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Seven Times the Fun

31 March 2010 63 Comments

I am a mom of seven. Usually that statement evokes a strong reaction in people. I had heard all the “big” family questions, all the Duggar jokes, and am always asked if we are “done.”

While I never planned on having my very own sports team, as each child was born into our family, my love of the super-sized life grew. Funny enough, I never thought of our own family as big. It was our normal. But in reality, I know having seven kids is not normal in 2010.

Many people ask how we can afford seven kids. While I have never thought of my kids as a financial liability or asset, I believe that having kids means having more. More noses to wipe, finger nails to clip, sippy cups to clean, tired kids to tuck-in, stories to read, boo-boos to kiss, and toys to assemble Christmas Eve.

More laughter, more tears, more silly jokes, more laundry, more lunches, more dishes, more hugs, and more I love you’s. More birthday cakes, diapers, and more scribbled pictures on the refrigerator door. More toddlers, more teenagers, and more grandkids (I know, I know… I’m getting ahead of myself).

I love being a mom many. I have learned that love multiplies and there is always more than enough to go around.

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Toni is a wife, mom, blogger and member of the BornFree Mom Panel.


  • Jennifer Ramirez said:

    I love how you embrace your big Family. I am unfortunatly a only child so I didnt understand life with this many kids. However, my husband is one of twelve and watching the dynamics of his family is fun.To see how the love can be shared between all.
    I am a mother of three and an auntie to 27. Yes 27!!! When our family is together its nothing but chaos, i wouldnt have it any other way! Enjoy every moment and feel sorry for the ones who dont undertand how wonderful life can be with this many blessings!

  • Omni Hampton said:

    The more to love is a great feeling. I just had my third and if it was up to me I would not stop until it was time for me to stop.

  • Rachel said:

    LOVE IT!!! As a mom of almost 6 ( in August number 6 comes). I love my big family. Wish others would see children as a blessing God intended them to be and not a burden to “deal” with. Blessings

  • Kim said:

    That’s awesome that you have a love for a big family. I think two may be enough for me, blessed with one girl and one newborn boy. I think a mom can be happy with just her two to give as much attention to as possible. Being a mom is the biggest blessing ever!

  • Mel1010 said:

    I admire you that you are a mom of 7. Kudos to you!

  • Harmony said:

    Wow! I loved your story, you are truly inspirational!
    -Harmony Warwick,RI
    Mom of 1, ttc #2

  • Kim said:

    I shared!

  • justine said:

    i love babies!! and i would also love to be a mom to a big family! i have a 3 month old, and i feel like my heart will explode with the love i have for her, so i can only imagine how you feel!!

  • justine said:


  • march baremore said:

    I think you need to do wahts right for you and your family, who cares what anybody else thinks!

  • dawn said:

    keep up the good Wow! I loved your story, you are truly inspirational im a mom of 2 it is an awsome feeling u get to be a mom so im proud of u

  • angela m said:

    I think it is great how you feel about your family..I am pregnant with my second and am very excited to grow our family of three to four..

  • kristen said:

    I think you are amazing and I could not do it! I love how you are embracing everything the good and the bad! You sound like a wonderful person mom! I wish all the best for you and your family and I hope I have the opportunity to have another child as well!!!! :) I admire you for what you do cause it is a lot of work being a mom!!!!

  • kristen said:

    I shared!!!!!

  • Martina said:

    Thank you for your inspirational story! I, too, as a mommy of 7 (well, soon to be!). I love it! And yes, I get RUDE & thoughtless comments, but I have to shrug them off. I just figure that they don’t know this side of the blessing. The Lord gave me these wonderful children (He even is caring for my #8 in Glory–waiting for Mommy & Daddy to join him). I love this role & wouldn’t trade it for the world! I have the privilege of home schooling all of them. We do countless activities together. Sure, we have our challenges. Who doesn’t? But the rewards out weigh all that!

  • Seven Times the Fun | The Happy Housewife™ said:

    [...] can read the rest of my article on life in a big family over at BornFree [...]

  • melissa stover said:

    more insanity….

    just kidding. i only have 4 and some people think that’s big. i wish we had more. it’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by family.

  • Merry Jo said:

    Love the story! We have 2 currently, but are praying for more blessings. :)

  • Wendy said:

    I have two and wish we had more. The unfortunate thing is I made this decision to have more later in life. So 7 would not be an option for me, unless we foster and/or adopt. And yes, we’ve thought of it too.

    Great post!

  • Amy Lynne said:

    I love having 3 boys now and I hope we are blessed with at least 3 more! I agree have many kids just means you get have more love all around you!

