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Back-to-School Contest!

27 August 2010 28 Comments

Back-to-School season is upon us! Do you have a little one starting school? Whether it’s preschool, homeschool, first grade, or 5th grade- it can be hard on the whole family to adjust to a new schedule!

Share your back-to-school photos and tips with the BornFree Mom community. Either leave a comment with your back-to-school tip below or post photo of your child’s first day of schooll! You can either post the photo on our Facebook Fan page or email it to moms@newbornfree.com.

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The winner is LeAnn with the email address: le*****@hotmail.com. Thanks for entering!


  • julie l said:

    The Kissing Hand is a great story for little ones with separation anxiety, I highly recommend it!

  • Leslie Espowe said:

    I’m a mother to 5 daughters ages 11, 9, 5, 2, & 8mo. My advise is start early! A few weeks before school start getting everybody into a routine. And start the routine early! My girls get up at 5:30am so they have time to “wake up”. They eat breakfast, watch some cartoons, shower, etc… And not in a rush! Works for us anyway !!!

  • stacie said:

    My son aidan started his first day of kindergarden on august 18th. It was his first day of school ever, he never went to day care or preschool (i dont recommend that by the way) so it was a little difficult for himm to adjust, but the night before we read “the night before kindergarden” I made sure i included him in all the school supply shopping and clothes shopping too. He was so nervious he actually woke up in the middle of the night and got sick =(. We walked him to school in the morning with his special buz light year back pack, stood in line and off he went. (i didnt cry till the second day)

    I will share his picture on the facebook wall =)
    Happy back to school.

  • Anna said:

    Keep a checklist of items you need to take to school by the door.

  • Megan said:

    I am awaiting the arival of pre-school for my daughter! she is ready but i just am so sad and excited all at the same time! i dont think that its going to be as scary for her as it will be for me.

  • Sara Phillips said:

    Start your back to school routine about 2 weeks before going back to school. It’s not the same as when school actually starts, but it REALLY helps!!

  • angela tuttle said:

    my tip would be to start them out slow! i started my son in a summer session of preschool because it was slower paced and a higher teacher to child ratio (i think it was something like 4 teachers for 19 preschoolers) i also started him at only 2 days a week for 3 hours. Now that the fall session had begun he goes 3 days a week for 4.5 hours and teh class size is 24 students to 4 teachers. he is doing really well and adjusting great. next summer he moves to the older kid preschool where education is more of a focus were going to bump it up to 4 days and then when the fall begins we will move it up to 5 so he will be ready for the long weeks when kindergarten starts!

  • Rachel said:

    We have spent the past few weeks going on special outings to get ready for preschool. The focus of the day is on her. It seems to take away a lot of the nerves when you’re having a good time!!

  • Adrienne D said:

    Pack lunches the night before. It saves so much time in the morning!

  • Keri Urquhart said:

    I think starting them on a routine early before school starts is important. With my neice it also helped that we all talked up school before she started, about how much fun she was going to have, and all the friends she was going to make. Also let her get involoved in all the shopping for school clothes, and supplies, she had a great first day back.

    I think its a good idea to let them take something from home with them to school, a small toy or stuffed animal, so they have something of comfort with them, incase they have a bad moment.

    Good Luck to all the moms out there going back to school, or to school for the first time!!

  • Emily said:

    Make sure to get everything (lunches, bags, outfits, etc.) packed up and ready to go the night before. It’s so much easier to worry about these things in the evening than it is in the morning!

  • Natalia said:

    My tip is buy school stuff in advance, don’t wait till last moment

  • Megan said:

    Get into a routine early!

  • Samantha Ballinger said:

    Start getting the kids back on schedule a week or two before school. And keep that schedule the weekend before going back so that first Monday back at school is not so hard (on the parents and the kids).

  • Adrian Bruce said:

    Planning ahead is always the best method. We have worked all summer on being on the same schedule as school. Waking up early and making sure breakfast is a priority and having lunch on time. This doesn’t always work with summer plans but when they are use to this all summer then there really isn’t a schedule shock once school starts. My daughter just started Kindergarten this year but attended all day preschool last year. I recommend preschool to help with the transition of socializing with other adults and children with emphasis on structured environment. My 1 year old is already on our schedule so I sense he will do well as he reaches school age.

  • LeAnn T. said:

    Especially for young kids going to school for the first time, make sure they have a chance to at least visit the school and maybe their classroom and teacher before the first day. This even works for middle-schoolers, etc., moving to a new school. Seeing the school, the classroom, even the bathrooms helps kids feel comfortable on the big day!

  • Elizabeth Keller said:

    Get plenty of sleep and eat a full, healthy breakfast!

  • Kyla said:

    Definatly familourize them of they’re new surroundings. The summer before Kindergarden, we went to the school playground quite frequently and met other moms and kids there as well. Also, bringing them in to meet they’re teacher and to have a little one on one time before school started made the whole thing alot less scary!

  • Katy G. said:

    My suggestion would be to let the child meet their teacher before classes actually start. Many school systems have kick off events before school starts that kids can go have fun with other kids and meet the teachers.

  • Cathy Eleftheriadis said:

    Prepare everything the night before, from lunches to laying out clothing to cereal boxes on the kitchen table along with bowls and juice glasses…all waiting and ready to go!

  • Jennifer h said:

    Pack lunches the night before, it makes things so much easier for you in the am. Also, if Dad’s around have him pitch in w/getting the kids fed or dressed in the am.

  • Sarah said:

    Best piece of advice for a child starting preschool is to talk and act like it will be the most AMAZING experience ever, regardless of how the thought of it might make Mama’s heart ache….if you aren’t acting nervous, they will think nothing of it. Just another fun activity!!!

  • Heather Sand said:

    On the first day of school I always put a special card in their lunches to let them know I am thinking of them and to have a fun first day

  • Gina said:

    Have a fun family discussion the nite before, post new morning schedule on fridge, lay out first day of school clothing, have backpacks ready, with a surprise encouraging note/card in lunch box that your child will find! Yay…first day of school or back to school is always great! PS,,,a box of kleenex for mommas like me,lol.

  • Nicole said:

    pack everything ready at the night before and have a yummy breakfast in the morning to fresh the day!

  • Kristie said:

    My daughter will be going to preschool for the first time in a couple weeks, so no pics yet. I remember when I was going to school my mom would always take me in ahead of time to see the teacher and the classroom…or if it was the first time in the school we’d walk around the whole school. It seemed to help knowing where I was going :-)

  • Jen Northrup said:

    My daughter will be starting kindergarten next week. This will the first for us. She is super excited to ride the bus and I think that is because she was able to meet the driver before hand. My daughter will watch the bus go past our house each day and the driver waves everytime, I think that makes her feel very comfortable. I can’t wait, it’s very exciting! :)

  • Mary-Frances C. said:

    My tip is to have your kids sleep according to their school schedule the week before it starts. It gets them used to the schedule and makes for easy transition.

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