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Am I Jumping On the Fit Pregnancy Train Too Late? by Jill Krause

14 September 2010 20 Comments

I always intended for this second pregnancy to be “different” than the first, meaning
I intended not to blow up the way I let myself the last time around. I told myself this
time I wouldn’t indulge as much, and I would stay more active.

Going into it, I was in the best shape I’ve ever been (well, at least since I was a
svelte cheerleader in high school). I just finished 6 and half months of marathon
training and my second marathon a few months before I got pregnant. I was
rocking my skinny jeans and loving my toned arms. I worked really hard for
this body, especially after putting on 43 lbs with my first pregnancy 2 years ago.

As soon as the first trimester revved up it’s nauseating engines, though, all my best
laid plans to keep up my workout regimen were out the window. And I didn’t care if
what I ate was healthy, I just wanted to eat what didn’t make me want to dry heave.
I spent 3 months lying on the couch, eating a combination of Chinese food, baked
potatoes and string cheese.

Although I didn’t put on any weight that first trimester, I certainly made up for it
as soon as the nausea disappeared and my appetite returned. I think I ate BBQ beef
sandwiches and beef quesadillas for 3 weeks straight. I couldn’t get enough red
meat, BBQ sauce, cheese and sour cream. And since I put my gym membership on
hold because I couldn’t get off the couch the previous month, I wasn’t burning those
extra calories.

Fast forward to the middle of my 2nd trimester and the weight gain is not yet to
a point that I need to be concerned, but I fear I’m on the same path that will put
me right back at where I was with my first, especially considering I’m going to
be rounding out the tail end of this pregnancy around the holidays. I’m not one
to restrict what I eat too much, so I know I need to get back to being active and
working out.

Not only will exercise help me maintain a healthy weight, but it will also prepare
me for the marathon that is labor and delivery. So I’ve started walking more in
the evenings (because walking before 7:30 pm is not an option in this Texas heat),
and I’m now trying to decide if I want to reactivate my gym membership to take
advantage of their cardio machines and some light weights, or if I want to spend that
money on some prenatal yoga classes where I might meet other moms expecting
around the same time I am. I just hope, with more than half of this pregnancy behind
me, I’m not too late.

Jill Krause is a member of the BornFree Mom Panel.

How did you stay in shape throughout pregnancy? What was your favorite activity?

One person who answers will win a BornFree Tote and a Formula/Snack Dispenser! Good luck!

The winner is Amy at am*****@yahoo.com


  • Rebecca O'Brien said:

    It is never to late to have a healthy pregnancy! Kudos to you! Enjoy your walks and relax! Congradulations!

  • Lindsay J said:

    I myself gained 50 lbs with both of my pregnancies. However, I started out at a low weight (under 120 and 5’9″) so I feel like our bodies just make us gain what we really need to gain in order to sustain the pregnancy and to breastfeed afterwards, because all the weight just slid right off within three months after having the babies. I never had any problems breastfeeding and I think that had something to do with it (all my extra fat reserves!). But it is still great to be healthy. For me, it was mostly just walking every day, and a little bit of beginner’s yoga to stay flexible.

  • Elizabeth M said:

    I did/do Baby Boot Camp. And LOVE it!! It’s been great, especially the socializing with other moms. We can exercise and share stories and advice all at the same time. Only other moms know what you’re going through. The best part is my kids can come with me and they have as much fun as I do! So I’m doing something good for myself and setting an example for them!

  • Anna said:

    I was the same. Best shape of my life going into second pregnancy. Planned to keep up all four weekly gym classes but one by one dropped them as they became too much for my pregnant body. I stick with pilates though, every week until 35 weeks when I was told to stop by my Ob (I had proteinuria). I think pilates really helped me with the birth, so I would recommend pilates or prenatal yoga.