  • alizabeth said:

    I came from a family with 6 children and we also were a family for foster children. Since we had a large house, we usually had the kids that were sibilings, that they were trying to keep together. Being the oldest, I knew from the start I would be a mom and have a large family. It is what I knew and where I am comfortable. With my mom hat on! My husband and I now have 5 children and waiting to see if will keep adding to our family. And he tends to get a lot of flak at work for having “so many”kids! Why not? Each one, during each stage of life is infinatley precious. I love all of my children with all of my heart. I cannot imagine my life without any of them.

  • Laura said:

    I love your take on it. It’s so true.

    I would totally have a dozen if I could. Sadly, some very serious medical issues have made it dangerous for me to have another. So, we have three! God knows exactly what we need, and apparently I needed three!

  • Susan said:

    We have three girls and are pregnant with our first boy – the number one question we get (even from complete strangers) is “Are you done now?”… I just put on a smile and say “Whatever God has in the works for us.” I’ve gotten many a strange look but I refuse to diminish the joy of having our arrows.

  • Amy said:

    I am the baby of 10. People gasp when they hear this because even 40-56 years ago when we all were being born, it wasn’t done very often. Belonging to a big family is a joy that few can understand. You are giving your children a wonderful gift of many siblings. :)

  • Christy said:


  • The Happy Housewife said:

    I agree! Definitely more insanity. But doesn’t a little insanity help to keep us all slightly more sane, lol!
    Maybe not. :)


  • Erin Stanford said:

    Toni-I love your story and I love following your blog! I only have one so far and don’t know how many we will have. It’s such a blessing to see how having a large family works!

  • angela whitehead said:

    I love that you have a big family and make it such a happy home. I am from a home of 2, but lost my brother at a young age, my husband an only child. So, I have always wanted a large family, seems like it is soo much more fun around the holidays and special occasions. Your children will always have someone there unlike myself. Plus So, much more LOVE as you state. We have 3 happy beautiful children. I would love to add but my dear husband might would have a stroke.

  • Coralee said:

    I am the youngest of 7 children. I never thought it was unusual – it was just what it was. I currently only have 2 myself, and having started “later”, doubt I’ll get to 7 naturally….but there’s always adoption! :) I think big families are a blessing. I think children from large families learn to hard work, adaptability, self-reliance and how to take care or others. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sue Klingseis said:

    I am an only child. I wanted a big family. Unfortunately I started late and had health issues. I did have 2 daughters who are very close. Now I’m a part-time babysitter for the grandchildren. Love it. Hope to have many more.

  • susan young said:

    I LOVE the idea of having a “big” family one day. Right now, we’ve got 3 kids, 3 and under. Because of medical issues with our 5 month old, I need to wait a while before I get pregnant again. I can’t wait to add more to our family in the future!
    BTW, I love The HappyHousewife :)

  • Netta said:

    I completely agree!

  • Alexandra said:

    I love the Duggars. They are such an inspirational family. I don’t understand why people continue to make jokes at their expense or judge their choices… I love their show and big families.

  • Sara K said:

    I’m pregnant with my third, and I’m done with that. We may (hopefully, will) adopt, but the pregnancy part makes me feel like an awful mom. I love being inspired by you and your blog!

  • Bu said:

    All I could think of while reading about your seven children was the fact that God is soooo good and He makes no mistakes!!!!! He indeed gives us ONLY what we can handle! We have three girls (a set of twins- 19mon) and a 5 year old. We also do have two babies in heaven who were born at 30 weeks each. I no longer can birth my own children due to complications, but that does not mean me and my husband don’t want to have more!!! I love being a mother as well and long for more children, but than again maybe it’s not God’s will for our family to have any more…

    Anyways, keep on writing because you’re touching many lives and that’s what the Lord would have us do for His glory!

  • Rebecca P said:

    I am completely inspired by large families! I love them, and I hope the Lord blesses us in the same way:-)

  • Joanna said:

    I grew up as the fourth of seven. I hope to have a big family, too. Even though I’ve seen many people do it, I still think it’s amazing.

  • diana said:

    thank you for sharing your story i think it is absolutely great that you have 7 kids i will soon have 4 when baby arrives in may , i want more though :) my husband is 1 of 7 kids i think big families are great i was 1 of 3 but our family was spread out and no always together. congrats to have 7 beautiful babies !!

  • kristi cushman said:

    I would love to have a big family, but looks like 1 is our number. I love hearing about yours.

  • Jasmine said:

    I have been following the happyhousewife since before Cora was born. I love it. I love her recipes and her advice

  • Sarah said:

    While I get overwhelmed at the thought of bringing a #2 into the mix, I love that you are building a family that fits your ideals and not subscribing to anyone else’s view of what is the “right” number of children to have.

