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Confessions of a Less Than Stellar Housewife

9 June 2010 5 Comments

If I was to be honest with you (and shouldn’t I be?) I would tell you that I am a pretty good mom. My husband tells me I am an awesome wife. And I do a darn good job of providing my kids with healthy, home cooked meals nearly every day of the week. I have a very good handle on keeping us on schedule and and almost always on top of the laundry. So if I were to get a performance review for this job of “housewife”, I think I would get pretty decent marks. Well until we got to housekeeping. That would be graded “Needs Improvement”.

Let’s be clear, I am not some straight up slob. But Better Homes and Garden ain’t knocking down my door either. I try. I really do. I am a Fly Lady drop out (many times over. I have tried every other system out there, read more than one book on the topic and still I fail. I blame it on having young kids, but I know there are other people with kids who don’t stick to the floor of their kitchen (really it is just one little spot next to the fridge and I promise I’ll get to it tomorrow). I also try and blame my husband, who incidentally is a horrible piler, but if I am honest with myself, I know that he helps out way more around the house than a lot of husbands, so I really can’t complain.

So here is the plain old truth of the matter. There are just a million and one things I would rather do with the seconds of my day than clean a toilet. Or a floor. Or a cluttered counter. But I feel a lot of guilt over this. If my title is officially a housewife or homemaker shouldn’t I spend time making my home a shrine to all that is lovely? Do sparkling toilets somehow reflect success? Or is the fact that my kids are healthy, happy and (despite the fact that we seem to lose one shoe out of the pair on a daily basis) where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there enough to warrant a merit increase at this years job review.

Wait, we don’t get a job review? There are not merit increases? No paid vacation days either? Well then, never mind. Let me know when things start to grow in the bathroom. Or when the benefits plan includes a cleaning lady. Until then, I am going back to watching soap operas, sipping cocktails and eating bonbons. Isn’t that what housewives are supposed to do?

Jill Anderson is a mother, wife, and blogger. She is a member of the BornFree Mom Panel.


  • kristen said:

    I am not perfect by far I try my best around the house but it is not always just top priority all the time to clean! There are so many other things I would rather do and besides that every time I clean it ends up the same way again !!!!!

  • Patch said:

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