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“But you can’t get sick…You’re a mother!”

15 June 2010 One Comment

*photo from juliecantrell.wordpress.com

My mom used to have a cartoon hanging on our refrigerator when I was a kid that read “But you can’t get sick…you’re a mother!” What’s interesting is that when I searched the Web for that cartoon, I got “no results” under “images” and only 1…that’s right…1 Web response that led to a dead-end.

Having been sick the last 48 hours, I never understood that cartoon as much as I have the last 2 days. Even though I’m hacking up my lungs, running a fever of 101° F, and spewing green from every orifice on my face (nice picture?), I still have to take care of my very healthy (fortunately) and VERY active (not-so-fortunately) 2-year old son.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m always thankful for his health and even his level of activity, however, NOT when I’m sick! And being just 2 years old, I know he just doesn’t get that. So what to do?

My mom is coming over today to help. My husband came home early enough last night to take care of all the evening rituals (bath, bedtime, etc.). A friend of mine (over 8 months pregnant, no less) picked up some medicine for me at the drug store. In addition…TV is my friend. Or his friend, I should say.

My most recent post on Facebook was “woke up sick this am (it came out of nowhere!) and realized that it sucks to be sick and a mom! Screw the people that say children shouldn’t watch too much TV. Try sticking to that when YOU’RE sick!” Typically he watches no more than 1-2 hours a day, and that’s usually around dinner time until his bath. But some days…you just gotta do what you gotta do.

So for all of you moms and dads out there…don’t forget to take care of yourselves! You can’t take care of your child(ren) unless you can take care of yourself! If it means a few more hours of TV or asking for help, go for it! Tomorrow you can take of your kid(s), but today is for you. It’s okay. It really is.

Lauren is a mom, wife, BornFree Ambassador, and former architect living in New York. She describes herself as being quite a bit like Phoebe from “Friends” with a little Monica thrown in. Her blog “Baby Steps. Mom Steps” is a regular column on BornFreeMom.com

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  • Lucia Storms said:

    The title of this article really reminds me of the time when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out last winter. I am a mother of 2 daughters, then aged 18 and 3 months. I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled. My husband stayed home for a few days to take care of the girls, but ended up taking care of them for only 1 day. I had hard times waking up from the anesthesia and my face was so swollen you couldn’t see my eyes. I slept most of that day. I was prescribed Vicodin as a pain reliever and advised to take it as long as possible. I was nursing and I had a few days worth of milk stored in the freezer. My husband, for the first time ever had to wake up at night and feed the baby twice out of the bottle. He did it, but in the morning he said I should stop taking Vicodin and just try to survive on Tylenol so I could nurse. He said he couldn’t be waking up at night anymore. I was very very upset with him but also thought that he probably finally realized how hard it is to be a mom a take care of the children. Although, it’s getting better I have been waking up for 2 years now.

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