  • Katy G. said:

    Throughout my pregnancy I cleaned the house & walked to help me stay in shape. I gained around 60-70 pounds with my baby in all. I’m finding it hard now to lose the weight. My mom along with my grandmother gained almost a 100 pounds each when they were pregnant. I plan on having more children and next time I’m going to try my best to do more activities to stay fit and keep my weight under control. I look forward to reading others posts to see what they are doing and have tried. :)

  • stacie said:

    I didnt gain more then 20lbs with each of my 2 pregnancies so i was lucky but when i am prego i make sure to eat REALLY heathly…with my last baby all i ate was strawberries all day everyday. I drink lots of water and made sure to get alot of rest. Its kinda like everyday life u cant give into your weaknesses. And if u have energy to work out which i really didnt do it.

    Love, hugs, and happy pregnancies

  • Elizabeth K said:

    Walking with the family does it for me. I’m not in great shape, so it’s easy to keep this shape! ;) We are all excited for baby #2 to come and I hope we keep walking as a family afterwards also.

  • Nastassia E. said:

    My furst pregnancy I eat everything amd anything but I did alot of walking… My second pregnancy my doctor had me on a diet which was really good… I ate healthy and drank healthy… I walked alot… And with two great dane pups they kept me busy walking amd running… My down fall in my pregnancy was eating my dunkin donuts every night…now I’m trying to keep up with the eating healthy but its hard with work and two boys… I do try and walk my great danes to stay on top of exercise…

  • Amy said:

    I was never able to know… I was puton bedrest before my nausea ended both times. :-(

  • Carol said:

    Walking and short hikes are what I did all summer. Now that I’m back to work as a teacher, I’m too beat to do anything:( Im hoping to get back in once the fall sets in and cooler temps.

  • Tonya said:

    i’m the proud mom of 5, and I’ve gained anywhere from 45 to 25lbs each time. now that baby #5 is 6 months old I’m trying very hard to lose those extra 60 lbs, its ok to start no matter where you start just start!! good luck.

  • Shannon said:

    I love to swim when I was pregnant! I also still have 20 lbs of baby weight to lose!

  • Alysha said:

    My first pregnancy was yoga and walks. I didn’t do too bad, but would have liked to keep up a higher level of fitness throughout. I am just newly pregnant again and have high hopes, but the nausea is doing me in!

  • Erica said:

    I was so sick in my first trimester I lost amost 20 pounds. I’m 26 weeks today and have only gained 4 of those pounds back. I’m much more active in my 2nd trimester, just due to the fact that I basically laid on the couch those first few months and only got up to vomit! I feel great, and am really proud of the way I’ve changed my diet/excerise habits, and plan to continue this new healthier lifestyle long after this pregnancy!

  • Amy Thomas said:

    I was sick all the way through both my pregnancies. It was not fun but I still want more kids! I have 2 boys so maybe next time i will have a girl and not be sick! I also never gained much weight either

  • Ashley P said:

    I did prenatal water aerobics from when I was 8 weeks pregnant to 3 weeks before delivery. I loved it. I met some of my best friends there. It is never to late to start exercising.

  • Michelle said:

    I didn’t gain a lot of weight while pregnant, which was fortunate because I had very little energy. I was unable to exercise. I had a hard time eating, so many things made me sick.

  • Ashley Zacharia said:

    It is never to late to get healthy, just don’t push yourself too hard. As long as your doctor says your weight is at a healthy level for your pregnancy don’t focus on the sclae too much! Just excersise so that you feel good and are ready for your new baby. Congrats!

  • Katie Moyle said:

    I gained 30lbs myself being pregnant and haven’t been motivated to lose it till now. My church has a friendly weight loss competition with another local church. The church that loses the mose weight in 45 days wins a thousand dollars. And at the end of that 45 days we will be taking our first vacation with our daughter, who will be 9 months, to Florida. For me I guess I need something to motivate me. I hope it works for me and good luck to you on your goals :)

  • Claudia Beal said:

    I didn’t exercise much when I was pregnant but I did love my prenatal yoga classes. It was my time to relax and get to know other expectant moms in the area. Since we were all due around the same time, many of us have kept in touch and even took mommy-and-me yoga classes with our babies.

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