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Baby Steps. Mom Steps. By Lauren Senese

18 March 2010 15 Comments

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I always knew I wanted to go through the wondrous feeling of being pregnant and even the experience of giving birth. I knew lots of things…when I was much younger. Now, after a 15+ year career as an architect, I find myself a first time mom in my mid-thirties…and I had NO idea what I was in store for!

I had always looked at the big picture: meet a man; get married; have a few kids; raise them; send them off to college; retire and travel. Oh I knew there were dirty diapers and sleepless nights. I knew there was vomit and raisins up noses. I thought about broken hearts and all of the “I hate yous” I might get through the teen years, the tears I would shed when they leave home, and all of the ones in between. What I didn’t think about is what it would take to get there!

The day my son was born I learned very quickly what the term “post partum depression” meant. It took some serious anti-depressants to get me over that hump, but I love him more and more each day. Soon after I started feeling human again, I started to venue out into the city. I found support in so many places: with my family, with my wonderful baby nurse, and even with my son’s pediatrician. However, I didn’t know how much support I’d receive from other new moms in my building or from a few new mom’s groups that I started to attend events at. Some of these events were as simple as a new mom’s lunch…go with your baby and meet other new moms. Some were classes, either ones that you signed up for or dropped in at. The point is…I found a lot of support where there were other new moms.

I learned about so many things that I had never thought about or even knew to think about! Some things just aren’t learned in a class. One major thing that I learned about in one of my drop-in mommy-and-me type classes was BPA. Although my son is not even 2 years old, when I put bottles on my registry, there were still bottles with BPA and so were the ones I chose. I chose them based on their shape and ratings and ease of use. I got the whole set! I was going to breast feed and bottle feed, and I wanted a bottle that would cause the least confusion; that was closest to the shape of a natural breast. No one in the store informed me of the BPA issue. My mother certainly didn’t know about it. And since I was shopping with her and a consultant in the store, when my son was born, he was using bottles with BPA. When he was 5 weeks old and we went to the mommy-and-me meeting, I started to learn about the BPA controversy. Shortly thereafter, I went back to the store and chose BornFree…another bottle that is close to the shape of a natural breast, is easy to use, and most importantly is 100% BPA-free!

I continued to get involved with these new mom groups since I had learned so much important and valuable information. I became a BornFree Ambassador for my local new mom’s group at their events and was honored to speak on BornFree’s behalf. I felt privileged to deliver the important information regarding BPA to those expectant moms who, like me, where unaware of the dangers. Fortunately for them, where I live there was a law passed requiring all bottles with BPA to be removed from the store shelves so that they couldn’t make the same mistake that I did! However, now being more knowledgeable and aware, they could share this information with their friends who might live in other areas that don’t have such laws.

So, here I am today: excited to be a part of the BornFree family…ready to share my experiences, knowledge, trials and tribulations with you all. In return, I hope to get the same from all of you. We moms have to stick together, as we are all the glue that keeps our worlds from falling apart.

Little by little, step by step. Welcome to Baby Steps. Mom Steps.

Lauren is a mom, wife, BornFree Ambassador, and former architect living in New York. She describes herself as being quite a bit like Phoebe from “Friends” with a little Monica thrown in. Her blog “Baby Steps. Mom Steps” will be a regular column on BornFreeMom.com


  • Leslie S said:

    Hubby is my A-1 support followed by his family that lives in town, then my family. Our boys thrive with the closeness of family!

  • Leslie S said:

    I shared.

  • Taylor P said:

    My wife is my biggest support. She makes it all look so easy. She has helped me be the best father I can be. My family is also very supportive.

  • Marci said:

    I have the support of my hubby’s family and my friends>

  • Ashley P said:

    My family was my biggest support. My husband is so helpful, and my mother seemed to have all the answers.

  • Mel1010 said:

    I have alot of support from my hubby. My friends are awesome, I love them so much

  • Mel1010 said:

    i shared

  • Anna said:

    Husband and mommy friends are my major support.

  • Patty P said:

    My husband is a great support to me, as well as a lot of the ladies that I work with who have been moms for years!

  • Patty P said:

    I shared!

  • dawn said:

    Husband and mommy friends are my major support.

  • Lanette said:

    I’m very blessed to have a lot of support. My husband, of course, is my #1 support person, but I also find support from the rest of my family. Also, I have found sanity among a group of great women (and Moms) that have all experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage and now are experiencing the joy of raising little ones. I can’t imagine trying to go this journey alone, as I have learned much more from other Moms than I could have ever learned from a book or class. I am thankful that they have all been willing to share their experiences and knowledge and I just hope I can offer the same to other new moms one day.

  • justine said:

    i have support coming at me from all over the place! in the beginning, the support from my husband, with breast feeding, was integral in helping me make it through those painful latches and long nights! my step mom, though, has supported me the most as i try to raise a “green” baby, using cloth diapers, no chemicals in any of her bath and care products, and making her food from organic, locally grown farmers. i have been fortunate to be surrounded by people who, even though they don’t necessarily subscribe to my way of thinking, support me and encourage me. and of course my own mother emotionally supports me, and was amazing when my husband deployed, allowing me to move in with her and helping me take care of my precious little girl.

  • justine said:

    i shared!

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