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Pizza Again? By Lauren Senese

24 May 2010 26 Comments

My son eats pizza and grilled cheese. Not grilled cheese sandwiches, but cheese melted onto the bread. With the crusts cut off of course! When it comes to “appropriate” meal-type foods, he doesn’t leave me with many choices. Occasionally he eats chicken nuggets (microwaved only, not baked and crunchy), fish sticks, and even some sausages. But these likes come and go. The only thing he eats regularly is pizza or “grilled” cheese.

He was born a hefty 8lbs. 6.6oz and was 22” long. A big boy! His first few months of “eating” milk and formula were no issue. We introduced purees at 6 months old. Still good. And at 9 months old, we introduced purees with lumps. Houston we have a problem.

As the mother of a baby who was such a good eater, I didn’t worry too much. He was a pudgy little guy and if he ate a little less, so be it. However, he has gone 70 percentile points in weight while his height remained steady at the 90th percentile. Now I know that the percentile number is not the important factor: staying on that ever so important parabolic growth curve is the key. And he had fallen off.

I started to make myself crazy. I tried and tried and tried all different types of foods. Different colors. Different textures. Different temperatures. After months of defeat, I finally resigned myself to the fact that he may just have to survive these first few years on mostly pizza and cheese. But what if he wasn’t getting enough fat (which is important the first couple of years). What about protein? Never fear…vitamins are here! And probiotics. And DHA supplements. And all under the supervision of our pediatrician who is well aware of his food issues.

So try not to make yourself crazy. There is help if your child really needs it. We are in communication with our pediatrician and have even been approved by Early Intervention to receive services from a nutritionist, which I would have never known existed if we weren’t already in the system. Kids have survived on worse.

By the way…the day I wrote this my son ate 2 chicken nuggets, 1 fish stick, 2 broccoli bites (like potato pancakes with broccoli), and some “grilled” cheese…because I was unprepared for him to finish all of that food! It was a good day.

Lauren is a mom, wife, BornFree Ambassador, and former architect living in New York. She describes herself as being quite a bit like Phoebe from “Friends” with a little Monica thrown in. Her blog “Baby Steps. Mom Steps” is a regular column on BornFreeMom.com

In the comments below share something about your little one’s eating habits. Do you have an “easy eater” or “picky”?

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  • angela tuttle said:

    my three year old eats EVERYTHING and anything i feed him he loves his vegetables and he loves his junk! my 7 month old loves to eat as well but food doesn’t always love her back! She seems to like most foods i giver her at this point so im hoping for another healthy eater!

  • angela tuttle said:

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  • Leanne MacGregor said:

    It’s hard when your child is supper picky but its usually just a faze. I don’t know many 14 year old boys that don’t eat everything in the house so I try to remember that with my sons.

  • Karen B said:

    My oldest was a picky eater and still is but has multiple food allergies so we ended up giving in a lot. Generally it all works out. Mom’s can’t help but fret. I know I did.

  • Michelle said:

    My little Abby is now 8 months old and eats everything (including non-food items!). I know I’m lucky because most kids are picky eaters. my mom still reminds me how much she used to run after us with a spoon of food because we gave her such a hard time eating!

  • Jessica E said:

    Well I dont feel so alone now. My son will be 9 months old next week and still will only eat the purees he will not eat anything with texture or chunks. I have tried making my own and he still refuses it. Thanks for the input I will talk with his ped at his 9 month apt next week.

  • Jessica E said:

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  • Tracy Martinez said:

    I shared and liked. My son is 4 years old and has PDD. So he’s a very very picky eater. He loves French Fries and we have to watch him, because that will be all he eats if we let him. He’ll eat Chicken Nuggets, but he has to have a buffet of sauces to go with them. He’ll eat a Hotodog, but it has to be on a bun with ketsup and spicey mustard. (Witch he calls honey mustard for some reason.) He loves PB&Js. He likes cheese, but if you put pepperonie or ham on the same plate forget the cheese. I just hope later on he’ll start liking other foods. I have my fingers crossed.

  • Ashley said:

    I have researched this a lot as I had nasal allergies (no more after 4 years of shots, yey!).I did a rotation and after a year I had no food allergies! Not easy, not convenient, but the healthy choice. However, recently I was retested after several years and I have 10 food allergies! I am on sublingual (under the tongue) drops because it is impossible to rotate ten foods.

