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Mom Invention: Baby Sleep Through The Night Spray

27 May 2010 41 Comments

I’ve decided to invent something: a magic spray that you mist into your baby’s face that guarantees a full night’s sleep. It would be safe for use for children 2 weeks and up and will absolutely produce 8-12 hours of sleep with every use. It would be all natural with no side effects and would leave a fresh mint-lily scent.

I think my invention would quickly become one of the most popular products in the world.

My babies go back and forth between being great sleepers and waking up at all hours. Sometimes it seems like it’s always something: teething, growth spurts, a change in weather…I feel like a mean mom for complaining, don’t get me wrong I’m happy to take care of my kids, but I just need more sleep! The thought of being sure that I’d have a great night’s sleep would be worth almost any price.

I remember being so tired with my first baby that I actually began hallucinating. Yes, that’s right, I was seeing things. During one episode I actually thought I had a second baby that was lost somewhere in my bed sheets. My husband woke up to find me frantically tearing through our blankets shouting, “Where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?” Oh, it’s funny now.

I love being a mom but sometimes when I find myself getting up at 1am, 2:30am, 3:45am, I get a little bit weary. That’s where my invention comes to the rescue! I can see it all now: infomercials, As Seen on TV stamps of approval, celebrity endorsements..are you with me?

I know that moms and dads would stock up on my Baby Go Night Night Spray and I’d probably end up on Oprah.

What about you. What’s one mom or dad invention that you think would be an overnight success?

Share your invention! One person who comments will win a Twist N’Pop Cup and a 35 count container of Dapple Toy & Surface Wipes!

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  • sabrina said:

    One of the few things that used to work on calming our son or getting him to sleep was bouncing on the bounce ball, but that can wear you out very quickly. I wanted to invent something that had that same sensation for the baby without all the work. Sings are close, but just didn’t do it.

  • sabrina said:

    Liked on facebook!

  • angela tuttle said:

    Sleep in your own bed spray would be a amazing around my house! both my little ones sleep threw the night and have pretty much from day one…they just wont stay in there own bed! so with two small children in the bed with my husband and i were often forced to cling to the sides of the bed and jut hope we dont roll off!

  • angela tuttle said:

    I shared!

  • Miriam Schwartz said:

    this gave me a great laugh, thanks alot for writing it! how about coming up with the turn your children into angels always spray?

  • Jessica said:

    Haha! I think the Sleep through the night spray would be a big seller, :) Up until my son was about 15 months we were constantly awakened in the night for one thing or another. But what would I invent? Hmm…I think the spray would have to be it. Sleep was the one thing I was most deprived of!

  • Leslie S said:

    When siblings start fighting, we need “No Squabbling Spray”. Or better yet, “I Can’t Hear You” spray for the parents when said fighting erupts.

  • Leslie S said:

    I liked!

  • Christine B said:

    I think that she should invent “husband always knows what I want him to help with” spray. That way, I could sleep while he gets up in the night! This was so funny! I liked it on Facebook! :)

  • Kellie B said:

    I would totally buy it!

  • Nichole said:

    I’d like a Whine Spray.

  • Jessica Allen said:

    HA! I love your invention! :) I would totally buy that!
    My older son, 21 months, sleeps great all the time. yes, I know I have it lucky! :) But my younger son, 5 months, wakes up at least 5x a night because he wants his binky put back in! Seriously, it gets old FAST! I want to invent some sort of headgear or something to keep that darn binky in place, even when he turns his head! That would be great… One can only hope for something that wonderful… :)

  • Jessica Allen said:

    I ‘liked’ this on Facebook :)

  • workout mommy said:

    i would buy BOXES of that spray! :)

    Mine would be no whining wipes. Apply frequently throughout the day!

  • workout mommy said:

    I ‘liked’ on facebook as well. (under my personal acct. Lisa Ann)

  • Amanda Cruz said:

    We actually made a “Monster Go Away” spray for our kids, they love to spray their room with it at night before they go to sleep. It’s really just water with some lavender oil in it. Lavender is naturally calming too. So it leaves a nice soothing scent that fills my boys room at night….they drift off to sleep and don’t fear “monsters” :-)

  • Amanda Cruz said:

    I “liked” this on Facebook.

  • Michelle said:

    Can someone please invent a “stop the cry” spray. you spray it on babies face – the crying stops – smiles comes up on both baby and mommys face. doesnt that sound great?!?!?

  • Kelly Sanderson said:

    I WOULD LOVE THIS SLEEP SPRAY! Both of mine are light sleepers and have never slept well. I would also love and “I WANT DADDY” spray. Seems like all they want is me all the time even when dad is home so that would be awesome to give me a break!

  • Kelly Sanderson said:

    I Liked on facebook!!

  • Joyce Purcell said:

    That sounds like a wonderful idea, but wouldn’t the minty scent be a little more appropriate a little lower? I have an idea that there should be a bottle that you can pre measure the water and the formula, sotre them separately, then press a button to mix the two when you are ready to use. That way you can prepare bottles and take them on the go or have them ready for that 2AM feeding. I hate having to buy extra formula to keep in the diaper bag or in my purse to make a quick trip to the store. Kind of like a glow stick that you break and then mix. I also agree on the “I want Daddy!” Spray.

  • Joyce Purcell said:

    I shared!

  • Jessica E said:

    I would buy a lifetime supply of that spray. My 8 month old is the lightest sleeper lately. He used to be such a good slleper up until 7 months. When my brother was a toddler he was always coming out of his bed saying he had bad dreams so my mother got a little white spray bottle and put water and a touch of fabric softner in it for the smell and told him it was dream spray and from that day on he never woke with bad dreams again.

  • Jessica E said:

    I shared

  • Mel1010 said:

    automatic bather!

  • Mel1010 said:

    i shared

  • Elizabeth Keller said:

    Brilliant! How about a “light as a feather” outfit? It would magically put a bubble of anti-gravity around them, so they only weigh as much as a feather. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • dgmomofthree said:

    if you invented such a spray, you would have more money than OPRAH in the first hour of selling!! you cannot put a price on your sanity!!!

  • Sarah Bass said:

    I would invent something that would allow me to bridge the communication barrier between my two year old’s melt downs and I. Sometimes he’ll lose his mind and I don’t even know why. It starts with high pitch whining and end with mind numbing screams and all along I’ll be down on my knees asking him to use his big boy words to tell me whats wrong. Finally, through wet cheeks and soggy tears he’ll say “I wanted to flush the toilet” or “I wanted to start the dryer”. Who knew?

    My invention would know! The second he starts with the whining I could run to the kitchen, open the first aid cupboard and grab the voice box. Press “decipher” and PRESTO! Across the digit screen would scroll what the real issue is “Your son is over tired, hungry, and has lost control because he is frustrated that his cheerio fell on the floor”. YES magic screen YES! Thank you – oh thank you!

    That would be ideal. People would love it! I would successfully eradicate the terrible twos from all nationals all over the world. I’d be a hero!!

  • Nicole N said:

    I’d love that spray for DD and myself! ha

  • liza penaflor said:

    this made me laugh! i certainy could relate!

  • liza penaflor said:

    i shared!

  • Lulu Gerolaga said:

    Where can I buy this kind of spray? I bet that would also make me sleep like a baby since I am having a sleeping problem.

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