  • Cassie said:

    I love my big family of two babies, my husband and myself. Every day is different. Since I was an only child I am grateful my children will always have somebody to lean on (or commiserate).

  • Jenny said:

    I love big families! The blessings are so rich and every moment is worth it.

  • Sheri said:

    I have always wanted a big family. We are going to have our third (all boys!) in May. I have moments when I think that maybe I don’t want more, on bad days, but I can’t imagine saying “I am done”. Besides, I can’t stop until I have at least one girl :) I have always said that one at a time is good though, I don’t know what I would do with twins or more!!!

  • Marty said:

    How beautiful! You really caught the essence of a big
    family and all the love and fun that comes with it.
    I can understand the jokes & comments you get, because my three
    are REALLY close in age–the older two are less than 1 year apart, and the younger two are nearly 18 months apart. So to some people, the small age gaps may
    seem like “more” because of all the work involved. We’re having a blast, though–just like you! :) Thanks for writing that!!

  • Jessica said:

    At the moment I am expecting our 2nd child and I think it is so funny when people ask if we are going to have more than 2 and I answer “yes, maybe 4″. They usually think that is “a lot”. Both my husband and I have 3 siblings each and it certainly wasn’t a “big” family. Who knows how I will feel once we get to 4, maybe we will have more than that. :)
    There will always be enough love to go around!

  • Corrie said:

    Thank you for blessing your kids and your readers!

  • Monica said:

    I have friends with large families (5, 6, and even 8!) and it sounds like you’re cut from the same cloth. Having been around them I have seen the joy (and the humor) that comes with lots of siblings, and think you have chosen a path of great joy. Not an easy one, but certainly rewarding.

    I only have one child now, but hope to have more before Mother Nature tells me my time is up. I won’t make it to seven, but kudos to you and everyone who has embarked on the big family journey!

  • Justine said:

    I love that God has different plans for each one of us! He has called you to have 7 (+?), and others to only have one or two, and he prepares us for what we need! I’m not sure how many He has in store for me (hopefully a few, at least), but I look forward to the adventures in store!

  • Theresa said:

    Thank you for a lovely piece!

  • Ashtyn said:

    I have always said I wanted a small family… but now that I have kids, I want a few more :-) I love this story, so many people think big families are weird/associated with religion, but that isn’t true at all! Kudos!

  • Julie H said:

    Love reading about your family over at HH!

  • Amy said:

    I’m a twin and one of seven children (all adults now)–that definitely means plenty of love and encouragement and help to go around! And now that my parents are older, lots of help–and grandkids and greatgrandkids–for them too!

  • Barbara said:

    I am so proud of you, for raising a family like that!! So many people today fail to see the joy in that today…
    I was raised in the Amish, & come from a family of 7 children. And would u believe it, when I was young, I thought my parents had a small family because alot of the Amish have that many or more children. I even felt kinda sad that they didn’t have more. Most of my uncles & aunts had 10 or more children, one of them has 14 of em! Makes for alot of fun. But as I got older I thought my parents have just the perfect size! :)
    My parents & family left the Amish when I was 20 because of religious reasons, but I really miss the lifestyle & the way the Amish pitch in & help each other. Weddings, auctions, quiltings, having church, frolics, barn raisings, you name it, it was always such a joy getting together & helping each other out. And it’s hard to find people as hard working as the Amish.
    I’m now a happy wife, married 2 1/2 yrs, & a blessed mother to 2. A daughter 18 months old & a son who is 2 months old. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I pray that the Lord will bless us w/ many more. I’ve always dreamed of having 10 or more! Time will tell….

    On a different note, I love your blog! :)

  • ashley said:

    i have two wonderful children – a 10 month old boy and 2.5 year old girl and thought 2 was a good stopping point. but every time i see a pregnant women or a newborn i get that baby itch!!

    love you blog!!

  • Molly said:

    Perfectly put. We have 3 and when asked if we are done, people give the SHOCKED look when I say “most likely not.” I’ll reference your post going forward, it explains exactly why more kids is something I would love in the future.

  • Julie said:

    What a wonderful story. I have two and I would love to have more!

  • Rachel said:

    I have always wanted to have a large family. I remember even as a child saying I wanted to have 10 kids. Right now I have 1 girl. We are planning on have another baby, but we are just trusting God for his timing. If it is meant to be, it will happen. Both my husband and I want to adopt and maybe even be foster parents one day.

  • Cyndy said:

    I can totally relate! I have 7, too.

  • Jessica said:

    I am a mother of 6 girls. Yes, 6. Ages 13,12,10,9,8,7. I love having a “big” family. It is such a joy to me to watch our “big” family, whether at the dinner table, driving, doing school or whatever the activity. I see some wonderful assets the Lord has given me!

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