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How Has Motherhood Changed You?

17 March 2010 30 Comments

How has motherhood changed me? Well, let’s see… you mean outside of the obvious, like conditioning my body to live off of tortuous amounts of sleep and borderline abusive amounts of coffee, and beyond the new wardrobe that mainly consists of yoga pants and forgiving shirts that don’t easily show smears, smudges and spit-up?

Other than how I don’t even flinch when I get pooped or peed on now? Other than that fact that my heart grew more than the Grinch’s the day my son was born?

I mean, I really don’t need to talk about how obsessed I suddenly became with the rise and fall of his tiny little chest, or how I find it incredibly hard to say no to those chubby cheeks when he says “pease!”.

I’m sure you don’t want to know how I can, without a second thought, drink out of the same slobbered on cup with Goldfish floaties in it after he commandeers a sip of my tea.

And I don’t need to tell you that I know and, many times spontaneously, sing the Wonder Pets, Caillou, Backyardigans and Diego theme songs… sometimes when my son’s not even in the room.

So, other than all that, how has motherhood changed me?

Motherhood found me, a self doubting girl, wondering if she would ever possibly accomplish anything great enough in this world to justify her expensive college degree… wondering if she’d ever do something amazing and noteworthy. Motherhood found me in the midst of a quarter life crisis. It shook all my priorities loose and rearranged everything I used to think I knew for sure. And after the dust settled, after colic kicked my ass and breastfeeding tested my strength, I found my feet. I stood up, slowly increasingly more confident.  Motherhood made me powerful. Motherhood gave me something amazing and noteworthy to achieve. Motherhood found me.

Jill Krause
BornFree Mom Panel Member
Author of BabyRabies.com
Editor’s Pick for Best Baby Journal Blog by TheBump.com


  • Vanessa said:

    Motherhood has changed me for sure. I don’t flinch when I get, pooped or peed on. My heart grew a lot, that day my son was born. It is incredibly hard to, say no to his little face. Also I’m also sure you don’t want, to know how I can drink my water after my son put goldfish or cheerios in it. Also when my son cries, I can’t help but pick him up.

  • thenextmartha said:

    I really enjoyed this post. When I was just caring for myself, I know that I did have not give plastic a second thought. Once I had a baby and heard about possible hazards, I didn’t even care if the research was concrete or not I wasn’t going to use those bottles. I also committed to hand washing as to not try and break down the plastic over time. Becoming more aware of packaging and food storage is how parenting has changed me, and for the better I believe.

  • thenextmartha said:

    I really enjoyed this post. When I was just caring for myself, I know that I did not give plastic a second thought. Once I had a baby and heard about possible hazards, I didn’t even care if the research was concrete or not I wasn’t going to use those bottles. I also committed to hand washing as to not try and break down the plastic over time. Becoming more aware of packaging and food storage is how parenting has changed me, and for the better I believe.

  • BornFreeMom (author) said:

    Oh Vanessa, I’ve drank questionable water, too! Thanks for the comment. :)

  • BornFreeMom (author) said:

    So glad you liked it! Jill is a great writer. I love how baby inspired you to be eco-conscious.

  • Stacey said:

    I will be forever changed by motherhood. However, I think I am most changed by our most recent addition to our lovely family. I had 2 boys, 13 and 10 yrs old, when I found out I was pregnant again with….you got it…..another boy. He is now 16 months and has shone a new light on how motherhood can change a woman. Already being a Mom, I thought I had nothing new to learn. How silly of me. I have learned a whole new level of patience. I also have learned how to look at life better through my older boys’ eyes. They have a learned patience due to the fact that if they didn’t, they would go crazy! I have a lot more compassion for the older boys than I ever could have imagined and it all happened because we had another baby!

  • BornFreeMom (author) said:

    Beautiful, Stacey. Wow, I loved reading your comment. Your boys are lucky to have you!

  • Megan said:

    What a great post! I don’t go near the floatie drinks though. YUCKS!!

  • BornFreeMom (author) said:

    Haha, Megan! BTW…Your blog is funny!

  • Stacey said:

    I wish that you could tell my 13 yr. old that. What an age!!! People think the first 3-6 months are tough b/c they’re learning to “read” their child. I’ll tell ya, enjoy it while you can….b/c once they start talking back and trying to learn how to be independent (yet they’re still dependent on you) it’s a doozie!

  • Wendy said:

    Colic is still kicking my ass at almost 4 months old…and I am so sick of yoga pants! =)
    In the 4 short months I have been a mother I have learned to live on almost no sleep (where I used to be completely unable to function on less than 9 hours), eat my meals in 5 minutes or less and have begun to worry that my tupperware has BPA in it. I have also realized that this is the hardest thing I have ever done…
    I wonder–will I ever stop checking her every 20 minutes while she sleeps?

