome friends and coworkers I have :)

    Keep em coming! Zacharia Family!!!!

  • Anna B said:

    Zacharia GO GO GO! they have my vote :)

  • Tiffany said:

    family # 3! what a cute family!! I love those guys XOXO

  • whitney H said:

    #3 Zacharia all the way!

  • Gregory said:

    Zacharia #3

  • Katie Z said:

    #3 Zacharia! Go bear suit!

  • Katie Z said:

    You should probably buy him a bear suit forever until he goes to college.

  • Ashley Z said:

    haha… people keep thinking it is his halloween costume… they seem confused when I tell them that it is just his “every day bear suit” :)

  • karen said:

    Hatch family- most adorable Boys EVER

  • theresa said:

    Hatch fam

  • Sofia said:

    Hatch family! The best

  • gigi said:

    The most beautiful and best…. hatch

  • patsy said:

    Hatch #2

  • kristine said:

    Hatch gang! Best of luck with your new addition

  • lynn k said:

    #2, the hatch family

  • Kristie said:

    We vote for #3 Zacharia Family

  • Jessica said:

    Hatch family #3! How cute!

  • Jessica said:

    Sorry it’s supposed to be #2

  • Sue said:

    Hatch fam #2!!! Such a beautiful family!

  • Chuck said:

    Zacharia #3… and I mean #3 :)

  • kate said:


  • Patrick said:

    Hatch #2!! Love this family

  • Paul said:

    #3 Zacharia

  • Steven said:

    Hatch Family! #2 My friends Cousin!

  • YAS said:

    Caswell Zacharia! #3

  • Mary said:

    Hatch #2!

  • Lynn said:

    Can you say HATCH FAMILY!!! #2

  • RM said:


  • Adam said:

    Zacharia family vote

  • Carly said:

    #3 go #3!

  • Emily said:

    Go Ash go! #3

  • J. Allen said:

    I definitely vote for family #3, the Zacharias! They really deserve to be the October Family of the Month. And how can you not love Caz’s bear suit??? Good luck, guys!

  • Tiff said:

    #3 – love you guys xoxo tiff

  • Kyle said:


  • ashleigh h said:

    Family # 3 is super cute :) I vote for them!

  • Brian said:

    team bear suit! #3

  • ashley z said:

    I am glad you guys figured out how to get here!! thanks for voting!!!! XOXO

  • Chad said:

    Zacharia… #3

  • Guy said:

    I am voting for the Zacharia family #3

  • Nova said:

    I vote for #22222222222222222222222222222222!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jono said:

    I was told to go on here and vote for family #3 and since I like them I am doing it… so a vote for the Zacharia family!!!

  • Miranda said:

    Please vote for Hatch Family #2!! Thank you to everyone who has helped and voted. You guys ROCK!!

  • Shelice Lennon said:


  • Jon Aston said:


  • Tony said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Tara said:

    Family #2 Hatch Family :)

  • Joe said:

    Hatch Family #2

  • Danielle said:

    Hatch Family has my vote!! #2

  • Stephen said:

    Let’s go Hatch Family! #2

  • Courtney said:

    Zacharia #3

  • Allison K. said:

    I vote for Ashley and Sam and little Caswell. Family #3 :)

  • Natalie K. said:

    Me Too! Family #3!!! XOXOXOXO

  • Brian K. said:

    jumping on the wagon and voting for family 3 Zacharia

  • Michael said:

    I am voting for the Zacharia family!!! Hug Caz for me!!

  • Kendra said:

    I am with Michael! A vote for Caz #3! Hug him for me too :)

  • Adam R said:

    another vote for family 3

  • Marissa said:

    Family #3! Good luck to all the families, your children are all gorgeous :)

  • Nick said:

    Zacharia family

  • DeeAnn said:

    After reading all the contestants stories, it is hard to just vote on one. All of them look and sound like a family of dedication. The one I vote for is the Hatch family #2. A family that just not only stay dedicated to there family but also dedicate themselves for us American’s as we are also one huge family. Thank you Hatch family and good luck.

  • Lee said:

    Zacharia #3

  • Candace said:

    The Zacharia Family! #3 :) love them!!!

  • Joe said:

    Zacharias all the way!!! Caz is a Rock Star in that bear suit!!!!!!

  • sarah said:

    #3 :)

  • Autumn said:

    Zacharia family all the way!!!

  • Dawn Bennett said:

    I vote for Family #3!

  • Nova said:

    I vote for the Hatch fam — #2!!!!!

  • JACKSON BILL said:

    i VOTE FAMILIA # 1. I love the Miceli family!

  • Tom Bill said:

    Family 1. Go Micelis!

  • Mason Bill said:

    I vote family 1.

  • Sophia said:


  • Bob said:

    throw one more in for #3

  • Clair said:

    Hatch family 2

  • Tiffany said:


  • Jacque said:

    hatch all the way. 2

  • Kemmel said:

    Hatch #2 Go Navy

  • Julie said:

    Miranda, Eldon Hatch 2

  • Zach said:

    How cute 2 has to win

  • Taliea said:

    Such a sweet family! I have to go with 2. Family 3 is so sweet but after everything it seems like the 2nd family needs it more.

  • Emery & Nik said:

    Well as halloween is comming up and my husband and I love halloween we are going to have to go with family number 2. They are all wearing orange or have something to do with orange and that is so perfect for october family of the month. Go 2

  • Devon said:

    Hatch 2

  • Chase said:

    Hatch Hatch hatch

  • Kim said:

    Gooo Hatch

  • Cyndee said:

    My daughter in laws family go hatch

  • Martin said:

    222222222222 Hatch

  • Beau said:


  • Robert Tebarus said:

    Hatch gets my vote 2

  • Robby said:

    Go hatch 2

  • Breauna Gildea said:

    Hatch #2

  • Michael said:

    Hatch 2 My sister in laws family

  • Catelynn said:

    I have a sister who told me to go on here so hatch wins with me

  • Lisa Marian said:

    My vote is for Family Number One, the Miceli’s.
    God Bless all these families.

  • Kemp-Waldner Family said:

    Zacharia Family

  • Stephanie said:

    Zacharia Family!!!!

  • Justin said:


  • Baileys said:

    Vote For #2 Hatch Family!

  • Janice said:

    for the Hatch’s!

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