    However, parents need to know if your child has any type of food allergy and eats the same food day in and day out, they will develop an allergy to it. Research it, ask your allergist or ENT. Especially Milk and glueten, (which have been linked to behavior problems in children) corn etc.- the top basic allergens are especially risky to eat day in and day out. Allergies cause behavior problems, symptoms of ADHD and a whole host of other problems. Start early, feed veggies. If they start out on junk food they will never want veggies. I never had junk food as a child and I love healthy food because that is what my mom fed me. If you have a baby please do not make the mistake of starting them on processed food (such as chicken nuggets or other processed fast and convenient foods). Convenient for mom- but who wants to fee their child toxic additives and preservatives just out of convenience? Research that and it will change your mind or make you feel really guilty. I feed my child veggies and Mcdee’s was a treat. He eats well and loves veggies, even greens, broccoli and cabbage! I would be less worried about the vitamins and work on a slow plan to get the child back to healthy eating. Peer reviewed journals have found preservatives and additives can cause behavior problems in children but unfortunately convenience is often more important to parents than their child’s health and processed foods are chosen over the benefit of the healthy choices for the child. We should feed our children healthy food. The only other choice is feed them chemicals, preservatives and toxins. Buy some boneless chicken breast, chop them up and throw them in a deep fryer with a healthy oil (kids do need the calories we don’t need) battered in rice flour (flax flour I wonderful and full of omega fatties) or any of the other available gluten free flours on the market. It is impossible for a child to only eat a food he or she has never been exposed to. I spent a lot of time researching this for my Ph.D. The studies that found no difference in behavior were severely empirically flawed. The Fiengold association (google it) has been around for 30 years and they are conducting studies confirming the harmful effects of additives, preservatives and quick, easy junk food! Make a change- you owe it to your child!

  • Jen N said:

    My 5yo daughter has to have ranch dressing with everything. And, all of her food has to be cooked in the microwave because then she gets her food faster(her words). If I let her she would eat a bologna sandwich for every meal… ugh that’s alot of bologna!

  • Ashley said:

    Experiment with gluten free pizza crusts, made by various grains, try Earth Fare. Use cheese and slowly, ever so slowly, add less and less cheese and start adding small, very small veggies and hopefully your child will eventually eat a veggie pizza! Puree a few carrots or celery or green beans in the pizza sauce before you put it on the gluten free ready made crust (Earth Fare or other health food store). Be creative! It is NOT easy but can be done. Ignore tantrums and stick to your plan. Stay away from fast food. It comes down to your child’s health or what is convenient (give in and stop the tantrums). It is not easy but you can do it if you love your child!

  • Julie A. said:

    As of now I have an easy eater, but he is only 9 months, so I am well aware as he gets older things can change, but as of now I am enjoying my son at this stage. It’s funny because every time my husband and I may eat in front of him he opens his mouth along with us, too cute. It will be nice though when we can all sit at the table together and he can eat everything we are eating and completely feed himself.

  • Ashley said:

    One more thought, children with PDD or on the autism spectrum often have oral motor issues that cause different textures to really upset them. This should be treated differently. They often have ODD issues where they may only eat one color of food, one texture, etc. Find a good pediatric developmental pediatrician that specializes in Autism and get the correct medication combo. Feeding clinics and Occupational therapists can help with oral sensitivity. Ashley Lee, Ph.D.

  • Julie A. said:

    I “Like” this on facebook!

  • Lucia Storms said:

    I have been very lucky with my older daughter, she eats everything my husband and I eat. I don’t remember her ever snubbing anything.
    My younger daughter is a different story. She is 7 months old and hasn’t eaten anything besides breastmilk and rice cereal. I started her on cereal at 6 months and also started offering veggies and fruit and she hasn’t eaten any yet. It’s been a month and I keep offering every day 2-3 times – NOPE!!!!

  • Erin said:

    My 3yr old is a very picky eater. He was fine in the beginning, but by about 2.5yrs old he became picky. He could live off of peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, hotdogs, goldfish crackers, and yogurt. The yogurt is good but it is really difficult to get him to eat fruit or vegetables now. I started making him fruit smoothies which he likes (I think because of the yogurt) and I found a box of Spinach nuggets. They are microwavable and they taste just like chicken nuggets, so for now I have him fooled, ha !

  • Jessica Allen said:

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  • Jessica Allen said:

    My 21 month old son is very picky! I try to give him a variety, but he would eat pb&j and an orange every day, if I let him!

  • Amanda DeLeon said:

    My 22 month old has become picky when it comes to vegetables. She loved them as baby food. She is strictly a fruit and meat fan, but we try to sing songs to get her to try some of her veggies. Sometimes it works.

  • Danielle said:

    Mine was a great eater, until she figured out that she could avoid eating certain things by throwing them on the floor!

  • Elizabeth Keller said:

    My son will seriously eat anything. Not always good considering I’m not always giving him what he puts in his mouth! He occasionally cleans the kitchen floor or the back porch by shoving everything in his mouth. Last night dried up peas and stale cherrios, or some leaves and dirt…. YUM!

  • Elizabeth Keller said:

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  • Jill V said:

    My son eats about 4 things. It gets so hard sometimes but I try and remind myself he won’t be 20 only eating Jelly snadwichs and chicken nuggets….will he??

  • MarLibu said:

    My baby girl loves to eat pizza too LOL. She also loves to have gerber graduate snacks, strawberries, blueberries and cheese. She dislikes potatotes…no matter how i mix them she never eats them unless they are in the fry form LOL

  • Lauren Senese said:

    Wow! Thanks everyone for your great responses. There is a LOT of very helpful information here. Talk to your friends. Talk to your doctors. Read about it! There are options.

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