  • kelli hale said:

    funny “borderline abusive amounts of coffee” isn’t that the truth. when it starts making your hands shake…. lol

  • Katharine Sweatt said:

    Motherhood has made me complete and showed me God’s purpose for my life. It has also helped me understand God’s love for us and re-ignited my passion to do socialwork with mothers and their children.

  • dawn said:

    not at all it made be a better person i would not change being a mother to 2 awesome kids was a mom at the age of 17teen and i finished high school and did the right think it is what made me there person i am today

  • Caitlin said:

    My body is no longer the same. I can’t sleep through the night anymore. I can’t stop the baby talk. And I’m about to do this all over again in about 5 months.

  • Patty P said:

    Motherhood has made me “mellow out.” I no longer worry about every little thing…I take things as they are and deal with them. I have learned that it is no use to try to make sure everything in my life is perfect, because if I did that I would be missing the most important thing: watching my son grow and change every single day.

  • Morgan @ The818 said:

    Really great post. The part about the self-doubting girl rings especially true.

  • Jessica said:

    It made me feel complete. It was Love at first sight. It made me not be so selfish and realize the meaning of a blessing from God, So many woman out there cannot have children and I am so blessed that I was able to have 3 beautiful Babies!

  • Mae said:

    Love this post. I agree, Motherhood uncovered a strength and confidence that I don’t think I knew I had inside of me. I wonder if I ever would have found it otherwise?

  • Ed Afonso said:

    How about fatherhood – Fatherhood has made me a strong man and the most important thing a I can do for my son is to love his mother.

  • Amie said:

    Motherhood changed me and made me grow up. When I was pregnant with my first son. My life had stRted to revolve around him. Which meant my beingbyoung days were over! I was 20 when I had him and he became my world. My husband at first didn’t take that role on. It took him a little more time but he got there.

  • Mrsks1224 said:

    Motherhood has made me a patient understanding person when years ago I was unwilling to hear things I didnt care about or do things I didnt wanna do and I only cared about myself. I have grown into a more caring and compassionate person through being a mother. I never expected to be able to love my children as much as do and I love their father in a new, stronger way. It has shown me that I have purpose and I am made to be their mother. It has also shown me how strong I am and confidant. Motherhood has given me so much that I cannot list them all but all for the better for sure!! I love it!

  • Marta Rock said:

    That’s a cute. I love it. My son was born on Christmas so he is only 3 months and I can’t say I had Goldfish in my tea yet but I’m sure it’s coming. Definatelly was peed and pooped on HAHAHA.. The Motherhood changed me soo much even with no sleep or getting up to make him a bottle every 2 hours was challenging but you don’t think about that when you have a little angle crying because he is hungry. I definatelly know that he is taken care of better than me. I have usually food all over me trying to hold a bottle for my son and eatting at the same time but BornFree bottles are so easy to handle that he started putting his little hands around them and support it so I can eat easier hahaha…

  • Summer said:

    What a great post. I hope to one day experience all of that. Its my dream and passion. One day………soon I hope. :)

  • Jen Ramirez said:

    I have learned to love unconditionally and to be patient. I never knew i could love someone so much!! I have changed the way i see the world. Through a childs eyes is the best veiw. Its amazing being a Mother, a nurturer, and a best friend. I love my children with all that I am X3.

  • Elly said:

    It has made me to appreciate and love my mom more.

  • Anna said:

    Motherhood has made me a much more patient person. Through analyzing my son’s personality traits, I have realized many on my own strengths and weaknesses, and I think my own mother must have really suffered. My priorities have completely changed and I feel much more fulfilled and much more exhausted than I ever did 3 years ago pre-children.

  • marlise said:

    As a mom of a toddler princess and expecting another in july, I can weigh in on this topic. For me before my daughter, I was an independant woman, working fulltime, living my life as I wanted. Becoming a mother meant giving up the “ME” mentality and doing what my daughter needed and when she needed it. It meant letting go of all the control I used to have and giving her the reins. It meant starting to live life in the moment. Children are perfect models of this. Children bring so much joy to your life. I also totally understand why mom always ends up eating her meals cold……

  • Leslie S said:

    Two changes with motherhood. 1) My heart grew with the love I have for my toddler and then my twins. I don’t favor (I hope) any of the three over the others, I just love each one differently, celebrating each son’s uniqueness. 2) I became increasingly aware of the environment and its impact on our children. I’m more concerned with reduce/reuse/recyle now. I’d like to think I am doing my small part to leave the earth a little bit nicer for my children and future generations.

  • Jill said:

    Thanks so much for all the comments! I can relate so much wiht all of you, and glad the post rang true for you. I know before you become a mom everyone talks about how much it will change you, but I just never really understood what they were talking about unti I actually experienced it. Oh, and I hear you on motherhood finally making you take notice of things like BPA. I always say that Baby Rabies and then motherhood made me “crunchy” and hyper aware of things like chemicals, carbon footprints and the real ingredients in a processed chicken nugget. Thanks so much for reading! I look forward to contributing more and hearing from you all in the future.

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