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How Do You Beat the Heat?

8 July 2010 51 Comments

Summer is here in full force! How do you beat the heat when temperatures climb sky high? Swimming? Backyard wading pool fun?

Whichever way you cool down, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Heat stroke can be prevented by getting rest, staying hydrated, and watching for signs of overheating. Kids are especially susceptible so please be on alert this summer.

During the summer I love to get creative with how I help the kids cool down. One of my favorite things to do is put a wading pool right in our home if it’s too hot outside! I fill it with just enough water to make for a good splashy time and let the kids go nuts. If I’m not up for the mess, I’ll fill a baby bath with water and let the kids sail paper boats.

Comment below with your favorite ways to stay as cool as a cucumber during the summer. One person will win TWO Twist N’Pop Cups and a BornFree Tote Bag!

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Good luck!


  • Miranda said:

    I love to eat and share summer fruits with my son to stay cool. There’s NOTHING quite like cold watermelon or peaches on a hot day to make us feel instantly cooler. And it’s healthier than ice cream or popsicles!

  • Dena Brown said:

    We purchased summer passes to Hawaiian Falls in The Colony, TX. My daughter absolutely loves being in the water and it is concentrated for lil children. It also gives my step son and son to go play on slides together and gets us out of the house and bonding time. It is just wonderful! http://www.hfalls.com! Nice and family centered enviroment!

  • Crystal said:

    WELL.. Both of my daughters, 6 yrs and 19 months old, carry around their Stainless Steel BornFree water bottles to stay hydrated. .. We also love enjoying fresh watermelon from the farmers market or driving out to the river and taking a dip in the cool water.

  • Stephanie M said:

    We drive down to Cape Cod to visit my parents (about an hour form us)…. Its always cooler down there, and they have a pool and there are tons of beaches to cool off at. :)

  • Tracy Martinez said:

    We are a one income family. So each summer we just buy a kiddie pool for our 4 year old and 1 year old to play in, also we play in the sprikler.

  • Elizabeth said:

    We make lots of trips to the local waterpark. The baby loves the water and Mom and Dad have fun too!

  • Miranda said:

    Lots of pool time, water play and going to the local water parks!

  • Andrea said:

    We love to go to the local kid’s museum. They have lots of indoor fun for all ages including permanent water tables to splash in! Best part, no bugs!

  • Shannon said:

    playing in the pool and hang out and watch movies in the downstairs where its nice and cool!!!

  • Shannon said:

    I liked this too!

  • Amanda said:

    Pool in the morning, crafts inside in the afternoon, maybe a trip to walmart to play in the toy aisle (LOL) and then back outside in the evening… gotta plan around the heat! haha…

  • Amanda said:

    I liked this too… thanks! :)

  • Amy Collier-Steinle said:

    We like to go for walks around the mall after work/day care. Hooray air conditioning!

  • Mel said:

    Popsicles, ice cream, wading pools, swimming holes and AC :)

  • Leanne said:

    The kids have their kiddie pool out and I dip my feet in it from time to time to cool down.

  • Ashey said:

    This is the hottest summer we have had in a long while!! I don’t have any babies yet but will soon and the extra weight is hot hot!!! To keep cool I have been in our pool non stop!! I am even doing my workouts swimming now as this is the only way I can get through it!

  • Christina Garcia said:

    To beat the heat we go to the family pool, eat ice cold watermelon, and drink home made lemonade.

  • Katy said:

    At this point with a 5 month old we mostly have to stay in the house b/c of the really hot temps. We also go to the pool, have cold drinks on hand and stay near the fan!

  • Katy said:

    I also liked on FB! :)

  • Cynthia Rodriguez said:

    One of our favorite Eco Friendly ways we beat the heat in the summer with our 2 boys 4 and 18 months is by taking them out to the garden and filling their mini water guns up with water while we water the plants they have a super cool time squirting away at each other.No wasted water here and the grass stays nice and green all summer long! :D

  • Sarah Martin said:

    We bought season passes to White Water in Atlanta. We also frequent my parents pool. Lastly, we have a water table that the kids love to play with in the yard.

  • Sarah Martin said:

    I liked this.

  • Sarah Martin said:

    I also shared it on Facebook.

  • Amber Lancaster said:

    I pack up my 7 months prego self my 1,2 and 3 year old and we go to the splash pads then to get some ice cream! No other way to beat this 100 degree tx heat!!

  • Alison said:

    We spend a lot of time on the playgrounds that have water activities! And also drink plenty of water!

  • Jessica e said:

    We go to the spray park during the week and I always pack lots of cold fruit and frozen yogurts!

  • Jessica e said:

    We go to the spray park during the week and I always pack lots of cold fruit and frozen yogurts!

  • angela tuttle said:

    we used to do wadding pulls and the local pull but now that we have two little ones puplic pools are a little hairy! so we bite the bullet and purchased a above ground pool…and now it hasn’t been over 80 :( but when it is the pool is waiting!

  • angela tuttle said:

    and i shared it

  • Jessica e said:

    I liked on facebook

  • brandy hill said:

    I have a 5yr old, 3yr old, 1yr old, as well as delivering on July 14th. We gather all of our neighborhood children together, and use our water sprinklers!! I purchased a slip-n-slide for $5 at Walmart, as well as waterguns and waterballoons! We also stay stocked on popsicles, cold watermelon, water, and gatorade. We take trips to our local pool, and lake. We mostly wait until the sun goes down for the kids to play. Cool rags also help! :) Of course, we also stay in the a/c mid-day, and do crafts!

  • Jessica said:

    The baby pool gets used every day in the summer! And even by me sometimes! :D Also, I make lots and LOTS of Popsicles!

  • Jessica said:

    Like on FB
    Jessica A

  • Samantha Kunkel said:

    We go swimming in our pool and drink lots of water. We also love putting pieces of fruit in our mesh feeder and suck on it. My 6 month old loves swimming and she loves her sippy cup with water too! We always use bornfree products the others don’t compare she loves the nipples on the bottles the most because they feel most like the breast.

  • Alexis said:

    We have a wonderful splash pad locally that is all in the shade, and my little girly just loves it!!!! I am also really getting into making healthy popsicles for her. My latest was spinach and blueberry with a little apple juice. Yummy for everyone!!!!! :)

  • Mel1010 said:

    I keep my boy in the one piece sleevless rompers or onsies and i freeze yogart juice in an ice cube tray and let him suck on them.

  • Mel1010 said:

    i shared

  • Summer said:

    We love to swim and cool down with a nice treat, like ice cream. :)

  • Summer said:

    I liked on Facebook too :)

  • Nicole G said:

    My husband and I like to take our 10 month old son to the park and have a small picnic underneath a tree and read him stories as he drinks a nice cold juice(from his blue BornFree sippy cup).
    This is my favorite thing to do these days!

    Stay cool!:)

  • Danielle B said:

    Popsicles and water. And staying inside for the AC.

  • Danielle B said:

    like on face book

  • Danielle B said:

    shared on face book

  • patricia kolb said:

    like on facebook! and the way I stay cool is the pool!! ahhh

  • Alexis said:

    I ‘liked’ on FB too :)

  • Elizabeth said:

    We love to make our own popcicles and icecicles! Kids can choose their own flavors for both. I love the flavored icecicles for our drinks, too!

  • Elizabeth said:


  • Jennifer said:

    I shared this on FB.

  • Jennifer said:

    I liked this on FB.

  • Jennifer said:

    We “paint” the house with pails of water, water color paint with ice cubes, play in fountains at the mall…

  • Shasta said:

    We love to stay cool by going for a dip in our pool.

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